Let's Get The Facts Straight About The Gaza Strip

The Gaza strip has always been a problem area and not just for Israel. If we go back to Biblical times, the Philistines whose name comes from the hebrew word intruders, caused tremendous amount of problems for Israel until Samson took them all down.

Of course an Arab Palestinian nation or people were not involved in anything till....1988 so let's not go back to Biblical times since that would be way too easy. After all, both Islam and Christianity were born out of Judaism and since the original book, the Torah, clearly states that Israel belongs to the Jews, there would be no argument here.

The first time the current Gaza strip received its Northern and Eastern boundaries was on February 24th, 1949 when Israel and Egypt agreed to an armistice agreement. 
The armistice demarcation line was drawn for the most part along the 1922 international border between Egypt and Mandatory Palestine, except near the Mediterranean Sea, where Egypt remained in control of a strip of land along the coast, which became known as the Gaza Strip.
Even when the Gaza Strip was under Arab control, no Palestine State was declared or even demanded! At first the Gaza Strip was officially administered by the All-Palestine Government, established by the Arab League in September 1948. (not local Arabs)
All-Palestine in the Gaza Strip was managed under the military authority of Egypt, functioning as puppet state, until it officially merged into the United Arab Republic and dissolved in 1959. From the time of the dissolution of the All-Palestine Government until 1967, the Gaza Strip was directly administered by an Egyptian military governor. Israel captured the Gaza Strip from Egypt in the Six-Day War in 1967.
Read that again, captured from Egypt, not Palestine! 

All the refugee camps in Gaza were built by Egypt who refused to give Arabs who defined themselves as Palestinians rights or citizenship. Israel NEVER built a refugee camp in Gaza or the West Bank!

After the 1967 war, Israel controlled the Gaza strip and rebuilt the Jewish communities that were destroyed in 1929.
From 1967 - 2005, the Jewish communities in the Gaza strip were constantly under terror attack and threat. Whether it was suicide bombers or shootings, the Palestinian PLO terrorist organization was constantly attempting to murder Jews. 

In May 1994, the Oslo accords were signed and the majority of the Gaza strip was handed over to the Palestinian authority with the exception of the settlement blocks. 
Arab terror continued as the Arabs claimed  that as long as settlements are in the area, the fight (Jihad) will continue. 
This is the map of Gaza after the Oslo accords were signed.

In 2005, Israel's Prime Minister, Arik Sharon decided to completely wipe out all Jewish presence in the Gaza strip. All settlements were dismantled, all Jews kicked out of their homes, synagogues were destroyed and even the Jewish dead were dug up! 
Following the 2005 Disengagement from Gaza, there was not a single IDF soldier or settler to be found anywhere in the Gaza strip! It looked like this! 

In response to Israel's COMPLETE pullout from the Gaza Strip the UN, United States, EU and others donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Gaza so that they could create what they called the "Singapore" of the Middle East. 

What actually happened was the Arabs completely destroyed the infrastructure Israel left in order to help them build a base for their economy and in 2006 the Arab people of Gaza elected the Hamas terrorist organization to govern them. 

What followed was an internal bloodbath till Hamas completely took over the Gaza strip, killed and chased out Fatah and began heavy bombardment of Israeli cities with missiles. The missile bombardment went on for two years till Israel decided she can no longer live with a constant threat of missiles and declared a weapons blockade in 2007. 
The blockade did not happen in 2005 when Israel left but rather two years later as a result of thousands of missiles being shot at civilian cities in Israel. Do NOT let anyone tell you the missiles were a result of the blockade, it's a blatant lie! 

When I say weapons blockade, I mean WEAPONS blockade! NEVER was Gaza in a State of starvation or even humanitarian crisis. Water Parks were opened as well as 5-start hotels, malls and other attractions that would directly contradict all the "concentration camp" "open prison" "ghetto" ridiculous claims! 

My grandparents were in concentration camps in Europe and I do not remember hearing stories about water parks! 

