So You Thought The Arab Israeli Conflict Was About Land? You're DEAD Wrong!

Let's cut to the chase! The people who call themselves Palestinians are simply Arabs (Muslims) who came to this area from several Islamic regimes. This is not my opinion but rather what their leaders clearly say. Take a minute and watch this! 

The Palestinian occupation claim has absolutely no basis - not historically, religiously or nationally.  It is the occupation claim that Muslims use to justify terrorism and murder. Fatah, Hamas, PLO - they are all the same, just one wears a suit with the bomb covered and the other screams Itbach El Yahud (slaughter the Jew). Not slaughter the Zionist or the Israeli, but the JEW! 

The Lies Must Stop, IMMEDIATELY! 

An Arab Palestine State, country or land NEVER existed and was NEVER occupied by Israel!  I take down this blog if anyone can give me a year when Israel occupied anything from an Arab country called Palestine!

This is a religious war the Muslims call Jihad! 

There are no rules when it comes to Muslim wars; lying, terror, beheading and torture are all fair game and of course whining to the U.N. when they lose. 

Don't tell me it all started with Israel! 
  • In 1929 the Arabs did not slaughter the Jews of Hebron because of the State of Israel!
  • When the Mufti teamed up with Hitler in 1940, it was not because of State of Israel! 
  • When the Hadith calls the Jews sons of monkeys and pigs, it is not because of Israel!
  • When Mohammad slaughtered the Jews of Medina because they would not accept his new book, it was not because of the State of Israel!
  • Jews forced to pay Dhimi tax in all Islamic regimes was not because of the State of Israel!
  • When Egyptian born Yasser Arafat started the PLO with the goal of destroying Israel in 1964 (3 years before any settlement ever existed) it wasn't because of the State of Israel!


I can go on and on but I think you got the point! 
This is a war between fundamentalist and violent Islamic fanatics who actually believe that their rule and law should take over the world and the free world, who believe that all humans are created equal. 
Clarification: Most of you reading this blog are punishable by beheading according to Sharia law! 

Muslims Are Occupiers Of The Entire Middle East

Tell Me Again How You Believe The Jews Are Taking Over Everything!

Islam violently conquered and occupied the majority of the Middle East and destroyed and tortured other religions and people along the way. 
This past Wednesday evening Rabbi Yehuda Glick was gunned down by a Muslim terrorist who was upset that Yehuda wanted Jews to have the right to pray on the Temple Mount! 

All He Wanted Was To Pray On The Temple Mount

The Chutzpah is unbelievable! 

The Muslims build a mosque on the place where the Jewish Temple stood and then attempt a murder when Jews demand to pray there?

Truth is, we shouldn't be surprised. Dishonesty is nothing new when it comes to Islamic wars.  It is called Taqiyya and what it means is a Muslim is allowed to lie in order to justify his actions.

There is not a single Islamic regime that offers freedom or equal rights to minorities and not even to their own women!  A world where stoning, whipping and beating is part of the culture and Jihad, along with a fantasy of paradise with virgins that is promised to those who murder, is not a partner for peace but rather a recipe for death!


Forget about the fact that Israel NEVER occupied an Arab country called Palestine.  During the years between 1948-1967, when the entire West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem were under Arab control, was a Palestine State declared?  Did that stop the Islamic terror? 


It was during those years that the arch terrorist Yasser Arafat put together the PLO terrorist organization. 

Yasser and Gaddafi - Match Made in Hell!

This was three years before the Six Day War. There were no settlements and there was no occupation. Everything the Arabs are demanding today was already in their control in 1966, so why did they continue to terrorize Israel?  Because this has nothing to do with land and everything to do with radical Islam!

You're Still Not Convinced?

Let's pretend for a second that this IS about land, and a people who call themselves Palestinians are just trying to regain land that was once theirs.
Let's pretend their struggle is against a people who came from afar and occupied their Palestine. Let's say you truly feel for these "Palestinian" people and you will fight to the death to have their land returned.  Now reread this paragraph and understand that the occupiers of 80% of what was British Palestine were the Hashemites who currently occupy what is called Trans-Jordan.  As if it is not bad enough that they occupy the poor Palestinians' land, they actually do not allow Palestinians to have equal rights in their country. Why, you ask?  Because Palestinians make up over 70% of Jordan's population and if they gave them rights, it would become a Palestine democracy! 

