5 Palestinian Artifacts That Prove Palestine NEVER Existed

Yeah, I know what you're thinking but no,
I haven't lost my mind and no,I am not kidding.

The anti Israel folk along with the Arabs have completely fabricated a national history in order to justify attacking Israel and murdering Jews. They have not spared any lack of integrity to do so and the passport below is just one example.
Did you catch it?
They claim this was a passport of the Arab country called Palestine, then I Googled it and found the real passport which was a British document and not an Arab one. #AnotherPalestineLie

For those of you who have been following me (@israel_shield) on Twitter, you know that I spend a good part of my time battling and destroying anti-Israel propaganda and lies and this Palestine issue is at the top of my list. I know an area called Palestine existed; the Romans coined that name when they occupied Israel from the Jews long before Islam ever existed. 


Modern day Palestine was a geographical area that included what is today Jordan and was governed by the British Mandate. Palestine was NEVER an Arab State, country or national home for a people who call themselves Palestinians. A Palestinian nation is a farce, a bluff and a blatant lie. There was no such thing as a Palestinian nation and all the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians are actually Arabs from surrounding countries. This is not just my opinion, this is what their own leaders say loud and clear! 

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5 Palestinian Artifacts That Prove Palestine Never Existed

1. The Palestine Pound and Currency

The Palestine Pound was the currency used by the British Mandate from 1927 - 1948. Arabs and especially Palestinians have absolutely nothing to do with this bill.

Take a closer look at that bill.

1. The Palestine Currency Board was not Arab. In August 1948, new banknotes were issued by the Anglo Palestine Company which was owned by the Jewish Agency. 
2. See the Hebrew writing there? E.Y. stands for Eretz Yisrael which in plain English means Land Of Israel!  
3. Once again Hebrew writing on this bill proves this was NOT an Arab printed bill. Till today, Israeli currency has on it Hebrew, Arabic and English writing. 

These Palestinian BRITISH coins are sometimes used as well to try to prove the Palestine lie to be true. Once again, the coin was not minted by Arabs and what is written on the coin proves just how far Palestine was from being an Arab country.

The Hebrew writing on this coin says Land Of Israel. 

2. The Palestine Post

Before the modern day State of Israel there was a newspaper called The Palestine Post. If The Palestine Post was an Arab Palestinian national newspaper, this May 16, 1948 headline might seem a bit strange. 

The fact that the Palestine Post was a JEWISH publication later to be known as The Jerusalem Post might make it easier to understand why the paper above was reporting Israel's birth and not the fake Palestinian story. 

3. The Palestine Brigade

There was a full platoon of soldiers who fought with the British against the Nazis and they were called the Palestine Brigade and this what they looked like - to the right is the pin they wore on their hats.

There was one small detail I forgot to disclose - the Palestine Brigade was a JEWISH British unit that helped the British fight the Nazis. 
There were also Muslims who fought in WWII but they were on the Nazi side! 


4. Palestinian Passport

I have been sent pictures of Palestinian passports and I am guessing those who sent me pictures like the one below thought they had me cornered. Unfortunately for them, a simple Google search helped expose their attempt at a very poor photo shop job! 

Can you find the difference? 

Once again this is a BRITISH Palestine passport and not one that belonged to an Arab country called Palestine. 

5. The National Palestine Basketball team

This is definitely the most pathetic attempt to prove an Arab Palestine country existed before Israel. Someone tweeted me this picture and dared me to explain how I still do not accept the fact that Palestine existed before Israel occupied it from the Arabs.

Well, this certainly is the Palestine basketball team but they are not Arab, Jewish or British. This is a photograph of the Illinois Palestine high school basketball varsity team!

This is what the Palestine team looks like today. 

For those of you still not convinced, I challenge you to find me a year when an Arab Palestine country ever existed before Israel. If you do, I take down the Israel Shield Blog! 


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  1. Thank you for this interesting proof of Israel's right to belong in the land given to them by the one true God. I knew that it was Jew's land bc I read ancient history books. Quran says land belongs to Mose' people. Keep strong in your endeavor to inform .

    1. Thank you for your supportive comment! It is people like you that give me strength to continue!
      Please consider joining my IDF water pack campaign!
      I am delivering operational water packs to 200 IDF soldiers who will be on duty over the holidays! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/idf-rosh-hashanah-quench-a-soldier-campaign#home

  2. A new article is out about the Jewish Press hosting a call to genocide by a Twitter troll calling itself "Israel Shield". The article in the JP looks like it was written by a misguided teenager full of angst and nonsense as most teens are. But hate speech like this must be called out as it was on the Times of Israel when they hosted a call for genocide.