The real irony is that this water park was destroyed but not by Israeli war planes but by Hamas who did not like the mixed swimming, socializing and Western music that was playing there.

Since 2005 over 10,000 missiles were shot at Israeli cities and tens of thousands of weapons and missiles were being imported in to the Gaza strip! 
Of course these numbers are no longer up to date. Over the past two weeks alone, over 2,000 rockets have been shot at Israeli cities and villages. Of course the question of how does a area that is under total blockade and is in need of Flotillas, have the ability to bring in such an arsenal?

Some will tell you they used tunnels to smuggle in these weapons. Great, so why did they not smuggle in all the much needed food and aid they claimed they were missing? (were they missing?)

Picture from the Gaza Market in 2010
For Full List Of Aid Sent To Gaza By Israel Click HERE

What else did Hamas spend the BILLION dollars donated to the people of the Gaza Strip on?
On June 12, 2014, three young Israeli boys were kidnapped, brutally murdered and dumped in the back of the Halhul village near Hebron. The IDF was on a manhunt for two weeks to try and find the three boys and capture the terrorists who committed this hideous crime. As the IDF was receiving intelligence pertaining to this kidnapping, there were massive arrests made of Hamas terrorists in the area. 
The IDF was not arresting random people but Hamas active terrorists who were suspected of being part of the planning and implementation of the kidnapping. 
Both the Israel Security Agency as well as the Palestinian Authority have confirmed that the main suspect, Husam Dofsh, has been absent from his home since the kidnapping. A relative of his, Jihad Dofsh, had blown himself up in a "work accident" in a Hamas explosives laboratory in Hebron, and one of Qawasmeh's relatives had died in the same incident. Husam Dofsh was arrested in a Hebron coffee-shop the following day, after phoning an Israeli news site to protest his innocence. As the Israeli authorities were working night and day to find the boys and the terrorists, Hamas began heavily bombarding Israel in response to Israel's crack down on Hamas terrorists in the area of the abduction (no where near Gaza) 

When it was made clear that Hamas was NOT planning on stopping the missile fire, Israel gave them an ultimatum which Hamas ignored and continued firing at Israeli cities and towns.
Once Israel finally reacted to the continual missile bombardment from Gaza, the world finally woke up and ....yes, ordered Israel to use restraint. 

At first we were aiming only for the missile launchers but after Hamas's failed infiltration attempt in to a Kibbutz in southern Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu along with the Israel security cabinet realized that these tunnels were not just built for importing goods. 

It became clear that Hamas's tunnels and missiles were not being dug for a minor operation but for a judgement day like infiltration of Israel. In order to destroy these imminent threats, Netanyahu ordered the IDF to go in and take out the tunnels as well as the missiles. 
There are those who will try to tell you this is a revenge operation. They seem to forget the 12,000 missiles shot at Israel and the exposed terror tunnel systems. 

The IDF is doing everything in its power not to hit civilians, but when a fascist, murderous terror organization like Hamas cowardly uses women and children as human shields and stores their missiles in schools, hospitals and mosques, the civilian casualties tragically rises. 

The IDF calls, drops leaflets and warns all civilians when and where they will be hitting. If Hamas is using civilian buildings and people for military purposes, they are acting against every international law written and Israel DOES have a legal right to strike those areas. It's not that we want to but that Hamas leaves us no choice.
 Here are just two examples at the length Israel goes to try NOT to hurt civilians.
The Shifa Hospital in Gaza being used as a military Hamas base

IAF pinpoints an attack on Hamas headquarters but waits till all civilians leave the building! The pilot actually counts to make sure everyone has evacuated the building before talking it out!

Time To Sum Up The Gaza Report! 

