My Solution For Gaza Is A Win-Win For All EXCEPT HAMAS!

While I am no fan of the two-state solution, I think I have a solution for the Gaza strip. Let me make it perfectly clear that in no way do I believe a Palestinian people, nation or Arab State ever existed in the history of the world and certainly was not occupied by Israel. If you disagree, give a year an Arab Palestine State EVER existed before Israel and I take down this blog!

The West Bank was Jordanian until 1967 and the Gaza Strip was part of Egypt. NEVER were these areas EVER part of an Arab Palestine State of any kind. Furthermore, when all the "territories" in question were under Arab control from 1948-1967, NEVER was there a demand for an independent Arab State till after it was in Israel's hands. 

The situation in Gaza was brought about when Arabs decided to vote for Hamas, a terror organization sworn to commit genocide against the Jews, to govern them.

If you want more history on the Gaza Strip Read: 

The Facts Abut The Gaza Strip

The foolishness of the Arabs in Gaza for voting Hamas as well as the stupidity of Hamas itself has caused tremendous amount of suffering to Israel as well as those Arabs not looking for war. 

The Gaza Solution!

Before discussing a solution, let's define the problem. In Gaza there is a large population of Arabs who, out of national insanity, voted for a terrorists' organization to govern them. While some still want them in office, I believe there are those who understand it was a HUGE mistake. 

Many people think Israel has placed a total siege on Gaza, but the truth is, during the years of the weapons blockade, Gaza opened 3 malls, a 5-star hotel and a water park. What happened to that water park? 

When it comes to the daily lives of the people in Gaza, Hamas played a major role in terrorizing them. Here is Hamas shooting up 
a wedding because they didn't like the music and mixed dancing.

Of course, the recent execution of 24 Gazans who were suspected of collaborating with Israel by Hamas reminded me of ISIS! 

Are the people in Gaza still in favor of Hamas? I don't know!
They do not have freedom of speech or freedom to demonstrate and those that do speak up are killed! 

What I do know is:

  •  Hamas is a terrorist organization that believes in genocide and  is shooting thousands of missiles at Israel. 
  •  Hamas received $1.5 Billion for the people of Gaza and used  the money to buy rockets and dig terror tunnels into Israel.
  •  The situation cannot continue as is.

Hamas Is A Terrorist Organization!

Whether you are pro Israel or pro Arab, Hamas should be a common enemy. We might disagree with settlements or other political issues, but when it comes to Hamas we should ALL be on the same page. 

What Can Be Done To Hamas 

Israel should completely take over Gaza. Use as many troops needed and warn the civilian population that we are coming in full force. Hamas must be driven out or to their 72 virgins (their choice). Once the IDF is in full control, we should find the moderate voice (if it exists) and make the terms very simple. We will be in charge of everything and anything that has to do with security including the borders, the sea and the air. Imports from all over the world are welcome but everything that comes near Gaza will be checked by the IDF. 

All civilian responsibilities will be given over to an Arab government. Education, health, a judicial system and taxes will be the responsibility of the Arab government.

Any terrorist activity against the Arab government or Israel will be dealt with in the most severe manner.

This situation will continue for 3 years. During that time, Israel will help build an infrastructure for the people in Gaza to have a life.
If at the end of the three years the Arabs decide they want to continue living a normal life, the IDF can gradually pull out till only limited boundary checks and control will remain. If the Arabs are still stuck on destroying Israel more than they are on building their own infrastructure, we can make this a permanent status. 

What Will NOT Happen

  • No Arab armed military force will exist except under Israeli command
  • No Weapons Allowed, no missiles, no terrorist activity at all

Jewish settlements in Gaza

If Arabs are serious about peace, there is no reason why Jewish towns cannot be rebuilt in Gaza. There are Arab towns all over Israel and there is no reason there cannot be Jewish towns in Gaza.

Arabs Want To Become Israeli

Whether it be Arabs in Gaza or in the West Bank who are sick and tired of the corruption and would like to become part of Israel, they will have the option of becoming a Foreign Resident. They will receive FULL State protection and all rights that are given to the the citizens of Israel with the exception of voting rights (not yet). 

The conditions are simple:

1. They accept Israel as the Jewish democratic State and will not try            in any way to destroy that.

2. Have no ties to terrorist organizations or movements that seek               the destruction of Israel.

After a 5-year period and after they prove their loyalty to the State of Israel, they will be given full citizenship. 