                                This Is The map Of Palestine Before The Hashemite Occupation                                                

In 1922 the Hashemites, that had absolutely no connection to this area, came over and forcefully occupied the entire area east of the Jordan River. This area was called Trans-Jordan and is where these foreigners declared their country! 

If this conflict was really about land, don't you think the Palestinians would be fighting for 80% of the land that was occupied from them instead of the small 20% that is called Israel? 

You're still not convinced that this has nothing to do with land or an occupation?  Last night a Muslim terrorist shot Yehuda Glick. 

The Muslim terrorist was NOT a Palestinian and was not from Gaza or the West Bank; he was an Arab living in Jerusalem with full and equal rights.  How did he know what was going on at the Begin Center in Jerusalem that evening? Simple, he was an employee at the Israeli restaurant that is located in the Begin Center! 

Mutaz Higazzi was the terrorist's name and he lived in Jerusalem - had rights, had a job and had no reason to shoot Yehuda Glick except for the fact that Yehuda is a Jew who was demanding his right to pray on the Temple Mount.

Mutaz was not the first Jerusalem Muslim to take advantage of his rights.  Just a week ago another Jerusalem Muslim ran his car into a crowd of innocent random Israelis waiting for the light rail in Jerusalem and murdered a 3-month old little baby girl.  Once again, the terrorist had rights, had a job and had no reason to murder little Chaya Zissel except for the fact that she was Jewish!

So Is Peace Possible?

If you're asking if Israel is willing to have Muslims stop killing us, the answer is of course! If however you are confusing blackmail with peace and are referring to when Muslims threaten Israel and say unless we give up our land and even our capital they will continue to murder us, the answer is an absolute NO! 

Any Muslim who calls themselves Palestinian and fabricates history in order to justify terrorizing Israel, cannot be a peace partner of any sort. The peace process will start when Muslims give up the physical idea of Jihad and stop with the fictitious story of an Arab Palestine State pre-Israel. 

Is Peace Possible? 

My Muslim neighbors from Bethlehem are already at peace with me, but if you're talking about a complete peace deal, you tell me - would you make peace with this kind of ideology? 

The next time you are trying to decide whom you believe and whom you support, ask yourself one simple question: In which country would you rather take your family for a vacation trip, Israel or any Islamic regime?


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You Are NOT Going To Believe What This Muslim Woman Did To An Australian Police Officer!

If you thought Pallywood was limited only to Islamic terrorism in Israel, wait till you see this video of a Muslim woman who attempted to pull the racist card on an Australian Police Officer and was caught red-handed! 

The woman in this picture is not connected to this story.
Wait a second, you can't see the woman in this picture so she couldn't sue even if she wanted to!

Her lawyer actually claimed that because she was in a hijab the police cannot be sure it was her! 

Australia is trying to pass a law against hijab wearing.

FOR IT or AGAINST IT?  Let me know in the comments below.


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5 Facts That Prove Jerusalem Was NEVER A Muslim Holy City Or An Arab Capital!

Let's play a game of association.
What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say JERUSALEM?

If your answer was "Holy City", then you are either Jewish or you believe in the Jewish connection to the city of Jerusalem. If you are Christian, Jerusalem is holy to you because Jesus, who was a Jew, lived there. Therefore, it is holy as the Jewish capital and the home of the two Jewish Temples that stood in Jerusalem. 

If you are a Muslim, I am sure you are probably offended by the mere suggestion that Jerusalem was NEVER a Muslim holy city or an Arab capital of any kind, but since you cannot hurt me or blow me up, you're going to have to face these historical truths and be content with writing violent reactions in the comments section below. 

5 Facts To Prove Jerusalem Was NEVER A Muslim Holy City

1. The Quran
While Jerusalem is mentioned in the Bible (Tanach) over 500 times, it is NEVER mentioned in the Quran, not once!
Many Muslims claim this is a lie and claim the word Al Aqsa means Jerusalem. Al Aqsa literally means "The Farthest Mosque" and in no way does it mean Jerusalem.