  • The Gaza Strip NEVER belonged to an Arab Palestine country and was never occupied from them by Israel.
  • Israel COMPLETELY evacuated the Gaza strip in 2005
  • People of Gaza elected a Hamas government who immediately began shelling Israel from the Gaza strip
  • The Weapons Blockade did not come in to effect till 2007 and was a reaction to constant missile shelling from Gaza.
  • Hotels, malls and parks were opened in Gaza while they claimed Gaza was starving.
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars were donated to Gaza and were used to buy weapons as well as purchase tons of concrete to build terror tunnels
  • From 2005-2014 over 12,000 missiles were fired from the Gaza Strip and were aimed ONLY at Israeli civilians.
  • Israel agreed to 4 ceasefires while Hamas has rejected all. 
Yes there are more people in Gaza dying than in Israel but,
Israel has spent billions of dollars on a weapon defense system and bomb shelters to protect her citizens while Hamas has spent a billion dollars on tunnels and missiles and uses their civilians to protect their weapons! 

The situation is clear, Israel was under attack and responded and any attempt to turn Israel in to the aggressor is a flat out lie! 
One last question for all you pro Palestine propagandists,
If there was a missile aimed at your family and it was being shot from a civilian building, what would you do, take it out or let your family die?


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This Is How Israel PROTECTS Civilians In Gaza

War is a terrible thing and people suffer from it. More often than not, innocent people pay the price of war and even when victory comes, it comes with a very high price tag. You will never see pictures from war that will make you smile. Dead soldiers, women or children are never an easy thing to see. You will never look at them and feel all warm and happy inside. 

They say that 1822 Arabs ("Palestinians") have been killed since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge. To make things worse (or better if you're a Palestinian PR professional) Israel's fatalities stand "only" at 22.

The difference in the number of fatalities has nothing to do with the amount of weapons or firepower but rather with the culture difference between Jews and Arabs.
While Israel has spent over a billion dollars on bomb shelters and defensive weapons like the amazingly effective Iron Dome defense missile system, the Arabs have spent every last dime the world donated to Gaza to purchase long and short range missiles and build miles and miles of tunnels to be used by terrorists to murder Israelis. Israel has invested in defense, Hamas has invested in offense.

Israel places the Iron Dome in residential areas to protect civilians, Hamas places their missiles in residential areas to endanger their civilians. The difference is quite clear.

It is not the Israelis who are saying Hamas is firing from civilian areas, Hamas themselves admit it and brag about it!

This video from 2009 clearly shows Hamas armed terrorists using a UN ambulance as a shield.

To SHARE This Video: UN and HAMAS Team Up! 
To read more about the crimes HAMAS is carrying out in Gaza read:
Here Is Why Israel REALLY Went In To Gaza & Why You MUST Support Them!

The real question you should be asking is, with over 700 tons of bombs that Israel has dropped on Gaza, how is it that "only" 550 Arabs have been killed? Don't get me wrong, any innocent person killed in war is a tragedy and I am not looking to kill anyone but I have heard the claims against Israel and they say Israel is committing genocide and that we are targeting innocent civilians and not terrorists. If you believe Israel is AIMING for innocent civilians then either you know you're lying or you think the IDF has bad aim! 
Dear anti Israel activists, if Israel was trying to commit genocide, we would have already prepared Gaza to be the next World Cup Football field or solved the Tel Aviv parking problem.
We would have flattened Gaza!

So if genocide was our goal, why have ONLY 550 Arabs been killed in Gaza?  There should be hundreds of thousands dead!
Here, look at Syria for example. This is what genocide REALLY looks like, try to find a live person!

To SHARE This Video: Syria, Homs Destruction
Not only are we not looking to flatten Gaza, we tried to give Arabs who live there a chance to build a Middle East oasis. When Israel left in 2005 we left greenhouses and equipment that could have been used as a base for a very successful economy. Instead of using the equipment Jews left, Arabs totally destroyed it and instead of greenhouses, they built missiles and tunnels.