Here are perfect examples of Arab citizens of Israel.

Druze officer appointed Golani Brigade commander. Col. Rassan Alian 

Dr. Mais Ali Saleh’s main distinction is that she was the No. 1 student in the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology’s 2013 medical school graduating class. Oh, and she is an Israeli Arab@

I do not know if this solution will work or not, but what I do know is, it is better than war and certainly better than having Hamas in charge. 

If you really have pity on the people in Gaza, you should be the first to support this solution. If it is building a first time Arab Palestine State between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River on what is now Israel, be prepared to fight the IDF. 

There is already an Arab State that exits on what was 80% of British Mandate of Palestine. It is called Jordan and as of today there are more than 70% of Arabs there who call themselves Palestinian. 

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5 Things You Have To Ask Yourself Before Blaming Israel

Israel completely pulled out of Gaza in 2005. Israel's Prime Minister at the time, Arik Sharon, expelled over 8,000 Jews from their homes, dug up the Jewish dead from the cemeteries in Gush Katif and almost ripped the nation apart.

It is not like many people from the right block of the government did not warn of the dangers to come if we would leave Gaza but we were ignored! Even Binyamin Netanyahu voted for the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif.

How much of a sacrifice was this terrible act of treason? Watch these girls crying and praying that some miracle might stop such a mistake. The prayer they are crying states:

"A prayer of the afflicted man when he faints, and in front of Hashem he pours forth his supplications. Hashem, hear my prayer, and my cry - to You let it reach! Do not hide Your face from me on the day of my distress." (Tehillim 102:1-3)  

They then went on to say God is our ruler and then finally a call to our Father in heaven,
Our Father, our King, Be compassionate to us and answer us, for we have no deeds, Grant us charity and benevolence and redeem us."

How could Sharon, who was the father of the settlement building, do such a Traitorous act and how could Netanyahu vote for it?

The answer is that both of them, for some odd reason, believed if Israel gave Arabs land, they would lose their motivation to kill Jews in Israel. Today, it is proven beyond a doubt just how wrong they were! 

Since Israel's complete pullout from Gaza in 2005, over 15,000 missiles have been shot and aimed at civilian cities in Israel. Not once has the UN or any human rights group condemned Hamas for their attack on ONLY civilian areas in Israel. Only when Israel decided to RESPOND did the UN and the world go crazy! 

Before you blame Israel, ask yourselves these 5 questions:

1.  What would your country do if fired upon 15,000 times?

I do not care what the size of the missiles are. Let's say it was not even rockets but bullets! What would your country do if it was fired upon with 15,000 rounds? For those who think Israel should not react to Hamas because we have the Iron Dome, that's like me saying you should continuously let someone kick you in the testicles because you have a great jockstrap! 

2.  If a missile was aimed at your family and being shot from a           school or a hospital, would you take it out or let your family           die?

OK, forget about definitely dying, how about let it be fired at your house and pray for the best. Do not tell me about the Iron Dome; the missile is aimed at your house - do you take it out or let it be fired at your family!

3.  Were the allied forces in WWII wrong? 

Twenty times more German civilians died than all allies put together. How about the UK and Dresden?
I know people are dying in Gaza and NO I am not happy about innocent people dying. Israel never wanted this war or any of them. We never started the wars, we only finished them! In Gaza there are endless number of tunnels; if they wanted to keep their people safe they would have allowed them underground instead of shooting missiles from UN schools, hospitals and shelters! 

For more on Why Children In Gaza CLICK on this!

4.  Please Tell Me What Right Your Country Has To Exist?

Although NEVER in the history of the world did a Palestine Arab country ever exist, you blame Israel for occupying Palestine. Not only did such a country not exist, even when all the "territories" were in Arab hands between 1948-1967, there was never a demand for an Arab Palestine state till Israel! 

BUT let's play your game and say that Israel did fight a war against a Palestinian Arab country and win. Please tell me how your country became your country? If you are from the US, please tell me you are for taking down the White House and putting up a Tepee instead. Don't even get me started with England who has the record for occupying other people's lands. So even if the Palestine lie was true, we would give it up as soon as all you hypocrites give back your land to those you took it from! 

TRIVIA:  Medina (Muslim holy city) was a Jewish city before Muhammed slaughtered the Jews and occupied it! WE WANT IT BACK!