Taken from Wikipedia    Al Aqsa's Religious Significance in Islam
The mosque is believed to be the second house of prayer constructed after the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. Post-Rashidun-era Islamic scholars traditionally identified the mosque as the site referred to in the sura (Qur'anic chapter) al-Isra ("the Night Journey"). The specific passage reads "Praise be to Him who made His servant journey in the night from the sacred sanctuary to the remotest sanctuary." Muslims identify the "sacred sanctuary" as the Masjid al-Haram and the "remotest sanctuary" as the al-Aqsa Mosque. Initially, Rashidun and Umayyad-era scholars were in disagreement about the location of the "remotest sanctuary" with some arguing that it was actually located near Mecca.  Eventually scholarly consensus determined that its location was indeed in Jerusalem.[57]

The Quranic passage that talks about the "night journey" of Mohammad to the "farthest mosque" took place sometime in the year 621 while the mosque in Jerusalem was not built till the year 705 CE! Which means, to whichever mosque Mohammad flew, it certainly was NOT in Jerusalem!

Let's say for arguments sake that I were to accept Mohammad's flight and let's say I also accept for some reason that it was to the small sanctuary in Jerusalem, that still does not make the City of Jerusalem holy to Muslims, but rather a small mosque that didn't actually exist at the time!

2. Direction of Prayer

Muslims turn their back on the Temple Mount when they pray.
While Jews face ONLY Jerusalem and while we mention Jerusalem in every prayer and when we say grace after meals, the Muslims do NOT consider Jerusalem as a holy city, EVER! 
Here is a picture from the Temple Mount - would you stick your backside out to a place that was holy to you?

3. Jerusalem Was Never An Arab Capital

While King David made Jerusalem the capital of the Land of Israel, never in the history of the world was Jerusalem ever a capital city of an Arab country, certainly not one called Palestine which NEVER existed! 
You show me a single Arab country in the history of the world who held Jerusalem as its capital, I take down the Israel Shield blog! 

4. Desecration of the Temple Mount

Whether you're Jewish, Christian or Buddhist, you treat your temples and churches with respect and violence is simply not allowed in a place of worship. Watch these Muslims actually destroy furniture and carpets from the Mosque on the Temple Mount. Their lack of respect is witness to the fact that they clearly know that there is nothing holy to them and that the only reason they are holding on to that site is because they are fully aware that it is where the Jewish Temple once stood and will soon stand again.
The mosque located on the Temple Mount was originally called Bayt al-Muqaddas which literally means built on the Mikdash (the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem)

There is one more historical fact that proves Jerusalem was NOT a Muslim holy city and that is, IT WAS A JEWISH ONE!

  • No one who disputes the fact that King David was the first to make Jerusalem a capital city.
  • No one disputes that David's son Solomon built the first Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. 
  • No one disputes the second Temple was also built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem 
  • No one disputes the fact that the Romans ransacked the Temple, slaughtered the Jews and kicked them out of Israel.
  • No one disputes that Muslims forcible conquered and occupied Jerusalem and built their mosque on the place of the Jewish Temple

For those of you who are planning on visiting Rome, you might want to check out Titus Arch which clearly depicts the Roman ransacking of the Temple vessels.
The fact is, Jews were in Jerusalem before Islam ever existed. Jerusalem was the Jewish capital of Israel before Washington was  called the capital of America or London was the capital of England and Paris was the capital of France, so before you demand we give our Holy Capital City to those who come with a fictitious claim backed with terrorism and Jihad, I would ask you to give your capitals to those who call for your destruction as well! 
As Binyamin Netanyahu put it so eloquently: 
"The French build in Paris, the English build in London and Israel builds in Jerusalem. Should we tell Jews not to live in Jerusalem because it stirs things up?"
Even the Israeli Shekel comes from the Temple times.
On the right is what the new shekel looked like and on the left is a coin from the Jewish revolt against the Romans.

For those of you pointing a finger at Israel, you are not only strengthening lies, you are actually motivating those who burn your flags and behead those who believe in freedom.

