Why We Have To Say "THANK YOU" To Achmed Tibi The Terror Supporting Member of Parliament.

Before I tell you about my gratitude towards Dr. Tibi, let me give you all a little background on the man.
Dr. Tibi was working as an intern in Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem and was eventually thrown out after assaulting a guard who demanded to check his briefcase.
He hit the guard over the head with his attaché case while claiming that the guard was not showing him enough respect.
The guard required stitches and Tibi required a new job.

After leaving the health sector, Dr. Tibi went to work for Dr. Death, better known as, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Yasser Arafat. Of course his circle of friends also included super humane leaders like Qudafi. 

Tibi served as a political advisor to the late Palestinian Chairman for several years, even representing the "Palestinians" at the 1998 Wye river negotiations.
Tibi resigned from the post in 1999, upon deciding to run for the ISRAELI Knesset.

Tibi has described his relationship with Arafat as "close" and "extremely interesting and important [to him]."
Tibi was first elected as a member Knesset and head of the Arab Israeli party in 1999.

Dr. Tibi has made some travel plans over the past several years that caused great anger in Israel.
In 2002 he spent many days in Gaza and eventually MK Michael Kleiner initiated actions in the Knesset to restrict movements by Tibi inside the Gaza strip. Kleiner claimed that Tibi was assisting the Palestinians in their war against Israel. (DUH!)

Later Tibi made several trips to Lebanon and met with Nasrallah and at the height of Tibi's vacationing he visited Syria, and met with one of Israel's worst enemies, Assad.

In the video I have attached, one can find Dr.Tibi praising Terrorists and murderers of Israelis


Dr. Achmed Tibi took a vacation in 08 to  Qatar and while the Foreign Minister of Israel, Tzipi Livni, was trying to improve Israel’s world image at the Qatar International DOCHA forum, Achmed Tibi  ( a member of the Israeli parliament) was there signed in as a delegate for the PALESTINIANS!
As if that wasn’t enough, Achmed Tibi decided it was his responsibility, as a Palestinian, to publicly embarrass the foreign minister as well as the State of Israel. Treason? Depends who you ask!

What I don't understand is,
why are the Israelis so upset or surprised?

Achmed Tibi isn’t hiding anything, he describes himself as an Arab-Palestinian national and has by his own statements absolutely NO loyalty to Israel.

What do the Israelis expect?

Is there anyone in Israel who expects Tibi to choose the Jews over his Muslim brothers?
Do Israelis expect Tibi to choose Bibi over Mazen?

Achmed Tibi is doing exactly what would be expected of any Allah fearing Muslim, being loyal to Muslims and ....wishing for the destruction of Israel.

My problem is not with Achmed Tibi or any Islamic terror cell for that matter.
The terrorists are doing exactly what they believe in.
My problem is with the Israelis who honestly believe that Tibi would or should be loyal to the Jewish State of Israel!


The left would have you believe that Jews and fanatic Muslims can live in peace. There are some Israelis who actually believe that when Saddam or Achmanajed attack Israel, the Arabs will side with Israel!

There are even some Israelis who will have you believe that Israeli Arabs are actually loyal, law abiding citizens of the Jewish State.
You show me one Arab who sings ‘Hatikvah’ with intent and I will show you a flying donkey!

Are there any Israelis or sane individuals who actually believe that the Israeli Arab likes or agrees with the sentence in ‘Hatikvah’ that speaks of the yearning of a Jewish soul to return to Zion?

In fact, Raleb Majadele, an Arab – Israeli appointed minister in the Knesset, refused to sing the anthem in January 2007, stating that the song was written for Jews only.


The only damage Achmed Tibi causes by his acts of treason is to the Messianic childish beliefs of the Left Liberal movement in Israel. He is proving that when the pressure is on, an Arab will NEVER defend or side with Israel over other Arabs. To believe that Arabs will accept Jewish sovereignty over Israel is not foolish, it is dangerous.

This 'Democracy' game is going to destroy Israel.
The Israelis talk about democracy and in the same sentence mention a Jewish State.
How does that work?
If the Arabs become a majority and they democratically nullify the Jewish State, will that be a democratically acceptable move according to the Left?

Achmed Tibi charged the Jewish State as being undemocratic and an apartheid. Maybe he is right, perhaps we should emulate the more enlightened Arab States that are run as dictatorships!


How many Jews are living in Palestinian areas? 0
How many Jews serve in any of the Arab parliments around the world? 0
What would happen to a Jew living in Iran who would voice his opinion about Iran as Tibi did about Israel?
 Do I need to spell it out?!

What did the most Arab countries do with their Jewish populations? KICKED THEM OUT

What Achmed Tibi has proven is that Arabs can’t live under Jewish rule. Not because the Jews won’t let them but because the Arabs don’t want to!

What Dr. Achmed Tibi has taught us, is that the only true solution is a separation between Jews and Arabs, a Partition Plan.

An Arab State on the other side of the Jordan (we are willing at this moment to forgive the TransJordan part of the land of Israel) and the Jewish State on this side of the river.