5.  Can you show me a genocide that numbered 1,000 people?

Yes, I know over 2000 people died but 1000 of them, even according to the exaggerated Hamas numbers, were terrorists!
So please look through your history books and find me a genocide with even 2000 people! While you're at it find a case where the side that is claiming genocide had a charter to commit genocide and fired missiles and then cried genocide when they were hit back! 

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Why Is Bibi Giving In To Hamas Demands? Here Is My Guess

For those of you who follow Israel_Shield on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I try to get information to you before you hear it on the news. You also know that I am VERY careful to release information only when it is confirmed and released by the IDF.

That is why this post is so difficult for me to write. Let me be perfectly clear, I have absolutely no information as to what is going on in Cairo. I have no idea why Netanyahu agreed at all to a ceasefire with a fanatic Islamic terror organization and I do not understand why he or anyone else (Obama) would ever contemplate accepting any terms by an organization that states loud and clear their goal to annihilate Israel.

I have been feeding off Islamic news channels that are reporting a major breakthrough at the Cairo talks. I have heard everything from "Netanyahu gave in to all of Hamas's demands" to "Hamas has agreed to let Abu Mazen take over Gaza". 

Unfortunately, I have heard nothing from the Israeli side. My Prime Minister has kept completely and totally silent and unlike the Gaza war where I had inside information, this time, I have nothing and it is making me VERY nervous. 

The way I see it, there are one of three options here. 

1. Barack Obama has already held back missile delivery to Israel over this Gaza war and Mr. Obama is now threatening Netanyahu with some kind of apocalyptic threat. 
As much as it is clear to me that Obama is no friend of Israel, I don't believe Netanyahu would sell out, considering he is aware that Congress, the Senate and  the majority of the American people understand that given the choice between Israel and Hamas, only Israel is a true friend.

The second option is Netanyahu is waiting for Hamas to make a move and attack Israel. While Hamas has an impeccable record of screwing up and breaking ceasefires, this is a dangerous game of Russian Roulette Bibi is playing. All Hamas has to do now is keep a low profile and begin refurbishing its missiles without firing and call Bibi's bluff. No missiles shot, Bibi can't attack.

The third and most worrisome option, yet most probable one, is that Binyamin Netanyahu has given in to Hamas demands. When I say Hamas demands I mean Bibi has given up on
the demilitarization of Gaza as well as dropped the weapons blockade Israel has been holding on Gaza for the past 9 years and has also agreed to hold off all operations in Gaza including tunnel discovery, destruction and terrorist assassinations. What has Hamas promised? Hamas has given us their word that they will not shoot at Israel (until their missile supply is fully refurbished!)

There is only one way for Israel to get out of this mess and that is if Hamas attacks. I know it sounds horrible but if they sit quietly and this ridiculous ceasefire goes through, Hamas will be busier than ever buying new missiles and digging new tunnels! 

Dear Bibi,
I hope I am wrong and would be happy to write an apology letter for doubting you, but as of right now, I have a feeling you have caved, folded and gave (given) up! 

If you have agreed to this ludicrous ceasefire, not only did you not beat Hamas like you promised you would during the elections, you made them even stronger! 

You think 2000 dead people by them is a loss? They will claim victory as the little small Hamas organization that succeeded in forcing Israel to accept their claims. 

I am not actually worried about Hamas, but what message do you think this little ceasefire of yours is sending to the Muslim countries around us!  

It is sad that the only hope I have is that Hamas will believe in their lies enough to attack Israel again so that you will have no choice but to fight those who want to destroy us. 

If you did agree to this ceasefire, you embarrassed Israel, the IDF and in my humble opinion slapped every soldier who lost their life fighting in Gaza across the face!

If you agreed to this ceasefire, you gave in to terrorists...again! 
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Can We PLEASE Start Listening To Hamas!

There is a saying "Know your enemy" and in Hamas's case, they are stupid enough not to hide their real intentions.
Actually, it might not be that stupid since the world will never condemn them anyway and Israel cannot react to their call for genocide since the world will then condemn Israel! 

Several months ago, I put out a post called 
3 Reasons Why We Have To Listen To Hamas but now time is of essence. Israel is about to sign a suicidal ceasefire with a religious Islamic terrorist organization called Hamas. The question is, why is Hamas calling a ceasefire? 