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The Video That Has Palestine Activists Up In Arms! You MUST Watch This!

First of all, I want to thank @Mayqueen96 (follow her on Twitter) for bringing this video to my attention! This is what social media is all about - my followers are my best source! 

Anyone who defends Israel against the online onslaught of anti- Israel propaganda and lies, knows how delirious the other side can be. The situation in Israel is quite simple IF one just opens their eyes and wants to be honest.

Israel is a State that believes in equality and freedom while the enemies of Israel who call themselves "Palestinians" often call for and actually implement an ideology of death, terror and destruction. 

Every time Pat Condell publishes a video on the Israeli-Arab conflict, the truth becomes clearer and those who support the lies are left dumbfounded as Pat explains with perfect clarity just how right Israel is. 

Watch Pat's latest video below and let me know what you thought in the comments below. I am actually hoping to hear from some pro-Palestinians - would love to hear them attempt to refute this! 

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Is It True That Only The Minority Of Muslims Are Fanatic? Watch Ben Shapiro Say NO WAY!

ISLAMOPHOBIA is a term used for people who have hatred towards or fear of Islamic doctrine, Muslims, or of ethnic groups perceived to be Muslim.

I would like to give a different definition to Islamophobia, but before I do, I would like to clarify one important point. I do not hate Muslims in any way, shape or form. Whether it be my 
Muslim neighbors from Bethlehem or my friends from the U.S. who happen to be of the Muslim faith, they are actually suffering not from those who are Islamophobes but rather from the radical Muslims who believe that terrorism is the way of Allah. 

Read also: An Israeli Muslim Hero

Unlike racism, which is based on a person's skin color or their non- violent belief system, Islamophobia is a fear of dying by the hands of a religious belief that allows followers to murder you, whether you are Jewish, Christian or Muslim, and all in the name of Allah. 

The biggest Islamophobes should be Muslims themselves. Moderate Muslims (yes, I do believe they exist) are the ones who should be most frightened by fanatic Islam. After all, they are infidels punishable by death under Sharia Law. 

Are all Muslims fanatics? Of course not!
Where does the majority stand?

@BenShapiro goes head to head with the opinion that only the minority of Muslims are fanatic and after watching his video, you might just become a bigger Islamophobe, especially if you're a moderate Muslim! 


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Here's How You Can Buy An IDF Soldier A Drink! LITERALLY!

I have been serving in the IDF for longer than 20 years now.  I still remember the tears of happiness and pride I shed when I first put on my uniform in 1992. The fact that the last time the Jewish people had an army to protect them from their enemies was in the time of King David, still sends chills down my spine! 

Even thought I am often in uniform, I feel the need to support other soldiers with whatever I can. I am working closely with an organization called Standing Together, whose sole purpose is to support soldiers with whatever they need and wherever they might be. I have started a campaign and need your help to reach our goal.

In the IDF vest there is room for cartridges, ammunition, grenades, a back pouch for extra stuff and two pockets for water canteens.

These plastic water canteens hold a liter of water and the cool temperature usually lasts about 30 minutes under the hot sun. We are usually too busy with important details to worry about taste, but these plastic bottles have a very distinct taste to them and it is not a very good one. 

The problem is, the IDF infantry vest has very limited room and we would rather take another 100 rounds of ammo than try to stick an additional bottle of water in. 

An operational water pack that fits in the back pouch and is insulated to keep the cool temperature of the water and without any unwanted after taste.
There is another life-saving advantage to these water packs which can make all the difference in the world. When drinking from traditional canteens, everyone must stop what they are doing to get the canteen out of their vests and hold their positions until they put the canteens safely back in the vest. This not only wastes time, it also puts soldiers at risk

These water packs fit perfectly in the back pouch of any IDF infantry vest and soldiers can drink while mobile. 

I have been in touch with several IDF infantry units who requested these water packs. 

There are approximately 100-120 for every platoon and I am in contact with 4 platoons.  The goal is to supply at least 400 elite IDF soldiers with these operational personal water carriers and I need your help to succeed.

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The UN Exposed! How Fast Is The UN Going To Take Down This Video?

