The Video That Gives The WHOLE Truth About Gaza, Israel & World Hypocrisy.

I have personally been in situations when I have put my IDF unit and my own life in danger in order NOT to injure innocent Arab civilians. While I have spent time in Gaza, Lebanon and Jenin and know just how far we in the IDF go to try to NOT involve innocent civilians, it is extremely difficult when dealing with a terrorist organization like Hamas and a Jihadist suicidal, virgin-chasing fanatic Islamic ideology.

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The videos have been released, the news stories have been published and there is no doubt that Hamas used human shields. Hamas shot their missiles from schools, hospitals and residential areas in order to put women and children in danger so that the world could use their dead bodies as PR porn.

Instead of the world showing their disgust at Hamas's abuse of Arab children and their firing of thousands of missiles at random civilian populations in Israel, they screamed and yelled at Israel for finally reacting to years of rocket and missile fire.

France 24 English News Exposed Hamas's Use of Human Shields

On Twitter @israel_shield, I have constantly supplied facts about the current Gaza war as well given undeniable truths about the Islamic terror that Israel has been facing for the past 66 years, yet there are still many who seem to ignore the facts and continue to point a finger at Israel.

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It doesn't matter that in Israel we have a thriving democracy where Jewish, Christian and Muslim civilians have freedom and rights that citizens in any of Israel's neighboring Islamic regimes can only dream of - they still call us an Apartheid State.

It doesn't matter that Israel has more Arab teachers, lawyers, doctors, Supreme Court judges and Parliament members than there are Jews in ALL Arab countries combined, they still say we ethnically cleansed the area!

It doesn't matter that the Arab population has been growing and NEVER took a dip in Israel while over 90% of Muslims murdered in the Middle East have actually been murdered by Muslims - they still claim a genocide happened here! 

It doesn't matter that while Assad was slaughtering and gassing hundreds of thousands, the UN held more security council meetings against Israel over a war that she did not start, they still claim the UN is objective! 

Sometimes, it seems like facts don't matter at all and the world's hypocrisy, when it comes to Jews and specifically Israel, will never change. Often I feel like reaching into my screen, grabbing the person I am debating with and scream, "Are you kidding?!"

Every now and then comes along an objective voice that gives me hope that there are still moral and sane people in this world. 

Pat Condell is one of those people and in his latest video "Hypocrisy over Gaza" he literally took the words right out of my mouth! 

Watch the video below and SHARE with friends and family who understand that supporting Israel means supporting truth.

I saw the video on the Israel Video Network! 

A great source for videos on Israel! 

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  1. Jews have always been prosecuted with lies and libels in history. Today is no different.


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