Don't let me try to convince you, listen carefully to the official spokesman of Hamas! 

What Should Israel Do If Hamas Breaks The Ceasefire Tonight?

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When Will Hamas Break The Ceasefire Tonight? Winner Receives Special IDF Beret! im

The ceasefire is up tonight at midnight and in the spirit of Israel's stupidity for allowing them to reload, I am launching the Israel Shield ceasefire contest! 

2 questions: 
1. At what time will Hamas shoot their first missile?
 2. How many missiles will they shoot? 

  • You must SHARE the post to enter the contest
  • Only those who subscribed to the Israel Shield Blog can enter
  • All answers must be given in the comment section below
  • There will be one winner for each question.
  •  Each Winner will receive an IDF infantry beret of the unit of their choice! 
  • (**If I suspect you are anti Israel, you will NOT receive the prize)

Givati                            Air Force

Golani                             Paratroopers

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Why Journalists Did Not Tell The Truth In Gaza & Why You Would Have Done The Same!

At first I was upset at the way journalists from around the world were lacking any kind of integrity when it came to covering the Gaza war. Even those that were reporting from inside the Gaza strip and witnessed with their own eyes the firing of missiles from hospitals, schools and civilian areas were keeping quiet and not reporting the truth about the human shield issue.

At first I though it was just another case of "Blame Israel" but as the reporters left Gaza and were no longer in harm's war, we started seeing reports that exposed Hamas's terror on their own civilians. 

Were these reporters really in danger while in Gaza or did they have freedom of press? I am not sure how much longer this spokeswoman will be alive but she accidentally exposed Hamas's fear tactics and how they kept the press under their spell. 


The Jewish NewYear (Rosh Hashanah) will be celebrated this week. While most Jews will be home celebrating, men and women of the IDF will be on duty. To show appreciation to those soldiers I will be delivering Water Backpacks to at least 200 soldiers that will not be home for the holiday. We are still missing some sponsors so please help make this happen! Each pack cost $25 so sponsor 1 soldier, 10 or a full unit!



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Why Do Children Die In Gaza & Why Should We Care

There are two sides to this conflict, one side is trying as hard as it can NOT to target or injure innocent civilians and the other is targeting ONLY innocent civilians. One side has spent $Billions on developing defense systems to keep their citizens safe while the other has spent $Billions on developing offensive weapons and actually puts their citizens in danger. 

I am a right wing religious Jewish settler and I HATE seeing pictures of kids in Gaza who are dying or suffering because of this war. I also HATE seeing the poor kids being slaughtered in Syria and in Iraq. In fact I hate seeing any innocent people paying the price of war.
Never do I consider the death of a child or an innocent person something to celebrate and it is this human compassion that Hamas is banking on.

The Israel Arab conflict is a culture war and has nothing to do with land. Take a look at the map below, how can you honestly believe this is about Jewish occupation of Arab land?
The Muslim side has spent years indoctrinating the young to hate and this hate as mentioned in the video below, has nothing to do with Zionism.Instead of bringing up children with the hope and knowledge on how to build their own society, they focus their efforts on teaching children how to destroy another people's society.

The indoctrination of kids does not end with just TV shows. Hamas runs day camps that brainwash their young that the biggest act of heroism is to...die!

Does this mean Israel can kill 450 children?

First of all, I am disgusted by the question. The number of children dead is a perversion of morality. Any child killed in war, even one! is a tragedy. 

Is Israel aiming for children? 

Never in the history of Israel have we EVER targeted innocent people and certainly not children! This is truly heartbreaking to see. 

How Come So Many Children Are Dying In Gaza?

There have 2,000 casualties (based on Hamas numbers)in Gaza with a reported 450 being children. These numbers are not confirmed and according to a long history of exaggerated reports from Arab terrorists in the past, I am not sure I trust this number. 

In any case why are ANY children dying in Gaza? 

Do Muslims Terrorist Groups Use Human Shields?

There is a long history of Islamic groups using women and children as shields while they attack their enemies. They know that Israel is very sensitive when it comes innocent casualties.
 Don't they have ANY mercy on their kids?
When a Siren in Israel is sounded, parents rush their kids to bomb shelters and cover them with their own bodies to keep them safe.
Using childrenas PR pawns is child abuse! This child is brought to lay on tires that are set to be burned on the Israeli border

You will NEVER see this scene in Israel! 
Or This!
And if there is a security threat to a specific area, you will not see Jewish parents running to that area with their kids in order to put them in danger. This is just horrible! 

