Why Muslims, Palestinians and Arabs Hate Chanukah

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Like all good Jewish holidays, Chanukah is all about; “They came to destroy us, we won, let’s eat!”

Like so many others before, the Greeks attempted to wipe out the Jews and failed.
Along with heroic stories of the Maccabees and the final victory that gave the Jewish nation back their land and their Temple, many look at Chanukah as a miraculous military victory over the Greeks. The truth is, the Greeks did not attack the Jews, it was the other way around. (Well, sort of)
Unlike the PLO or Hamas charters, the Greeks were not out to murder the Jews or drive us into the sea, in fact, the real account of Chanukah is quite the opposite.  12356789

The Greeks understood the Jewish connection to the Land of  Israel as they understood our connection to God and the Torah (Bible).
It was very clear that without destroying our connection to our religion, it would be impossible to separate us from our land.

The Greeks also understood that it was not our physical might that allowed us to survive years of persecution but rather the strength of our soul. There were no gas chambers, concentration camps or suicide bombers that targeted Jewish women and children and there was no plan to annihilate the Jews. 

What the Greeks were after was our traditions and beliefs and the key to destroy our identity was to accept us into the UN, the coliseum and the senate in order to seduce us to take on a new ideology.

The Greeks did not slaughter us or blow us up, they invited us to their games, philosophical debates and worship of the body.
What an offer! No more anti-semitism, no more murder!
We would be united with our Greek neighbors. A binational Israel that would bring peace.

Those Damn Settlers!

A small group of “crazy” Jewish” settlers decided they would not give up their faith, nor will they defile the Temple in Jerusalem with Greek idols or philosophy for the sake of "Peace".
They took on the great Greek empire and army and won
The Maccabees were condemned by the Greek Senate as fanatics who are hungry for blood and were shunned by Jews who had accepted the Greek invitation for world peace. 
With a quick search through Googleonemus or Youtube of Neapolis one could find numerous videos of philosophers from around the world and even some Jews who publicly bashed and spoke against that small group of "hawkish" Jews who decided to stand up for their religious, national and historic right to the Land of Israel instead of agreeing to a generous offer for Peace.

While the Greeks and Jewish Hellenists condemned and scorned the Maccabee’s stubborn stand and struggle for the Jewish soul and categorized them as fanatic Zionists and obstacles to peace, the Maccabees stood strong backed with a thousand years of Jewish tradition and spirituality and most of all truth. 

Even after the miraculous victory over the Greek Empire the Maccabees continued their struggle to prove the power of the soul over body. The Temple was defiled with Greek statues and impurity and the Maccabees searched for a flask of pure oil with which to light the Menorah. While one cannot see, taste or smell the difference between pure and impure oil, the Jews understood there is something in this world that is more than meets the eye and searched for the pure oil. 

Most of the flasks in the temple were trampled and broken by the Greeks as an act of defiance against the idea of purity but the Maccabees found one small flask of oil that was sealed with the stamp of purity from the Jewish high priest.

While many laughed at the idea that one flask would last longer than a couple of hours, the Maccabees understood the power of spiritual purity and poured the oil into each one of the seven branches of the Menorah. The oil that should have lasted one day lasted eight days and stood as the symbol of victory of the Jewish soul over the Greek worship of the body.

What does the story of Chanukah have to do with the Palestinians?

There were no Palestinians involved in the story of Chanukah.
In fact there is no historical recollection of such an Arab nation, State or country. The Jews were in the Land of Israel before Islam existed and the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem as well as the Jewish kingdoms that ruled Israel predated any Palestinian or Arab claims over The Land of Israel.
As Naftalli Bennet, the head of the Israeli Jewish Home party, so eloquently put it, “One cannot occupy his own home”

The next time you claim Judea, Samaria or any other part of the Land of Israel was occupied by the Jews and rightfully belongs to a people called “Palestinians”, take a stroll through Rome and walk under Titus's Arch and take a good look at the vessels that were carried out of Jerusalem and tell me again who lights the Menorah to commemorate their independence in the Land of Israel?

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You Can Hate Israel But Here Are 3 Things You Can't Say About Her

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People often ask me (@israel_shield) where I get my energy from. How is it that I am able to be online and always be at the top of my game when defending Israel?
How do I answer every anti Israel tweet with speed and with responses that usually silence the opposition? 
(With the exception of vulgarity used by pro Palestine and *Muslim fanatics when they can't answer)
*Not every Muslim is fanatic

Well first of all, l I drink a lot of these.

I hope Red Bull doesn't get boycotted by BDS now that they know I drink them.

All joking aside, what keeps me up and going is the knowledge that I am defending the truth. I know my facts and I know my history and I will not stay quiet while others fabricate history in order to bash my people, my belief and my country. 

That being said, I do believe Arabs have suffered due to the wars in the area and that's exactly what I just wish they would stop starting them. 