Are there innocent people in Gaza getting killed during this war? Absolutely! In every war there are civilian fatalities. So why aren't loads of Israelis being killed? Because our government is spending money on defense while Hamas has spent all Gaza's money on terror!
Perhaps this can explain it a little better

To SHARE This Video: Hamas Admits Using Human Shields
Not only does Israel protect her OWN civilians, we do everything possible to protect the innocent people of Gaza.
Watch this pilot call off a strike on a major terrorist due to the proximity of children.

To SHARE This Video: IAF Pilot Protects Gaza Civilians
Even when the IDF does attack it makes sure to pinpoint attacks as much as possible. Watch this IAF pilot hit the south side of the building then wait till every single person leaves the building before taking it out!

To SHARE This Video: IAF Pinpointed Airstrike
Last but not least please show me a leader who was committed to genocide and called the victims of his "genocide" to warn them that his army is coming and that he means them no harm!

To SHARE This Video: Netanyahu Speaks To Gaza
If you're still playing the number game, let me make something perfectly clear! During the Shalit deal, Arabs demanded 1,000 of theirs for 1 of ours. This is the ratio they themselves demanded.
1 Israeli = 1,000 Arabs. Their Numbers, Not Israel's
Considering 22 Israelis have been killed, our force is no where near disproportionate force!

One last point. Israel IS stronger than Hamas and more Arabs will probably get killed than Israelis, but we didn't start this war. You can't fire missiles and then whine about getting your TUSHIE (Backside in Yiddish) kicked!
Dear Arabs, please stop starting wars, we keep winning. Apparently Allah is a ZIONIST!


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Here Is Why Israel REALLY Went Into Gaza & Why You MUST Support Them!

 To SHARE This Video---> IDF Enters Gaza LIVE Footage

I have been getting some serious heat from some Tweeps on @IsraelShield (yes follow me) and some very nasty comments on the IsraelShield Facebook page. 
I have heard everything from anti-semitic 'I killed Jesus' (who they claim was a palestinian) to even liberal fools who tell me that this ground operation was unprovoked.

  • I am not going to talk about the 10,000 missiles shot from Gaza aimed at civilian populations in Israel.

  • I am not going to talk about the fact that in 2005 Israel completely left Gaza (every inch up to the 1967 border) and in response they voted in Hamas and started bombarding Israel!

  • I am not going to even discuss the fact that Hamas refused every ceasefire offered to them! 

  • I am not going to discuss that the IDF has located the long range missiles in Gaza in hospitals, schools and UNRWA buildings!

While all these facts are enough of a justification to react, there is a much bigger picture here. This ground operation should have happened a long time ago, and it has nothing to do with missiles. 

Israel is fighting a culture of evil, of self genocide, of terror and a fanatic Islamic regime that worships death. I will keep the videos short but they should all be seen and shared!

Who is Hamas? (In their own voices)

This is not just some radical group who yells and doesn't do anything to actualize their dreams of death and destruction. Even their own kids are indoctrinated to hate and murder.
 To SHARE Video--> Children Are Taught To Murder

If this is not child abuse, I don't know what is!
 To SHARE video-->  Child Soldier Of Allah 

 US & Europe fund Gaza Education 
 To SHARE Video-->  Gaza Racism Is US Funded

The use of children is not limited to the classroom.  For Hamas, a dead Arab child is more valuable than a live one, Watch!

This war is not about land or missiles. Israel is now fighting the forces of evil and terrorists who worship death over life.
To the people of Gaza who are not terrorists, should be throwing roses at the IDF who are now fighting the terrorists who turned Gaza in to a war zone. It's very simple, you either support Israel or you're part of the problem! 

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How To Destroy Palestine Propaganda CHEAT SHEET! (or if you just want to know the truth)

When I started IsraelShield, I had one goal in mind; fight anti-Israel propaganda. Over the past several years, I have had more than a few debates with pro Palestine or anti Israel people and the truth is, I have NEVER lost a debate or turned to foul language or lost my temper. See, when you have the truth, you don't need vulgarity.

To make it easier for those who are actually looking for the truth or those who would like to defend Israel, here are two  of the most commonly used propaganda and lies against Israel.