The Arabs can keep their perfect track record of no Jews allowed and to show our respect towards the Muslims, we will adopt their ways when it comes to Muslim citizens of the Jewish State!

After all, The Dr. is always right.

Why is the Jewish State so NOT Jewish

Why does the Jewish State act so NOT Jewish?

During the Seder night I closed my eyes and contemplated the historical roller coaster the Jewish nation has ridden for the past 2000 years. I then thought about current events in modern day Israel. As I opened my eyes, I found my family staring at me with wonder. It took me several seconds till I realized that while I was contemplating the contrast between the Jews throughout history and the Israelis, I accidentally screamed;

For over two thousand years, Jews have prayed and bled the dream of returning home to the Land Of Israel. At least three times a day during prayer and several additional times during grace after meals, Jews pray and yearn to return home to the land of Israel and to rebuild Jerusalem.
We have traveled the world throughout history and faced Anti-Semitism throughout Europe as well as Africa (Arabian lands). The Jewish nation has been split and spread throughout the world for over a millennium, and yet, Jews have always kept the dream of returning home to the land of Israel alive.

In 1948, after the world had once again betrayed the Jewish nation by allowing Hitler’s dreams to become a reality, the Jews, on G-d’s merit alone, were able to return to the land of Israel and start the rebuilding of the Jewish homeland.

Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, or even a dead atheist, one can not argue the right of the Jews to the land of Israel, every last inch of it.
We were not on vacation for two thousand years.
We were kicked out and persecuted over and over by different nations of the world.
The Romans raped us, stole our lands, and handed them over to the Christians who built churches over synagogue grounds and attempted to destroy the Jewish nation by forceful conversions!
Then came the Muslims, who, till this day, have no respect for others. Not only did they build their mosques over places of Jewish worship, they made sure that no reminisce or witness of a Jewish population remained.
They built their gold dome over the place of the Temple Mount and till today, continue to destroy artifacts from the time of the temple!

In 1948, the Jewish nation finally returned home!
Unlike the British, who are British by virtue of their living in Britain, or Americans who are identified by the fact they live in America, we, the Jews, are identified by a moral and ethical code.
Unlike every other nation in the world, the nation of Israel is not named after the land but rather the land of Israel was named after the nation.

If someone in the world believes the LAND OF ISRAEL rightfully belongs to anyone other than the NATION OF ISRAEL then they must also believe George Washington’s white horse was BLUE!

The sad truth is that I do not expect the world to heed to Jewish law or belief.
I do not expect the world to understand and help the Jewish people.
It has never happened before and it will probably not happen till the times of the Messiah.

I don’t have the need or obligation to convince the world that I have a right to my home any more than I would have to convince the US to bomb the train tracks in AUSCHWITZ!
It is either a waste of my time or such an obvious thing that one should not have to explain it.

What does bother me however, is the opposition from home.
Jews who have chosen to stand against other Jews and against the return home to Israel.

How has it happened that Jews whose ancestors were undeniably religious (go back a max of 75 years) are now shouting bloody murder against Jewish settlers of the Land of Israel?
How has it happened that the majority of Jews living in the State of Israel call themselves “secular”? How has it happened that when a Jew moves up to a desolate mountain he is branded a fascist radical while a Jewish prime minister who rips 8,000 Jews from their homes, digs up graves of Jews, and actually succeeds in implementing Jude rein in Gaza is considered a hero?!?!

It was these questions that kept me busy throughout the holiday of Pesach.
As if I needed proof to my claim that something is strange and bothersome about modern day Israel, the Supreme Court decided to put the topping on the cake. A week before the Passover holiday the high court of ISRAEL (high court of Israel? HA! Maybe of America Or Greece, Or Rome. I am not sure anymore) decided that it was unconstitutional not to allow people to sell Chometz in restaurants!

For G-d’s SAKE!! It is unconstitutional to SELL CHOMETZ on PESACH!!

Then again, it all depends on what your constitution is!

The court went on to explain that we (the religious) can’t force our traditions and customs on others.


First of all, Israel can and does force customs on the population, and second if Chometz is OUR custom then the land of Israel also belongs to us (the traditional Jews).
There is no Jewish state without Judaism!

The proof that the State of Israel can force someone to adopt customs is the closing of shops on Yom Hazikaron and Holocaust Remembrance Day.
I am not Chareidi, I served in the army and have lost a handful of friends in battle so I hope no liberal leftist is going to start giving me lip about the fact that I don’t respect the dead!
It has nothing to do with respecting the dead. It has to do with the way the country chose to respect the fallen.
Standing like dominoes during a siren, what is that?
What good does that do for the dead?
What honor or respect does it show the fallen soldiers of Israel when the whole country comes out and stands like…scarecrows?

If Israeli society decides that the standing during a siren is the way to do it, fine, but why am I considered an infidel if I don’t accept their made up customs?

