Why The Dome Of The Rock MUST Come Down.

Many have said  I am starting World War 3 by posting this, but I disagree. You don't start a war by posting a blog post and you don't start a war by building houses, synagogues or kindergartens. Wars are started with weapons, with terrorism and most importantly with an ideology that has the word Jihad as part of its basic beliefs. 
This is how wars are started!
Let's get something straight. Israel has given up land, taken security risks and even transferred Jews out of their homes to appease the Arabs. Every time Israel offered a peace deal to the Arabs, they chose war. From 1948 through the Gaza pullout, the Arabs have always chosen death over life and war over peace.
 I believe it was Abba Ebin who said,

 "The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity."

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There is one place in Israel that does not allow for freedom of religion. In fact the location I am about to reveal is completely closed to prayer when it comes to a specific religion. There are roadblocks and checkpoints that are set up strictly to expose a persons religion as well as Police and even a private brute squad that make sure none of the people from a specific religion dare visit this site. Even when they are allowed in, if they dare whisper a prayer they are immediately arrested. 
Believe it or not, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is off limits to JEWS! Although this is the holiest place to the Jewish religion, Jews who attempt to pray are immediately arrested and thrown out! The Mufti's brute squad stand around starring down Jews making sure they don't utter a prayer and if they do, the Mufti's men jump in to action and kick the Jews out. 
Don't misunderstand me, I have no interest in this mosque that sits on the ruins of the Jewish Tempe of Jerusalem. In fact the Muslims don't use that building and it is there only as a trophy of the conquering of the Jewish Temple Mount.
The mosque Muslims pray at is the small one to the left of of the gold dome. 

A Little History About Jerusalem

Jerusalem itself is not mentioned in the Quran, Mohammed NEVER visited Jerusalem and the Muslims have absolutely no religious ties to Jerusalem. Further more, Muslims face Mecca when they pray and face their back sides towards the gold dome and where the Holy Of Holies once stood. 
When it comes to the Jews, we have always faced Jerusalem for prayer and it is mentioned over 500 in Tanach! (Torah & Prophets) Furthermore, the temple mount was home to the Jewish temple before Islam ever existed. It was the Romans who occupied Israel from the Jews and stole the Temple artifacts and destroyed the Temple.

So why the gold dome?

Fanatic Muslims did what they do best and that is conquer and destroy. The dome is built on what is called the Temple Mount and was built where the Jewish Temple once stood.

Some Muslims say the Temple never existed while others say it did but no where near the Temple Mount. 
Let's forget about all the Jewish sources and let's take a look at Islam. When it comes to Israel the Quran clearly states that Israel belongs to the Jewish people. 

When it comes to Jerusalem, no where in the Quran does it say the city of Jerusalem is holy to Islam. In fact Jerusalem is NOT mentioned in the Quran at all!  When it comes to the mosque on the Temple Mount, it was named by Muslim sources, (you ready for this! ) Bayt al-Muqaddas. 

Where did they get that name from? 

Here's a hint. The Jewish Temple was called Bet Hamikdash! Bayt Al - Muqaddas lieterally means the House that is built on the Mikdash (Temple)
They Muslims named the mosque after what was already there before they stole it! 

What Does All This Mean?

It means the Muslims are illegally occupying the Temple Mount! I wonder if the UN is going to come to support our call to end the Islamic occupation of the Temple Mount!
In fact, Muslims are occupying many parts of Israel, but we, the Jews, are not trying to blow them up for it, we actually wish they would just live in peace. (What a crazy idea!)

Then there are the "practical" people who say the situation is what it is and it now belongs to Muslims. I am a religious Jew and maybe my idea of HOLY is different than theirs, so you be the judge.
Does this look like they are treating the area as a holy place or as a battle ground for a holy war? 

Perhaps Muslims giving the middle finger and attacking Jews who just came to pray is an Islamic holy thing to do.
This happened this year!

What Should Be Done?

Well if you're pro Israel and do NOT fabricate history, the answer is clear. Even IF you're anti Israel and you think the Jews should "Get the hell out of Palestine" as was suggested by the wicked witch of the Obama house, at least be consistent. If you think an occupied people have a right to demand their land back, the conclusion is obvious; it's time to give back what was taken from the Jews. It's time we the Jews, who were occupied and our Temple burned, take back what's rightfully ours! 
It's time to rebuild the Bet Hamikdash! 

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