If You Are Pro Palestine? This Post Is For You

This post is actually for those pro Palestine, anti Israel (anti-Semite or not) tweeps who believe their opinion is as important as mine and spend a lot of time justifying their views.
Listen guys and gals, I love debating about Israel and I have yet to lose an argument or debate. It's not because I am exceptionally good at arguing but rather because historical facts tell my side of the story. 

If you are going to argue against Israel,
Here Are 3 things you shouldn't say

1.Israel Is An Apartheid State LIE #1

Not only is this a ridiculous statement and I will prove that in a moment,
It is actually an insult to the blacks who had suffered in an Apartheid South Africa.
In Israel there is a 20% Arab population that are full fledged Israeli citizens. Not only do they receive full rights, but they are exempt from civil duties demanded of Jewish citizens. Arabs are not drafted into the IDF, yet they receive full rights including social security, education, health care and every other right that every Israeli receives.
Arabs, Christians and Muslims study in Israeli universities and can become doctors, lawyers, teachers and even members of the Israeli parliament. Arabs in Israel have freedom of religion, speech and trade and are protected by law like every other civilian. As far as I am aware, I do believe blacks enjoyed such liberties in South Africa
Find me a black person in South Africa who would have given such an interview while living in an Apartheid South Africa.

2. Israel Committed Ethnic Cleansing In 1948 LIE#2

In 1947, the UN voted to revive a Jewish State called Israel. 
The UN also proposed a 'partition plan' in which the Jews would receive the minority of the area and Arabs (not Palestinians) would receive the majority of the land and there would be peace in the Land Of Israel.
The Jews agreed to the split and it was the Arabs who would have none of it. Arab armies from Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen attacked the young Jewish State with the clear intention of destroying it and throwing the Jews into the sea. 

Did some Arabs run from fear? Of course!
That's what happens when you LOSE a war! Remember the Arabs started the assault with the goal of annihilating Israel.

Oh, and one more thing, an Arab Palestinian army, people or country was not involved, they didn't exist!
(You think I'm lying? Who led the Arab Palestinian army)

In terms of the claim that Israel chased the Arabs out of their homes, here is a quote from the Iraqi Prime Minister at the time, "We will smash the country (Israel) with our guns and obliterate every place the Jews shelter in. The Arabs should conduct their wives and children to safe areas until the fighting has died down."

Does that sound like the Arabs were even slightly nervous or scared? So, why did they leave? 
Because they believed Arab armies would destroy Israel and kill all her Jewish inhabitants and they would then return to Jewishly cleansed Israel.
The Arabs expected a quick victory over the Jews and ordered other Arabs to leave their homes till they clean the areas of the Jews. 
At the end of the fighting, Israel surprisingly came out on top and revived the Jewish State in the Land Of Israel.
Even after a miraculous Jewish victory (with the help of Allah), did the Jews attempt to ethnically cleanse Israel of Arabs?
Not even close!
The following comes from the Israeli declaration of independence: 

"WE APPEAL - in the very midst of the onslaught launched against us now for months - to the Arab inhabitants of the State of Israel to preserve peace and participate in the upbuilding of the State on the basis of full and equal citizenship and due representation in all its provisional and permanent institutions. WE EXTEND our hand to all neighboring states and their peoples in an offer of peace and good neighborliness and appeal to them to establish bonds of cooperation and mutual help with the sovereign Jewish people settled in its own land. The State of Israel is prepared to do its share in a common effort for the advancement of the entire Middle East."

For those of you who would like to read the full text click here and tell me if this sounds like ethnic cleansing to you. 

3. Israel Occupied Palestine Lie#3

This is one of my favorite claims! 
My usual answer is: "Show me an Arab Palestine State, Country or even an attempt to create an independent Arab Palestine State pre 1948 and I give my house to a refugee!"
I usually receive a lot of foul language and name calling as an answer. I offer a deal of a lifetime and they curse? Why would they do that?

The answer is simple, they know very well that such an Arab country never existed. Even when the whole West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza and the Golan Heights were in Arab hands between the years of 1948-1967, no attempt was made by any Palestinian leaders or people to approach the UN to recognize an Arab Palestine State! Why not?

Then there are those lazy ones who just Google Palestine and are silly enough to use the pre Israel "Palestine Post" as an example of proof of an Arab Palestine existence.

Others have mentioned the fact that there was even Palestinian money printed and used.

And of course there was the Palestine British brigade that fought the Nazis

There is one small problem with these claims, all of these were Jewish artifacts not Arab! 
The Palestine pound was produced by Jews in England to have our own currency.
The Palestine Post was a Jewish newspaper later known as the Jerusalem Post
The Medal above is from the Jewish brigade of Palestine that fought with the British against the Nazi regime. 

The only pictures the Arabs can brag about
when it comes to the Nazis are:

The name Palestine itself came from the Romans when they conquered it from...... you guessed it, the Jews! The Romans switched the name to Palestina since it was difficult to claim a land called Israel did not rightfully belong to the nation of Israel.

