Welcome To The Gaza Ghetto! WARNING! Shocking Video!

Israel left Gaza completely in 2005. There was not a single Jew or IDF soldier on Gaza's soil after Israel literally uprooted over 10,000 Jews from their homes in Gush Katif (the Jewish towns in Gaza). In fact, Israel even opened and exhumed graves of Jews who were murdered by Islamic terrorists and moved them out of Gaza. The liberal left in Israel told the public this expulsion of Jews was an important move for peace and would bring better days to Israel.

The liberal left laughed at the right wingers who warned of missiles that would be shot at Israeli cities due this pullout and called us fanatics and charged us with trying to scare the nation.

Well the left won and Israel uprooted the Jews from Gaza in the name of peace and we all know how that ended!

Israel pulled out of Gaza leaving green houses and infrastructure that the Arabs could have used to build themselves an oasis in the Middle East. Unfortunately, the majority of the population in Gaza voted in a radical Islamic terror organization called Hamas.
Immediately following Israel's disengagement, Hamas began shooting rockets at Israeli cities in the South. They destroyed the infrastructure Israel left and used the area as missile launching areas instead.
Until 2014, when Israel decided to finally react to these attacks, over 10,000 rockets were fired at Israel!
Due to the Gaza evacuation, the majority of Israel's population is under missile threat from Gaza.

When you ask Hamas why they attacked Israel, they will tell you that it was because of the blockade. They will compare Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto and some go as far as to compare the situation in Gaza after the Israeli withdrawal to a concentration camp. I am always entertained by the fact that the same people who deny the Holocaust then use it to paint a fake picture of their own situation.



Video Credit: Löwe von Straßburg

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