    See: http://bbsnews.net/2014-09-30/jewishpress-com-hosts-call-genocide-palestinians/

    1. Hello there. I'm @PiccoloDaimaoJr from twitter. You're acting like a child which got his candy stolen. It is typical for haters like you to move to insults and nonsense as soon as confronted with reality and facts from Israel supporters. But you don't impress anyone with this at all.

      About your lies against IsraeliShield. You as Palestinian lie supporter are doing what you can do best. You've no facts nor an Iota of truth at all on your side, so, you move to lies.

      By insulting people, you only admit your defeat. You know you're defeated, but don't want to admit it. You know, none is impressed by people like you who only know to lie or insult, even in the opposite. We laugh at you.

      Wishing you fun with your useless blog, Michael, I leave you alone in your agony.

      Yours truly


  3. Michael you are terribly pathetic.
    You are the article of that post and you try to fake like it was someone else?
    Not only did you misquote and make up other quotes, you did not even attempt to deal with the facts I brought in this post!
    My blog was designed specifically for lying trolls like yourself.
    If you can't deal with the truth, why bother commenting? It just makes you sound like a moron.

    1. Your attempt at a virtual genocide of a people is a massive failure. There is nothing "made up" in my article. Yours however is rabid hate speech and a prelude to incitement to violence. You should be ashamed, and the Jewish Press should remove your hate speech for the incitement to genocide that it is.

      Any time you would like to have your ox gored, stop by BBSNews. I delight in exposing juvenile frauds such as yourself.

      I pursue peace, and you pursue genocide. Guess who will win...

    2. Michael,

      I am not sure what your hatred of Israel is based on but it is clear that it is not based on facts. You claimed I called for a genocide and no where is any of my posts did I call for a genocide.

      Both my blog as well as the Jewish Press receive more views and comments than your pathetic attempt at propaganda.
      I wrote a post filled with facts and you deflected but did not attempt to deal with any of them.
      I visited your BSNews site and left a comment. Was what funny was I was the ONLY comment on your pathetic blog.
      Now for facts!
      I posted 5 artifacts from British Palestine and you cannot show me anything that would prove an Arab Palestine country, State or national land ever existed or was ever occupied by Israel.
      If you give a year when an Arab Palestine country ever existed before Israel, I take down this blog!
      Saying you pursue peace is like Hamas says they pursue peace.
      There are two options here, you are either extremely ignorant or just plain immoral.
      If you're already mentioned genocide, you might want to check the PLO charter and the Hamas charter!
      Now I suggest you work a bit harder on your site, so far your engagement level is just above 0 ( I am the only one who commented)

    3. I understand that you believe it is not evil to try and use "facts", true enough in and on their own, as an excuse to wipe out an entire people that the rest of the planet including themselves recognize as the Palestinians.

      It's been done before...

      And the fact remains your genocidal rants are moot. The United Nations recognized Palestine as an observer state, more than 130 nations joined in. Sweden recently joined in and Palestine is not going anywhere.

      I know, it's all a big conspiracy of antisemitism...

      But no, it's just that Billions of people around the world do not deny reality as you do and try to create a virtual genocide, that can and very well might lead to the real thing in Israel.

      There are some sick people in charge there.

    4. Hey Michael,

      Thanks for replying without replying.
      Once again you try desperately to deflect the facts I have brought and you spew ridiculous unrelated claims instead.
      "Wipe out and entire people"?
      Let me give you some facts. Arab population has grown in Israel and NEVER has Arab population shown even the slightest dip in numbers. If you are claiming Israel is trying to commit Genocide, you might want to try to back your stupidity up with at least some fake numbers.

      The UN has condemned Israel more times than it has condemned Syria. In Gaza (according to Hamas exaggerated numbers) 2000 people were killed during the last Gaza war. In Syria the numbers have reached a hundred thousand! The UN has dictatorships and Islamic regimes who do not offer the freedoms that Israel gives to all as members of human rights committees. I am not really worried about the UN.
      BUT I did ask you for historical facts which you seem to very smoothly ignore!
      1. In what year did an Arab Palestine country, State or national homeland EVER exist?
      2. In what year did Israel EVER occupy an Arab Palestine country?
      3. Name an Arab Palestine author, poet, head of State from the 1800?
      4. Why do "Palestinian leaders themselves admit there is NO SUCH THING as a Arab Palestinian national people?

      I do enjoy your "virtual genocide" word though. It's like your saying, "I am saying you commit genocide but since I know you don't I will call it virtual genocide"

      Meanwhile Michael,
      It is the Muslims who have clearly called for the Genocide of Jews. Not a virtual genocide but a real life killing of all the Jews.
      WATCH-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKeAVBYAbn0

      So Michael, I get it. You hate Israel but since I have exposed all your claims as lies, what is the real reason you are supporting Islamic terrorist organizations over Israel?