A. Israel Occupied Palestine

For a more detailed post on the history of Palestine click here

LIE The Jews came in and occupied Arab Palestine that was a vibrant and peaceful country

FACT : There never was an Arab Palestine State, Country, National movement or attempt to create a State before 1967. 

 The next time someone pulls the occupation card out, just ask: "show me when an Arab Palestine State ever existed and in what year was it occupied by Israel"

They will show you maps from the Ottoman Empire, the British Mandate and even as far back as the Roman Empire. On these maps you will find a geographical area called Palestine but that wasn't the question! The question was, 
Was There EVER an Arab State or Country called Palestine? 
We know Palestine existed, the Romans coined that name after they took it from the Jews and destroyed our temple! It just was never an Arab State or country and was NEVER occupied.
Here are some of the pictures you might see. 
The map above looks quite convincing but all it really took was basic graphic skills and the ability to color inside the lines and write the word PALESTINE. In the map below I will show you the loss of SMURFLAND! 

No matter how much they scream, curse and deflect, they will never be able to show you when an Arab Palestinian State ever existed, It NEVER did! I have offered any pro Palestine person to take down my Twitter, Facebook and blog if they can show me when an Arab Palestine State ever existed before Israel, so far not one person has answered my challenge! 
They might also show you a picture of a Palestine bill

Unfortunately for the Palestine propagandists, these bills were printed in England by Jews in order to make currency for the British Mandate in Palestine. If you look inside the red circle you will see the letters that say ALEPH, YUD which stand for Eretz Yisrael or Land of Israel! 
They might mention the Palestine Post newspaper or the Palestine Football team or the Palestine British brigade. One small problem, they were Jewish, Jewish & Jewish! 

Not only did an Arab Palestine State NEVER exist, there was no demand for one until 1967.

Between 1948-1967 all of the " disputed area today was in Arab hands, including Jerusalem. In those 19 years, never was there a demand for a Palestinian State. 

B. Ethnic Cleansing

When Israel invaded Palestine they chased out all the Palestinians

In 1947 the UN suggested a partition plan of the British Mandate. The Jews agreed, the Arab league (not the Palestinians) refused and opened a full assault on the young State of Israel. Here are some quotes from Arab leaders at the time who ordered the local Arab population to leave so that the Arab armies of the world can crush Israel.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri as-Said was later quoted as saying: "We will smash the country with our guns and obliterate every place the Jews shelter in. The Arabs should conduct their wives and children to safe areas until the fighting has died down"Abu Mazen himself! Mahmoud Abbas, then member of PLO Executive Committee, wrote an article "Madha `Alamna wa-Madha Yajib An Na`mal" [What We Have Learned and What We Should Do] and published it in "Falastineth-Thawra" [Revolutionary Palestine], the official journal of the PLO, Beirut, in March 26, 1976:"The Arab armies entered Palestine to protect the Palestinians from the Zionist tyranny but, instead, they abandoned them, forced them to emigrate and to leave their homeland, and threw them into prisons similar to the ghettos in which the Jews used to live in Eastern Europe, as if we were condemned to change places with them: they moved out of their ghettos and we occupied similar ones. The Arab States succeeded in scattering the Palestinian people and in destroying their unity."

There are more Arab doctors, lawyers, teachers & parliament members in Israel then there are JEWS is all Islamic regimes combined! 

If there was ethnic cleansing it was Jews who were thrown out of Arab lands. Here is a map of Jews in Arab countries in 1948 and then in 2000. (The numbers have decreased since)

C. Israel Is An Apartheid State

This one is the easiest of the claims to throw out. 20% of Israel's citizens are Arabs who receive equal rights. We have Arab lawyers, teachers, doctors and judges so there goes the Apartheid claim! 

There is not a single anti Israel claim that I have heard and is not based on a lie! I invite anyone to comment here and tell me a claim against Israel that is true! 