Israel has been condemned time and time again and even while Assad slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children, the UN was busy condemning Israel for reacting to Missile fire from Gaza. 

The Truth About The UN, It's Sad But It's True!

Saw this originally on the
Israel Video Network  Great source for videos about Israel! 


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This Black South African's Reaction To Apartheid Israel Claims Is PERFECT!

If I had a dollar every time a pro-Palestinian activist called Israel an Apartheid regime I would be a very wealthy man. 

The fact that 20% of Israel's citizens are Arabs and that Israel has more Arab teachers, lawyers, doctors and Supreme Court judges than there are Jews in all Arab countries COMBINED should be enough to debunk the apartheid lie!

Perhaps the 3 Arab political parties in Israel or the fact that the speaker of the Parliament is an Arab should do the job. How about the fact that Miss Israel, who is Arab, or the highest ranking general in the IDF being a Muslim Arab? Still not convinced?! 

Take a good look at the pictures below. On the right is the reality in Israel, on the left is the reality Abu Mazen wants to see.

Who is for Apartheid? 

While Israeli Arabs walk freely through the streets of Jewish neighborhoods, a Jew who walks through a dominantly Muslim neighborhood will be met with stones and Molotov cocktail bottles and in this case rocks packed in snowballs.

This is not Europe 1942, it's Jerusalem last year!

Still not convinced?!

Maybe this black South African man who was born and lived under a REAL Apartheid in South Africa can explain just how offensive the Israel Apartheid claim is. 

He is not offended for Israel, he is offended as a victim of a real Apartheid State and says the Israel Apartheid claim betrays the memory of those who suffered through a real Apartheid in South Africa.

Listen to this victim of a real apartheid explain just how ridiculous it is to call Israel apartheid! 

Kenneth Meshoe is a member of the South African Parliament!

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The Video That Gives The WHOLE Truth About Gaza, Israel & World Hypocrisy.

I have personally been in situations when I have put my IDF unit and my own life in danger in order NOT to injure innocent Arab civilians. While I have spent time in Gaza, Lebanon and Jenin and know just how far we in the IDF go to try to NOT involve innocent civilians, it is extremely difficult when dealing with a terrorist organization like Hamas and a Jihadist suicidal, virgin-chasing fanatic Islamic ideology.

Read Also--> Thoughts From An IDF Soldier On Duty

The videos have been released, the news stories have been published and there is no doubt that Hamas used human shields. Hamas shot their missiles from schools, hospitals and residential areas in order to put women and children in danger so that the world could use their dead bodies as PR porn.

Instead of the world showing their disgust at Hamas's abuse of Arab children and their firing of thousands of missiles at random civilian populations in Israel, they screamed and yelled at Israel for finally reacting to years of rocket and missile fire.

France 24 English News Exposed Hamas's Use of Human Shields

On Twitter @israel_shield, I have constantly supplied facts about the current Gaza war as well given undeniable truths about the Islamic terror that Israel has been facing for the past 66 years, yet there are still many who seem to ignore the facts and continue to point a finger at Israel.

READ ALSO--> Why Children Die In The Gaza Strip

It doesn't matter that in Israel we have a thriving democracy where Jewish, Christian and Muslim civilians have freedom and rights that citizens in any of Israel's neighboring Islamic regimes can only dream of - they still call us an Apartheid State.

It doesn't matter that Israel has more Arab teachers, lawyers, doctors, Supreme Court judges and Parliament members than there are Jews in ALL Arab countries combined, they still say we ethnically cleansed the area!

It doesn't matter that the Arab population has been growing and NEVER took a dip in Israel while over 90% of Muslims murdered in the Middle East have actually been murdered by Muslims - they still claim a genocide happened here! 

It doesn't matter that while Assad was slaughtering and gassing hundreds of thousands, the UN held more security council meetings against Israel over a war that she did not start, they still claim the UN is objective! 

Sometimes, it seems like facts don't matter at all and the world's hypocrisy, when it comes to Jews and specifically Israel, will never change. Often I feel like reaching into my screen, grabbing the person I am debating with and scream, "Are you kidding?!"

Every now and then comes along an objective voice that gives me hope that there are still moral and sane people in this world. 