    5. Israel Shield pay no attention to Michael Hess he is just another brain dead brain washed American obama supporter not worth the price of the lead it would take to shoot this piece of anti Semite trash. If the poor man had a clue he would be a danger to himself an he is acting like this because he has no valid response to what you wrote.

    6. Ahhh yes, death threats by people who are too ignorant to understand what that means. The Balfour Declaration was "antisemitic" when it gave Israel life in 1917, and confirmed again in 1920 that NOTHING shall be done to interfere with the rights of the indigenous Palestinians. Call into question the very documents that gave Israel life is to make sure that Israeli will perish. So go on, keep advocating evil as you idiots do. A bad end will then come to the state of Israel by your idiot hands. Heed this from Lord Balfour in 1917:

      "His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine..."

      You people want to mess with the document that gave Israel life in your lying quest to eliminate Palestinians? So be it fools, see ya at the International Criminal Court. And bear this in mind fools, it is YOU who have brought Israel to ruin and your own salvation will be the fiery pit for all eternity.

    7. Hello Michael,
      Once again you have failed to stick to the subject of the post and instead went off on a rampage.
      No one called the Balfour declaration anti semitic but you. Your attempt at assuming what I or anyone else thinks is simply pathetic. Israel today offers all her citizens, Jewish or other, freedom and full and equal rights. You have either never visited Israel and are completely ignorant or have visited Israel and are a liar.
      Arab lawyers, soldiers, judges and ministers of the Israeli knesset are just a small slice of how Arabs in Israel are part of our wonderful country.
      Then you called me a liar but forgot to point out the lies you are charging me with.
      I want to eliminate the Palestinians? Sorry but unless you give me a year when an Arab country, State or national movement called Palestine existed, I am not eliminating anyone. If you're talking about Arabs, Arab population in Israel is booming which proves you entire claim a fabrication of history. |
      Oh, btw, the ICC has refused your claims, sorry.

    8. Hello Michael

      Your Blog can be verified, through history, if only people would read without their pre-conceived erroneous ideas clouding their minds, they would learn something. Every person interested in the truth knows that the very name 'Palestine' was given as an insult to the Jews in 135 AD by the Roman Emperor Hadrian. The Philistines had been an ancient enemy of Israel, hence why the Romans gave Israel the name 'Palestine'. This was in retaliation to the Jewish revolt against the Romans. They also know that the word 'Palestine' comes from the word 'Philistine'. Historically, archaeologically and anthropologically it can - and has been - proven the land belongs to Israel. The only other indigenous people before the Jews were the Canaanites, who have long ceased to exist (since Old Testament times).

  4. Kid, you can keep on preaching your Muslim hate with the other kids of your ilk. And this is what it will get you, charges of virtual genocide in the lead up to the real thing. It is sad that the former Deputy Defense Minister of Israel admitted the Ethnic Cleansing plan, it is sad that Avigdor Lieberman is also an avowed ethnic cleanser, it is sad people like you try to deny that Palestine exists even as 138 countries around the world recognize Palestine and this coming Monday the British parliament is slated to join Sweden in recognizing Palestine.

    I feel sorry for people like you because in your hate and arrogance, you are delegitimizing that state of Israel as no one else could.

    Your move to genocide the Palestinian people in the lead up to the real thing is vile and disgusting. You argue with the Appeal to Authority argument using the most isolated and radical of the radical and you expect the civilized world to jump on your illogical bandwagon.

    I'll leave you to it. And meanwhile I will work to my dying breath to ensure that the state of Israel faces justice for Crimes Against Humanity, and I want to sincerely thank you for your help.

    Every time you try to deny the fact that there are Palestinians in this world and nearly 140 countries around the planet recognize that there are Palestinians and there is a state called Palestine, you help along the coming of justice for the rogue state of Israel.

    Thank you, and Palestine thanks you, and the Palestinians thank you. People like you have done more to delegitimize Israel more than any other on the planet.

    Great going anti-Semite! You are more against the Jewish people, including members of my own family, than any follower of David Duke. It is simply glorious the cover that you have found yourself to spread antisemitism and make Jews look like callous, hating murderers thereby increasing world antisemitism because people hear your hateful words, and they realize just how sick you truly are.

    Have a truly great day Master anti-Semite! And next time you make the pilgrimage to Baruch Goldstein's grave, your hero, please send BBSNews some photos of the event.

