Why We Have To Say "THANK YOU" To Achmed Tibi The Terror Supporting Member of Parliament.

Before I tell you about my gratitude towards Dr. Tibi, let me give you all a little background on the man.
Dr. Tibi was working as an intern in Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem and was eventually thrown out after assaulting a guard who demanded to check his briefcase.
He hit the guard over the head with his attaché case while claiming that the guard was not showing him enough respect.
The guard required stitches and Tibi required a new job.

After leaving the health sector, Dr. Tibi went to work for Dr. Death, better known as, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Yasser Arafat. Of course his circle of friends also included super humane leaders like Qudafi. 

Tibi served as a political advisor to the late Palestinian Chairman for several years, even representing the "Palestinians" at the 1998 Wye river negotiations.
Tibi resigned from the post in 1999, upon deciding to run for the ISRAELI Knesset.

Tibi has described his relationship with Arafat as "close" and "extremely interesting and important [to him]."
Tibi was first elected as a member Knesset and head of the Arab Israeli party in 1999.

Dr. Tibi has made some travel plans over the past several years that caused great anger in Israel.
In 2002 he spent many days in Gaza and eventually MK Michael Kleiner initiated actions in the Knesset to restrict movements by Tibi inside the Gaza strip. Kleiner claimed that Tibi was assisting the Palestinians in their war against Israel. (DUH!)

Later Tibi made several trips to Lebanon and met with Nasrallah and at the height of Tibi's vacationing he visited Syria, and met with one of Israel's worst enemies, Assad.

In the video I have attached, one can find Dr.Tibi praising Terrorists and murderers of Israelis


Dr. Achmed Tibi took a vacation in 08 to  Qatar and while the Foreign Minister of Israel, Tzipi Livni, was trying to improve Israel’s world image at the Qatar International DOCHA forum, Achmed Tibi  ( a member of the Israeli parliament) was there signed in as a delegate for the PALESTINIANS!
As if that wasn’t enough, Achmed Tibi decided it was his responsibility, as a Palestinian, to publicly embarrass the foreign minister as well as the State of Israel. Treason? Depends who you ask!

What I don't understand is,
why are the Israelis so upset or surprised?

Achmed Tibi isn’t hiding anything, he describes himself as an Arab-Palestinian national and has by his own statements absolutely NO loyalty to Israel.

What do the Israelis expect?

Is there anyone in Israel who expects Tibi to choose the Jews over his Muslim brothers?
Do Israelis expect Tibi to choose Bibi over Mazen?

Achmed Tibi is doing exactly what would be expected of any Allah fearing Muslim, being loyal to Muslims and ....wishing for the destruction of Israel.

My problem is not with Achmed Tibi or any Islamic terror cell for that matter.
The terrorists are doing exactly what they believe in.
My problem is with the Israelis who honestly believe that Tibi would or should be loyal to the Jewish State of Israel!


The left would have you believe that Jews and fanatic Muslims can live in peace. There are some Israelis who actually believe that when Saddam or Achmanajed attack Israel, the Arabs will side with Israel!

There are even some Israelis who will have you believe that Israeli Arabs are actually loyal, law abiding citizens of the Jewish State.
You show me one Arab who sings ‘Hatikvah’ with intent and I will show you a flying donkey!

Are there any Israelis or sane individuals who actually believe that the Israeli Arab likes or agrees with the sentence in ‘Hatikvah’ that speaks of the yearning of a Jewish soul to return to Zion?

In fact, Raleb Majadele, an Arab – Israeli appointed minister in the Knesset, refused to sing the anthem in January 2007, stating that the song was written for Jews only.


The only damage Achmed Tibi causes by his acts of treason is to the Messianic childish beliefs of the Left Liberal movement in Israel. He is proving that when the pressure is on, an Arab will NEVER defend or side with Israel over other Arabs. To believe that Arabs will accept Jewish sovereignty over Israel is not foolish, it is dangerous.

This 'Democracy' game is going to destroy Israel.
The Israelis talk about democracy and in the same sentence mention a Jewish State.
How does that work?
If the Arabs become a majority and they democratically nullify the Jewish State, will that be a democratically acceptable move according to the Left?

Achmed Tibi charged the Jewish State as being undemocratic and an apartheid. Maybe he is right, perhaps we should emulate the more enlightened Arab States that are run as dictatorships!


How many Jews are living in Palestinian areas? 0
How many Jews serve in any of the Arab parliments around the world? 0
What would happen to a Jew living in Iran who would voice his opinion about Iran as Tibi did about Israel?
 Do I need to spell it out?!

What did the most Arab countries do with their Jewish populations? KICKED THEM OUT

What Achmed Tibi has proven is that Arabs can’t live under Jewish rule. Not because the Jews won’t let them but because the Arabs don’t want to!

What Dr. Achmed Tibi has taught us, is that the only true solution is a separation between Jews and Arabs, a Partition Plan.

An Arab State on the other side of the Jordan (we are willing at this moment to forgive the TransJordan part of the land of Israel) and the Jewish State on this side of the river.

The Arabs can keep their perfect track record of no Jews allowed and to show our respect towards the Muslims, we will adopt their ways when it comes to Muslim citizens of the Jewish State!

After all, The Dr. is always right.


  1. I would take issue with only one thing and that is the matter of "left" and "right." The issue of nationalism, appeasement, accomodation of the Arab claims to the land and opposition to Jewish orientation or the Jewish religion have nothing to do with "left" or "right." No leftist government ever agreed to give up any of its land to an enemy for any reason. Did Stalin ever do that? Did the Spanish Republic? Israel has no true left and no true right. The issue is one of assimilation or Jewish nationalism. At a deeper level, it is one of acceptance of the Torah of Israel or its rejection in favor of the contemporary extension of the "Enlightenment." Are we in Eretz Yisrael to be universal humanists? I could have stayed in Los Angeles and done that with far more logic.

    Behatzlaha rabah!

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