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Here's How The Terrorist Got Away From The IDF In Gaza!

Israel is fighting ruthless, morally deprived terrorist organizations in Gaza who seek death to Israel as well as to their own.
The IDF is trying as hard as it can not to hit innocent bystanders but it is becoming difficult as women and children are aiding and abetting terrorists activities as they act as human shields.

The IDF has tried different options to warn civilians of what is about to come, many have listened others have ignored IDF warnings. Whether it is phone calls to neighboring civilians to evacuate before IDF hits a terrorist shooting missiles from the house or dropping tens of thousands of leaflets over Gaza warning civilians to evacuate, the IDF NEVER targets innocent civilians!
Even when the target itself is in the clear, the IDF makes sure not to fire when civilians are in harms way!

It is not by accident that people run to protect terrorists in Gaza, it is their ideology. Listen to Hamas leaders admitting they are looking to both get killed as well as have other civilians killed as it "helps their cause" This is the monsters we are fighting.

So how did the Arab terrorists avoid a direct hit from an IAF bomb? The 'knock On Roof'  warning is what gave him time to escape. One way the IDF warns nearby civilians is a specially designed attack that has two explosions. The first explosion is a warning and gives anyone who is innocent time to safely exit the target. A minute later a larger explosion designed to destroy the target goes off.
Here is an IDF Air force attack on a well known terrorist's house. You can clearly see the civilians, who after receiving a warning call from the IDF, ran to the roof to act as human shields thinking the IDF would not attack. The pilot skillfully fires a small missile on the empty part of the roof and after making sure that none of the civilians were hurt does the operation continue. Only when the human shields are out of the house and did the pilot take out the target completely. Yes, the terrorist also escaped! 


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Whatever your religion might be, here is a prayer that was written for our brave heroes in Uniform.
Read along or just say AMEN and pray that God keeps our boys and girls in the IDF safe! 

With English translation

i support

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Arab Murders Jews, Jew Murders Arab, Here's The Difference.

Just to clarify and calm the nerves on all you liberal or pro Palestine readers, I want to make something very clear, the person or persons who were responsible for the murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir are murderers of the worst kind and should be dealt with just like we SHOULD be dealing with Islamic terrorism. 
That being said, there is a huge and very fundamental difference between what happened to the three Israeli teens that were abducted and murdered and the young Arab teen that was abducted and murdered. The difference lies on three different levels.

  1.  National backing of terrorists activity
  2. World Reaction
  3. Nation's Reaction


Fatah, Hamas and every other Arab organization that exists in the PA territories has one time or another called for the destruction of the State of Israel. The original PLO charter clearly calls for the violent dismantling of the JEWISH STATE (no not Zionist but Jewish)
The school system under Fatah promotes martyrdom and murder through curriculum and even through the names of their educational institutions. 

As clearly demonstrated by Palestinian Media Watch

"The most common school name PMW has found is the 
name Al Khansa – with at least 8 schools given her name. Al Khansa is the honored mother of Islamic tradition because she expressed joy over the Shahada (Martyrdom) deaths of her four children.

A PA schoolbook for Grade 8, explains her importance this way:
“Al-Khansa witnessed the Battle of Al-Qadisiyah with her four sons. She urged them to fight… They fought until all of them fell as Shahids. When the news reached her she said, ‘Praise be to Allah who has honored me by theirShahada.’”
[Reading and Texts Part II, Grade 8, p. 13]

Al-Khansa’s celebration of her four sons' deaths makes her a perfect role model for Palestinian girls, as Palestinian society has chosen to teach that death is a greater value than life.
One example of this teaching is in Palestinian Authority schoolbook for 13 year-olds that teach children: 
“Your enemies seek life while you seek death.” [Reading and Texts Part II, Grade 8, p. 16]"

Streets in Fatah controlled areas are named after Islamic terrorists of the worst kind.
Abu Mazen the "Moderate" has never been shy to tell it like it is and often honors mass murderers and arch Islamic terrorists sitting in Israeli jail.