Israel by no means aims or targets innocent civilians and certainly not children. Hamas however understands just how much we sanctify life and is using their own people as human shields knowing that the more dead, the more Israel is blamed.
Here are 3 short videos that were published when the reporters were no longer in danger and far away from Gaza.

France 24 TV. 

UN Representative admits Hamas missiles shot close to UN shelters! 

Why Does Hamas Use Their Own People As Human Shields?

Why do Hamas put children and women in danger? They could have used the numerous underground tunnels to protect their citizens while Israel attacked missile launching pads but instead they encouraged them to actually go to where they knew perfectly well Israel will be attacking.
What good does it serve these terrorists when they show young bodies blown to pieces and since it has been proven that Hamas clearly uses human shields, why should we care? 
I believe the answer to these questions are in the questions themselves. Unlike Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas, ISIS and Hizbollah who actually target the  innocent, WE do care! When I say "we" I mean anyone from the civilized world. Hamas is banking their whole propaganda campaign on our moral compass while they completely have a different set of morals. Israel has spent BILLIONS of dollars on missiles that can pinpoint a target and if we were interested even in the slightest bit in killing innocent people we would have saved a lot of money!

Unlike the Arabs who celebrate the death of innocent people, we loathe it, we mourn it and we have a hard time dealing with it even when we did not mean to do it! 
This famous picture from the Ramallah Lynching in 2000 shows an Arab whose hands are literally dripping in blood of an IDF non combatant driver who was captured and torn apart by the crowd in Ramallah. Go ahead find me a picture of a Jew doing this! 

Hamas knows how much we are personally affected when innocent people die and they therefore put their own people in danger and use their dead bodies as some kind of sick pornographic PR material. 
We in Israel have respect for those who die and that is exactly why you will NEVER see us advertising to the world Jewish victims who were shot, blown up or torn limb by limb by Muslim terrorists. Our enemies are not affected by these pictures, they celebrate them and our respect towards the dead is stronger than our hate towards our enemy.

Google pictures of Germany after the allies bombed it in WW2, look up the numbers of Germans dead compared to those who were killed in the allied countries. Google the word Dresden and you will find horrific pictures but I do not believe there is a single sane person who thinks the allies used disproportionate force agains the Nazi regime!
Hamas understands very well just how much world opinion is affected by pictures of dead children and that is exactly why they put their own kids in danger and then flash them around like some kind of sick peep show. 

After all, if they didn't flash their dead kids around, you might have paid attention to their charter that actually calls for the genocide of Jews or the fact that ALL Hamas missiles are aimed ONLY at civilian areas in Israel. 

What Can You Do About Hamas's Child Abuse?

You can try to condemn them online, in the UN and throughout the world but I do not think they care at all about public opinion.
It is more about what you can stop doing. Every time you blame Israel for the death of civilians who were used by Hamas as human shields, you not only excuse Hamas's barbaric behavior, you actually strengthen it! 
Every time you ignore or close a blind eye to the ongoing abuse of women and children in Gaza by Hamas, you actually encourage them to continue their abusive behavior. 

I am not saying ignore the 450 children who were tragically killed in this war, on the contrary! I am saying stop the abuse immediately! Stop blaming Israel when you know full well that a terrorist organization called Hamas is using innocent people as human shields! 


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It's A MIRACLE! Gaza Corpses Come Alive On TV! Guaranteed To Make You Laugh!

The Arab propaganda machine has seen better days. I have to admit, with Hamas breaking the ceasefire again last night, I needed a good laugh, I just never thought it would be the Arabs themselves that would supply the goods! 

The first course of comedy came from Lebanese TV. I am seriously impressed how this interviewee kept a straight face as he reported thousands of IDF soldiers who...oh just watch it! 

I hope you weren't drinking coffee while watching that and if you were, I am not responsible for any injuries.  

In case the last one did not have you in stitches, I promise you this one will! They are calling the Gaza war a GENOCIDE and they are uploading loads of pictures of dead babies (from Syria) to prove it. 

There are only two ways to explain what you are about to watch, either this is a multiple resurrection or Hamas is lying about the numbers of people killed. 

Tell me you didn't crack up at 1:26!

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i support

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10 Facts That Anti Israel Activists Can't Refute!