Pat Condell is one of those people and in his latest video "Hypocrisy over Gaza" he literally took the words right out of my mouth! 

Watch the video below and SHARE with friends and family who understand that supporting Israel means supporting truth.

I saw the video on the Israel Video Network! 

A great source for videos on Israel! 

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We Always Win Because We Can't Afford To Lose!

How Soda Stream Bubbles Pop BDS Hatred Against ARABS!

There is not a single sensible person on the face of the earth who would consider the bigoted BDS movement to be anything but a hate based organization. Their anti-Israel activity is deeply rooted in age old anti-semitism.  

Now I know there are those who will claim I am pulling the anti-Semite card out too fast but I just don't see the point in wasting time. 

BDS does not boycott any of the dictatorships in the world or the Islamic regimes that don't allow their own women to drive and who beat or arrest women who do not dress in Sharia garb. They only boycott the Jewish State that has more Arab lawyers, teachers, judges and Parliament members than there are Jews in all Arab countries COMBINED! 

I have not heard about any demonstrations against Assad who has slaughtered and gassed tens of thousands of his own people and I have not seen any BDS volunteers infiltrating the ISIS controlled areas to help the families of the decapitated Christians or the Muslim girls who are being used as sex slaves for ISIS terrorists. 

The hypocrisy of the BDS movement is beyond unbelievable. While they scream from the rooftops how Israel is an Apartheid State and attempt to boycott everything made in Israel including academics, the co-founder of BDS himself studied in TEL AVIV, ISRAEL!

READ ALSO: BDS & Nazis: Can You Find The Difference?

So BDS hates Israel. There is nothing new or exciting about that, but did you know they also hate Arabs? I know it makes no sense but there is no other explanation as to why they are asking people to boycott companies like Soda Stream.

Contribute to the IDF waterpack campaign-->I SUPPORT IDF

About Soda Stream

Soda Stream has over 20 production facilities world wide. The biggest facility is located just outside of Jerusalem in an area called Mishor Adumim. The factory was originally built in the 1970's and was used by the IDF as an ammunition factory until 1996 when Soda Stream purchased it and started making bubbles instead of bullets. 

At this West Bank facility Soda Stream employs over 1300 people including 500 Arab Palestinians, 450 Israel Arabs and 350 Israeli Jews. All employees work side by side and receive equal benefits, equal wages and equal opportunities. 

Some Soda Stream Facts

  • Each of the 500 Arab Palestinian employees supports a family of 10 on average which means SodaStream provides sustenance  to about 5,000 Palestinians.
  • Arab Palestinians who work at SodaStream receive wages that are 4-5 times higher than average wages in the Palestinian authority where unemployment is as high as 30%.
  • SodaStream sends buses to pickup and drop off Palestinian Arabs so as to ease their transportation to and from work.
  • Muhammed Barhum is the current production manager at SodaStream.
  • SodaStream has a synagogue and a mosque on facility to allow for people from either religion to pray. 
  • SodaStream states that one of its main goals is to build a bridge between Israelis and Palestinians.

What Does SodaStream Do?

Besides being an Israeli company, SodaStream is actually keeping the Earth clean. While companies like Coke & Pepsi are the most recognized brands on Earth, their plastic and glass bottles are not bio-degradable and the amount of garbage and waste that is piling up is literally destroying the environment!

SodaStream's Banned Commercial From Super Bowl 2013

So Why Would BDS Boycott SodaStream?

With the environmental good and cultural bridge building SodaStream is doing, why would BDS boycott SodaStream? 

The answer is simple - BDS is not about justice and peace but is totally focused on hating Israel. BDS is making the same mistake Arabs have been making for almost a half a century. Instead of focusing on how to build their own, they are  totally focused on how to destroy Israel and are not concerned with the damage they are causing to their own people. 

As usual, Israel is focused on how to help the world and make it beautiful while our enemies are focused on hate and destruction. How beautiful is SodaStream?
WATCH Scarlett Johansson pop the BDS bubble! 


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IDF "Quench" A Soldier Campaign! 

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He was A Great Rabbi, A Soldier & He Liberated Jerusalem!