What if I have a different custom? What if my custom is to sit and learn or to say a prayer? What if I don’t adopt the imbecile ways of a new made up Israeli secular religion? Am I still accepted as a law-abiding citizen of the State?
If you live in Israel the answer is NO!
Every Holocaust Remembrance Day, the press enjoys going out to chareidi neighborhoods to film Chareidi hoodlums who enjoy the attention the press crusaders give them.
Why does the press do this every year? What does it prove?
Either the press wants to spread the hate towards religious Jews (although the Majority of religious Jews adopt the custom of standing) or the Israeli society is trying through social pressure and embarrassment to force the whole world to accept their customs or face the wrath of the press!

When it come to Chometz…well that’s a different story, the wrath is on those who are trying to preserve a law and a tradition that’s deeply rooted in the books of all books and in the real and only Jewish constitution; THE TORAH.

How is it, that after two thousand years of praying and yearning to return home, we are destroying the home we have finally succeeded in returning to?
The answer has been staring all the readers right in the face. The secular Israeli movement believed they could build an Israel that would be separate from the Jew.
This idea has been around since the birth of modern day Israel. When Hertzl had a vision of a Jewish state, it was one that was based on ethnic Judaism rather than religion.
Hertzl himself did not have to face this question since the Jewish State was still in its inception stages.
Another reason why this problem did not arise was, Jews at the time were fighting Anti-Semitism and had no time on their hands to destroy themselves.

By the time Ben Gurion was making Hertzl’s dream a reality the bout between Jewish vs. Israeli had already begun.
The Secular Israelis who despised (and despise) Judaism were working on an ethnical Jewish homeland free of any Jewish responsibility.
If you ate bagels, lox, and cream cheese then for the secular Israeli movement you were a Jew!
There was no need for religious responsibility or connection.
For this reason the idea of creating a state in Uganda was created.
Why would a Jew build his home in Uganda? How could the Zionist entity even dream of a JEWISH homeland anywhere else besides ISRAEL?
The secular movement was looking at the problem from another angle. How can the Jewish people build a state in the biblical land of Israel and stop people from becoming biblically Jewish?

Even the Secular movement understood, that when the idea of a Jewish State separates itself from Jewish tradition it becomes a ludicrous idea.
The secular Zionist movement is a ghost movement free of any historic rights, traditions, or obligations, and without historic or religious rights the movement was forced to find a desolate area that nobody cared about and Uganda fulfilled that need.

Unfortunately for the secular Zionist movement, the idea of a Jewish homeland outside the Land Of Israel was one that any proud Jew who cherished Jewish tradition was not willing to accept.

So how is it that the Jewish state is so UNJewish? The answer is simple; Israelis, not Jews, are running the country. This does not mean that the leaders are not biologically Jewish; it just means that they have chosen the Israeli over the Jewish.
The secular Israeli has succeeded on building a state….but not a Jewish one.

This battle between Judaism and secular 'Israelism' is still going on and although the secular Israeli has been fighting hard and winning several battles their ghost reign is coming to an end.
The secular Israeli has succeeded in uprooting Jewish ideas from a full generation and has been triumphant in causing great ignorance when it comes to Jewish tradition but now the younger generations are asking questions.
“Israel, what for? Why? Put my life on the line, for what?” Jewish homeland, my parents hate religion!” See you can turn a Jew secular but he will always be Jewish.

As long as this state tries to escape it's Jewish connection, it will continue to limp and struggle. The secular State of Israel will always be a dying shadow when compared to the rich and proud history of the Jewish people and traditions that have been around for over 3,000 years.


I think the title says it all...

After living in Israel for over two decades it is very common for people to give in to leftist propaganda.
I recall the day I arrived in Israel and held a very vocal argument with one of the leftists of Israeli society.
I said to him, " the whole Arab Jewish issue is quite simple, black and white, Israel is the religious and historical home to the Jewish nation, the Arabs throughout history came in to our home and conquered areas that rightfully belong to the Jewish people. On top of the fact that they violently took over Jewish lands they have been murdering and abusing Jews both in Israel as well as in Chutz Laaretz for the longest time. What would you do if someone invaded your home, murdered your sister or brother and then told you they would stop murdering your family if you would just give them your bedroom?
I would kick em in the rear and force them out of my house!"

To this the leftists said to me, " you are new here and you will realize in time that things are not so simple"
Well I have been here for over a decade now, served in the army, lost a friend in battle and had the honor of visiting Lebanon over the last ' so called' war and the Arab Israeli issue seems just as black and white today as it did when I got of the plane.

Bottom line - This is My Israel Not Yours - Many would call this a childish statement - that might be true, unless you really believe this is your home, in which case, you would mean it.

All the Mumbo Jumbo the leftists use to try to mix up the loyal Jewish inhabitants of the Land Of Israel doesn't change the basic fact that the LAND OF ISRAEL belongs to the NATION OF ISRAEL and does not offer any ownership rights to Muslims just because they are violent and believe that they have 70 Virgins waiting for them if they BLOW some Jews up.

What's the solution? very simple - someone invades your home and starts to murder your family - what do u do?

First thing that has to be done is to make a clear statement - MY ISRAEL NOT YOURS - - then do what has to be done to protect your family from the fangs of Muslim terrorists who have always had a thirst for Jewish blood!


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