    1. Hello again Michael,
      You do realize anyone reading this thread sees your pathetic attempt to deflect the simple questions I asked you. Please do feel free to continue commenting here as your lack of facts and inability to answer simple questions is exactly what I want people to see.
      NEVER in any of my posts did I EVER preach hatred for Muslim people. Once again you shoot all over the place with no facts to back it up.
      In terms of the Foreign Minister and Avigdor Lieberman it is customary that when you make a claim, you actually bring sources and not just post stupidity and expect people to believe you.
      In terms of your claim if ethnic cleansing, there are more Arabs in Israel than Jews in all Arab countries combined. More Jews were chased out of Arab lands than Arabs who left Israel . Once again your claims are completely false on all levels.
      In terms of the Palestine country. All I asked was for a year that such an Arab country existed before Israel and in what year did Israel conquer such an Arab country? If you give a year for any of these questions, I will take down my blog. This is the third time I am asking you and for some reason you have refused to give an answer. Why is that?
      Never in this post or any other one did I preach hatred for anyone. I challenge you to give ONE example when I preached hatred towards anyone. Michael, you seem to have a deep hatred of Israel but unable to back your hatred up with facts.
      Once again you attempt to charge me iwth genocide but no where can you find any post, tweet or anything else that would hint to my wish to commit genocide to anyone. HOWEVER! Both the PLO as well as Hamas have clearly stated their goal to destroy Israel and commit genocide of the Jewish people but you don't seem to be to concerned.
      The civilized world is on Israel's side because the facts are with Israel and the fact that ALL Islamic regimes do NOT accept democracy or equal rights for all. Perhaps it is the radical Muslims wish to bring Sharia to the West that causes the world to side with Israel. Whatever the case might be, you tell me where you would have more freedom, Israel or ANY of the Islamic regimes?
      I do hope you work till your dying breath and since your blog looks like it is a lonely place, it seems you will die alone.
      It is not only me who denies the existence of a Palestinian nation, it is the Arab leaders. Why don';t you watch the videos I send? They will clearly prove to you that even the Arab leaders disagree with you.
      ARAB ADMITS NO SUCH THING AS A PALESTINIAN NATION and that all Arabs in the area are really people from Arab countries around the middle east--->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0B5hKbDdkU4
      Looks like your argument is with the Arabs of Gaza and not only with me.

      Baruch Goldstein? See by us you can count the terrorists on one hand while by the Arabs you can't even give a number! So you can't deal with the facts I brought in the post above so you attempt to get personal? You sir are truly a pathetic individual.
      Any pics I send to your BS site would remain unseen since you have absolutely 0 engagement there!
      Once again, please do continues to send your comments here, it is exactly for your kind that I opened this site.

  5. I'm sure this is falling on deaf ears, Israel. It seems the trend is when these folks who are Pro Palestinian are asked to source their claims, they can't and hence are like rats backed in a corner...they jump at the throat. I wouldn't bother trying to be civil by documenting any more proof than you already have.

    Shame on him and shame on these extremists who unmercifully kill innocents supposedly in the name of Allah. I doubt any peaceful religion would operate like they do. ninamaechik

  6. Fuck you all in around 570 AD Quran was released or wrote and at that time it was told in Quran that the the Muslims of palistine will suffer bur in the end the kuffar *Israelis will be vanished

    1. Hello anonymous,
      While I understand, as a radical Muslim, you have one thing on your mind, I will have to refuse your offer, I am not a virgin and I am a man. Now to the rest of your typical radical Islamic response.
      The Quran does not mention Palestine or Jerusalem or any other connection of Muslims to this land called Israel.
      What the Quran does mention in 17:104 is that this land will be for the Jews for all eternity.
      Now while you fantasize with your religious fanaticism, every war you Muslims fought agains the little Jewish country blessed by God called Israel, you lost! Against all odds Israel beat you every time!
      I think it's time to get the hint, #AlahIsAZionist!
      Sucks to be you!

    2. Hello @PiccoloDaimaoJr from twitter again. Anonymus from 15th October 2015, do you know that Palestine isn't mentionned even once in Bible, Koran or any other of the so called holy books? I know your Koran teaches you Taqyiia, but it won't work here.

      Like my soul brother Israeli Shield has written already, Koran mentions Israel, to be exact 44 times. It refers as eternal Jewish homeland, and that Judgement day won't come until Israel gets back 100% of the promised Land. The promised land include Sinay, half of Egypt (right side of Nile), and even parts in today's Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Here you go.

      In fact, kinds like you disobey your own belief, but hey, everyone who knows me knows my position about Islam. But wrong place, wrong topic.

      It must suck to be cornered.

      Yours truly


  7. Israel Shield, I have some intel on this Michael Hess. Having experienced his bile elsewhere on the Web (he is quite the busy troll) I did some research. Mr. Hess lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and owns a Web design company called Santa Fe Michael, here is the URL, have fun!


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