As I have done for the past 25 years, I spent the holiest day of the year in the holiest place in the world. 

In 1989 my father took me up to pray with a small group of men and women who got together on Yom Kippur. At first I was not very impressed, as the room we were praying in seemed to actually be a makeshift synagogue with a small ark and an even smaller Torah scroll. Everything looked quite bland and even the Rabbi leading the prayer looked like your average Hassidic Rabbi with a long grey beard and a big black hat. 

It was only after my father told me to go look out the window did I grasp the uniqueness of where I was. Below is the view from the side room of what is known as the "Machkame". 

It is ABOVE the Western Wall!

The "Machkame" was built during the Mamluk Kingdom (1329). The building held a synagogue and a Jewish study hall that looked over the Temple Mount. Later, during the Islamic occupation of the the Land of Israel, Jews
were prohibited from praying or studying there and that prohibition lasted till 1967. 

The Western Wall is holy to Jews only because it is the last remaining wall that surrounded the Temple. 

It is what's on the other side of the Western Wall that is really holy and where the Jewish Temple once stood. 
It is no coincidence that the famous Mosque in Jerusalem with the gold dome is also called Bayit-AL-Muqqadas, which in Hebrew means a house built on the Temple!

This was the view from the "Machkame" window.

Once I understood where I was standing, a feeling of total awe took over. The total jubilation and happiness was then over-shadowed by sadness as I watched Muslims kick around a soccer ball in an area that is so sacred to the Jewish people that only the Jewish High Priest was allowed to enter and only on Yom Kippur - and now Muslims are playing soccer there?  

As I stood staring, my father gently moved my head to look at the "average" looking Rabbi who was leading the Yom Kippur prayer. "The Rabbi's name is Rabbi Shlomo Goren", my father explained, "he is one of the giants of the Torah world in Israel and one of the heroes of the 1967 Six Day War."

The truth is, Rabbi Goren was NOT your average person or in fact not even your average Rabbi! He was an IDF paratrooper who fought in three wars and was the Rabbi who liberated the Old City of Jerusalem, Hebron and the Cave of the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) as well as the burial site of Rachel (wife of Jacob).

Rabbi Goren Blowing The Shofar for the first time At The Kotel in '67
Muslims prohibited Jews from blowing the Shofar

Rabbi Goren with the IDF Paratroopers who liberated Jerusalem in '67

Rabbi Goren after liberating the Temple Mount in '67

It was then that my awe and admiration was turbo boosted into a whole other dimension! For the first time in 2,000 years a Jew sounded the Shofar on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. If this is not prophecy in our days, I don't know what is! 

Then there was that little Torah we read from. As I put my arms around it, I felt a bolt of spiritual lighting pierce the deepest part of my soul. It was as if I was transported back in time and could actually see and feel where this Torah has been.
The "tiny" Torah from the tiny ark was the one that Rabbi Goren carried with him during all the wars. It was the first Torah to enter the Temple Mount in 2,000 years and the first to enter the Machpela Cave in Hebron, where Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebbecca, Jacob and Leah are buried and the first to enter the burial place of Rachel. 

So what does the little room I pray in on Yom Kippur have to do with Rabbi Goren? 

As the IDF paratroopers were entering the Old City of Jerusalem in 1967, Rabbi Goren found the Arab who was the owner of the "Machkame"and offered to buy the building. After a short delegation, the Arab was happy to sell the building to the Rabbi and after the Six Day War was over, Rabbi Goren gave ownership of the building over to the State of Israel on one condition. Twice a year (Yom Kippur and the 9th of Av) this small room that overlooks the Temple Mount will be used as a synagogue for Jews to come and pray. 

For the past 25 years I have been coming to the same small room, with the same small congregation and reading from the same small Torah scroll. What did I pray for on Yom Kippur? I prayed for the peace of Jerusalem and that may we merit to witness the rebuilding of the Bet Hamikdash in our days. May we all merit to witness the prophecy of Isaiah 56:7 

"Even them will I bring to My holy mountain, and make them joyful in My house of prayer; their burnt-offerings and their sacrifices shall be acceptable upon Mine altar; for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples."

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