Here Are 3 Reasons We Have To Start Listening To Hamas!

There is nothing better than hearing something straight from horse's mouth. In this case it would be more like the jackass's mouth....
Many have argued on Twitter and Facebook that the amount of children killed in this war is Israel's fault. Anyone who has ever served in the IDF, knows very well just how careful we are when it comes to injuring innocent civilians. So how is it that the death toll by the Palestinians is so high? 
Perhaps the leaders of Hamas can shed some light on this issue. Sit back and listen to what this terrorist has to say! 

The fact that hamas uses kids and women as human shields and PR pawns is obvious, but if you're wondering just how bad it is, watch this! 
Just in case you didn't have enough of the jackass's mouth, here is one more press conference that is important to watch and SHARE with as many people as possible!

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