While the Israeli murderers of the Arab teen will be jailed, ousted and stained for life like they deserve, Arab terrorists are honored, revered and even featured on the most popular talk shows.
Here's how an official PA government member reacted to the kidnapping of the three Israeli teens! 

How does it work in Israel? 

Even before any evidence was collected, many from the government already condemned the murder is the most clear tones possible. After the details were publicized, there was not a siingle Israeli leader who did not condemn this horrific murder! The difference? We didn't wait for facts to speak of our disgust, we did it right away with no excuses, because MURDER IS MURDER! 

2. World Reaction

I have absolutely no expectations from the world and certainly not from the White House at this time. I am not complaining or expecting change, I am simply pointing out the horrific level of hypocrisy.
On June 12, 2014, three Jewish Israeli teens, Naftali Frenkel (16,), Gilad Shaer (16), and Eyal Yifrah (19), were abducted as they were on their way home from school. Naftali Frenkel happen to hold dual citizenship and was a citizen of the United States of America. 
There was complete silence from Obama, the world and the UN and only on June 18th (a week later!) did the State department release a statement where they stated their concerned about the Israeli operation and demanded Israel exercise restraint. What was even more unbelievable was the US State department would not even confirm that it was talking about a kidnapping and when asked about the American citizen involved, they did NOT even have his name! Watch and be disgusted!  
(You can watch the whole thing
but the embarrassment starts at 1:40)

The UN?
The 3 mothers went to the UN to beg for their help. 
The UN reaction?
Go ahead, Google UN reaction to kidnapped Israeli teens. Let me know if you find anything! Hamas Condemned? No! Palestinian incitement condemned? No! Anything? NO! 
When it came to the murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir it took both Obama and his sidekick Kerry under 2 hours to make a statement, charge and indict Israel. It took them over a week to say boo about the 3 Israeli boys and when they did say something they said they were concerned with Israel's reaction! Read Kerry's statement HERE
I am not even going to begin talking about the press coverage of both murders. I had to constantly update my friends overseas since not a single major news network was covering (more than a couple of seconds) the Israeli kidnapped boys. When it came to Muhammad Abu Khdeir, front page and feature story on EVERY single media outlet. I guess Muslim killing Jew is no story but it's not every day you see a Jew do what you usually see a fanatic Muslim do.

3. Nation's Reaction

Naftali, Eyal and Gil-Ad were missing for two weeks and while the army was out searching for their killers and figuring out what happened, the civilians of Israel were busy comforting the families and praying. 

Now let's take a look at our neighbors; the fanatic Muslims. When news spread of the kidnapping of Muhammad Abu Khdeir, there were no prayer groups or singing, this was the reaction:
All videos were seen originally in Israel Video Network
If you want to keep in touch with Israel you definitely want to join Israel Video Network

Attempted Lynching

Shooting firecrackers at police 

Fire bombing random Jewish homes in the middle of the night

The Jerusalem light rail that runs through the Arab neighborhood was completely destroyed and millions of dollars of damage was caused by Muslim fanatics.
The Arabs actually worked for hours to rip up the tracks while trashing the train stops in their own neighborhoods. 

So yes, both are horrific acts of murder and the victims families and friends will feel the pain, but NEVER compare the terrorism of individual Jews who are ousted, villainized and jailed by their country, to the fanatic Islamic and Arab terrorists who are backed, honored and encouraged by their religious and national leaders! 
When it comes to track records, check the world's most wanted terrorist lists, count the fanatic Muslims, then count the Jews. Let me know what you come up with! 
One more small detail that most of you probably forgot, we found and arrested the murderers of Muhammad Abu Khdeir in less than a week, we are still waiting for the terrorists who kidnapped and murdered Naftali, Eyal and Gil-Ad. Perhaps Abu Mazen wants to find an empty street to name after them before handing them over to the Israeli authorities. 

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