Let's have some fun and entertain the Palestinian Lie. Let's say before Israel there was an Arab country called Palestine and let's say the British Mandate didn't exist and these were the borders.

In 1946 Abdullah came from Mecca and conquered what was 80%of Palestine and created the Hashemite Kingdom of Trans-Jordan. Now Palestine looked like this:

What this means is the country called Jordan sits on what was 80% of Palestine.

Today the Hashemite Kingdom is not a democracy and has a vast majority of people who call themselves Palestinian that have no right of self determination. 
If it is really the yearning for the return of what was "rightfully" theirs, shouldn't they be fighting Jordan more than Israel?! Jordan is over 500 times the size of Israel and there is already a Palestinian majority there! 

An Arab demand for an independent Arab Palestine country NEVER existed before Israel. 
The 1967 borders had absolutely nothing to do with a Palestinian Arab people. It was Jordan, Egypt and Syria who were ruling those areas. Israel never occupied a Palestinian Arab State, country or people of any kind. 

So the next time you tweet me an anti Israel, pro Palestine argument, please come up with something new. 

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I Wanted To Boycott Something Palestinian But They Haven't Produced Anything

Spending my days on Twitter as @israel_shield protecting Israel from rabid Palestinian, Arab and anti Israel propaganda, I often deal with the infamous #boycottIsrael hashtag.

Organizations such as BDS and other anti Israel, terror supporting groups use every tactic under the sky to scare, threaten and sometimes even violently frighten people into boycotting Israeli goods.

Profanity, violence and the blatant disregard for freedom of speech are all "kosher" when it comes to anti Israel hooligans.
Another example of a violent anti Israel demonstration took place on the streets of LA as a lone 16 year old Jewish boy named Daniel proudly marched wearing an IDF shirt and waving the blue and white flag of Israel while being verbally attacked by the pro Palestine mob.
The only reason Daniel was not slaughtered by the pro Palestine "peace activists" was because he was being protected by the LAPD

These are not isolated incidents but rather recurring situations. Palestinian activists believe in the destruction of Israel and will stop at nothing to silence those who dare to tell the truth and support the Jewish State. 
 The most recent fiasco by the infamous BDS movement came about as they lied about a recent Delta airlines decision to boycott Israeli goods. The BDS bullies posted, tweeted and reported a supposed victory as they announced that Delta airline will no longer serve an Israeli made snack. 
The truth? BDS LIES!
Read here what really happened on Delta airlines

This however REALLY happened on Delta. Be forewarned, you will crack up laughing when you watch this! 

When it comes to pro Palestine demonstrations, these activists demand freedoms that they themselves do not offer others. Even in the Israeli parliament, anti Israel members of Knesset constantly bash Israel while praising the work of blood thirsty Arab Muslim Palestinian terrorists and then have the Chutzpah (audacity) to call Israel an Apartheid as they are spewing their hate from the Knesset podium.
I wonder what would happen to a Jew who would criticize the government in Iran, Syria, Iraq or any of the 22 Arab countries like Achmed Tibi does in Israel.

My first reaction to these biased anti Israel boycotts was to show these movements just how many services, products and goods the Jewish State has contributed to the world. If you're going to boycott Israel, you better do it right!
So here are a couple of things you should stop using immediately to effectively boycott the Jewish State called Israel.

If you are a serious anti Israel "boycotter", you might want to punish the whole Jewish nation, why stop at Israel?
Here is another short video that will help you with a list of services you should not touch. 

So Many Israeli Things To Choose From to Boycott

There are numerous videos and sites that list thousands of companies and goods that are developed or were invented in Israel. These sites help the anti Israel "peace activist" to  financially punish the Zionist entity.

Two Can Play At This Game! Time To Fight Back!  
I am sick and tired of this one way street boycott!
Time to boycott all products developed or invented in the Palestinian controlled areas!

Let's start with......umm.... 

Anyone know of anything the Palestinians have ever contributed to humanity?
I know, it's not fair.
With Israel's weapons blockade on Gaza, the Palestinians haven't had a chance to produce anything. 

Let's broaden the Arab boycott attempt. 
Let's boycott anything coming from or developed in any of the Muslim regimes!

If a small Israel with six million Jews succeeded in developing and contributing thousands of cures, technologies and products to the world, there must be an endless list of products from the 22 Arab countries that have a whopping civilian population of over 400 MILLION people, right? 

Please send any recommendations of Muslim or Arab goods I could boycott in response to all the Israel boycotts. I have yet to find anything from the last 500 years! 


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Help Protect Israel!

I am fighting against endless anti Israel propaganda and misinformation and have been doing so for years. 

The IsraelShield name, profile and constant defense of Israel is a private project I developed to spread the truth about Israel. 

I am currently working on a new site along with an online mall where you will be able to purchase Israel made goods as well as IDF paraphernalia and religious artifacts from Israel.

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