Remember the old 'two elephants in the bathtub no soap radio' joke? You know, the one when everyone around you is cracking up and you don't get the joke? Remember how you thought they were all nuts because there was nothing funny about an elephant in the bathtub saying "No soap radio"?

But, all your friends were laughing hysterically and your best friend, an ALLY, turned to you and said, "Don't you get it?! No soap radio"!

There are many who fell for the prank and started laughing as if they finally got the joke only to become the laughing stock of the whole international community, oops, I mean the laughing stock of their friends. 

This is how I often feel as the international community constantly points their finger at Israel and screams things like "Occupation" or "Genocide". I know there is nothing funny about two elephants in the bathtub and yes, I know the world is missing a whole lot of integrity when it comes to their criticism of Israel.

Has The World Gone CRAZY? 

I am not even going to start with the occupation thing. If you are interested in understanding why the whole occupation claim is a lie, read--> History Of Palestine Israel 101 or How To Destroy Anti Israel Propaganda Cheat Sheet

10 Facts That No Pro Palestine Activist Can Refute!

1. At no time in history did Israel occupy the Gaza Strip or the West Bank from Palestine.
2. Israel completely left the Gaza Strip in 2005 and the Arabs destroyed the infrastructure Israel left and then voted in a terrorist organization that is set on destroying Israel and committing Genocide against the Jews. (Not Zionists, Jews!) 

Following the Israeli disengagement from the Gaza strip, Hamas began shelling Israel from the areas that Israel pulled out from!

3. The weapons blockade on Gaza started two years after Israel's pull out from Gaza and was a reaction to non-stop missile fire.

4. Hamas targets civilians and their missiles are aimed ONLY at civilian Israeli communities.

5. During the "Gaza siege" one 5-star hotel, 3 malls and a water park were built in Gaza. Over $1.5 BILLION was handed over to Hamas who used the money to build tunnels to infiltrate Israel and to purchase long range missiles from Syria instead of building an infrastructure for the people of Gaza. 

6. Hamas uses civilian areas and buildings as missile launching pads in order to inflict maximum civilian casualties and use their dead as PR pawns while they fire missiles aimed at Israeli civilian areas.   

7. There has NEVER been a UN condemnation of Hamas missile fire and recently there have been more resolutions against Israel than against the slaughter in Syria and Iraq combined.

8. The UN's majority is made up of dictatorships, Islamic regimes and countries that do not allow for basic human rights for all civilians.

9. The Muslim leadership that constantly compares the situation in Gaza to the Holocaust were actually in Cahoots with Hitler and had military brigades fighting together with the Nazi regime. 

10. The Hamas charter still calls for the total annihilation and genocide of the Jewish people.


11. Never in the history of the world was there an act of Genocide that numbered 2000 people. Especially when a big part of that number were terrorists! 

So, two elephants sitting in the bathtub is not funny and yes the world is absolutely nuts! Israel will continues to fight Hamas and likes of them and if Hamas uses civilian areas, including UNWRA schools and humans to shield their cowardliness as well as terrorize their own people, more people will unfortunately die. 
What's the solution? 
The Arabs STOP starting wars, Abara Cadabara, peace is here! 

IsraelShield is a private venture to protect Israel and expose the lies & propaganda that is spread against Israel. I am still working on a new site and a couple of great projects including IDF campaigns where you will be able to talk to IDF soldiers as well as run workshops and speaking engagements around the world.
If you would like to help sponsor an IsraelShield evening in your area, message me at: israelshield1948@gmail.com

I need your help keeping the shield strong. 
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How To React To People Who Say Hamas Missiles Are Harmless Because Of The Iron Dome!

Saying Israel should not react to Hamas missiles because we have the Iron Dome missile is like asking me to allow you to continuously kick me in the testicles because I have a good jockstrap! 


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Orthodox Jews Are Anti Israel? I Don't Think So!

The fringe movement called Neturei Karta seek the destruction of Israel and have held meetings with everyone from AhmedDinejad to Hamas leaders.

Here they are exposing their REAL views!
Please do not call them Jews, they are Nazis in Jewish garb.
Here are pictures of REAL Orthodox religious Jews who believes in God, The Land Of Israel, The Nation of Israel and the Torah of Israel.

For more awesome IDF Jews check out---->
 In The Name Of Allah They Attack Israel, In The Name Of God We Protect Her

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