Netanyahu Wants To Split Up The Palestinian Unity Government, Here's Why I Want To Keep It Together!

On June 2, 2014, the Fatah and Hamas movements joined together to create a unity government. Some were upset about the announcement and others were shocked as they thought Abu Mazen was different. In my opinion they were just naive! 
Let me explain.
The PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) was founded during the first Arab summit in 1964 by the same Arab States that attacked Israel in 1948 and 1956. The clear and very well stated goal was to destroy the Jewish State and in its place create, for the first time in history, an Arab State in what was originally the British Mandate of Palestine. No Israel only an Arab State.
Two facts that you might have missed:

  1. The PLO was NOT started by Arabs in Israel or Palestine but rather by a group of Arab States whose goal was to destroy Israel
  2. The calls for the destruction of Israel by the PLO charter came in 1964. That's three years prior to the 6-Day War and before any settlements existed. So please don't tell me the "territories" are the reason for the Arabs terror!

The PLO was not a local Arab organization but rather an umbrella org. that unified all the Arab countries and terror groups in their attempt to destroy the Jewish State. Even the first chairman of the PLO, arch terrorist, Yasser Arafat himself was not a Palestinian but rather EGYPTIAN! 
The PLO charter calls for the destruction of the Jewish State in almost every single one of its clauses. 
"We. The Palestinian Arab people, who faced the forces of evil, injustice and aggression against whom the forces of International Zionism and colonialism conspired and worked to displace it, dispossess it from its homeland to realize its freedom and dignity and who has determined to amass its forces and mobilize its efforts and capabilities in order to continue its struggle and to move forward on the path of holy war until complete and final victory has been attained.
Article 2. Palestine with its boundaries at the time of the British Mandate is a regional indivisible unit. (meaning NO ISRAEL)
Read the whole charter here 
The PLO never accepted the Jewish return to Zion as a legitimate movement and then justified terrorist activities against Israeli civilians. Maybe now you understand just how important our demand is of the Arab to recognize our Jewish State.

Here is a list of some of PLO's terrorist acts:
 Feb. 4, 1969: Arafat is appointed Chairman of the Executive Committee of the PLO
– Feb. 21, 1970: SwissAir flight 330, bound for Tel Aviv, is bombed in mid-flight by PFLP, a PLO member group. 47 people are killed.
– May 8, 1970: PLO terrorists attack an Israeli schoolbus with bazooka fire, killing nine pupils and three teachers from Moshav Avivim
 Sept. 6, 1970: TWA, Pan-Am, and BOAC airplanes are hijacked by PLO terrorists.
– September 1970: Jordanian forces battle the PLO terrorist organization, driving its members out of Jordan after the group's violent activity threatens to destabilize the kingdom. The terrorists flee to Lebanon. This period in PLO history is called “Black September.”
– May 1972: PFLP, part of the PLO, dispatches members of the Japanese Red Army to attack Lod Airport in Tel Aviv, killing 27 people.
– Sept. 5, 1972: Munich Massacre —11 Israeli athletes are murdered at the Munich Olympics by a group calling themselves “Black September,”said to be an arm of Fatah, operating under Arafat's direct command.
– March 1, 1973: Palestinian terrorists take over Saudi embassy in Khartoum. The next day, two Americans, including United States ambassador to Sudan Cleo Noel, and a Belgian were shot and killed. James J. Welsh, an analyst for the National Security Agency from 1969 through 1974, charged Arafat with direct complicity in these murders.
– April 11, 1974: 11 people are killed by Palestinian terrorists who attack apartment building in Kiryat Shmona.
– May 15, 1974: PLO terrorists infiltrating from Lebanon hold children hostage in Ma'alot school. 26 people, 21 of them children, are killed.
– March 1978: Coastal Road Massacre —Fatah terrorists take over a bus on the Haifa-Tel Aviv highway and kill 21 Israelis.
If you want a full list, click here

The entire civilized world considered Arafat a terrorist! Kind of like that they say about Hamas today.
Unfortunately, weak Israeli leaders like Yitzchak Rabin, Shimon Peres and others, decided that instead of taking Arafat out, it would be a good idea to make a deal with a terrorist. In 1994 Israel's then Prime Minister, Yitzchak Rabin together with Shimon Peres gave PLO's head terrorist, Yasser Arafat, a stamp of approval. 
Isn't that sweet? It didn't take long till the world turned this animal in to a hero and before you knew it, these three clowns received the Nobel Peace Prize!
(Now go back up and reread that terror activity list again!

The PLO was no longer considered a terror organization and Arafat's track record of cruel and heartless acts of terror were forgotten by all. The thing is, Arafat did not change and every now and then he reminded us just how far away from being a man of peace he was.
Everyone knew Arafat and Hamas were one, but the government of Israel were too scared to do anything because the world thought Arafat was an angel! 

Here is a picture of Arafat tending Hamas' religious leader Yassin

As the years went by it became obvious that neither Yasser Arafat nor the PLO are interested in peace. 

Here was an official swearing in ceremony for PLO Palestinian Police force. Look familiar? 

 Buses were blowing up in Israel, Jews were getting murdered by Arafat's brute squads and it came to a point when Israel just had enough of this! 
Once again Arafat earned his medal of honor as one of the worst Islamic terrorists of the century. He was the same Arafat as before just a lot older and grumpier!
So Arafat was dealt with (no we didn't poison him although I wouldn't be ashamed if we would have!) and along came a new leader and this time he was wearing a suit.

Some of you might not see the relevance of Abu Mazen in a suit, so let me explain. Yasser Arafat constantly wore a military uniform and always had a gun on his hip. He always made it perfectly clear that he was a fighter and had no intention of really making peace. Abu Mazen on the other hand, always wears a suit and puts on the mask of a moderate Muslim. See, people are fooled in to thinking he is civilized and not part of the fanatic Islamic movements that have been terrorizing the entire world over the past 50 years. Mazen as well has let us know time and time again that his suit is just a mask.


Then came the Gaza pullout. Arik Sharon transferred over 8,000 Jewish families out of Gaza and handed it over to the Palestinians hoping for peace. Within a month the Gaza population voted in Hamas and then for the first time we were introduced to the Hamas Fatah internal war. Hamas feels they are the original PLO, the one Arafat started and the one that sees absolutely no option or reason fro a peaceful resolution with Israel, while Fatah is fooling the world in to believing they are a moderate Islamic group who could talk with Israel. 
The problem is, as long as the two factions were fighting each other, I could not prove that there was no actual difference between these two terrorist organizations. 
Then this happened! 
and this
And some of this!
And then finally this!
What is this you ask? The Fatah and Hamas have joined together to form a unity government of terror and the first thing Haniyah from Hamas (on the left) wanted to show Abu Mazen (the moderate) was how well their terrorists are armed. 
To me, there never was a difference between these two terrorist factions, but to the leftist liberal Israeli, this unity destroyed their hallucinations of a partner for peace and for one second, they were forced to put down their pipe filled with the peace drug and realize THEY WERE WRONG! 
See this unity government is me slapping the left in the face and saying, "I TOLD YOU SO!" You would think such a slap would wake them up and be the last straw that would break them out of their hypnotic peace trance and have them realize the only reason there is no peace is because the Arabs are just not interested!
 Unfortunately, like most liberals in the world, logic does not play a role and the left in Israel still have not concluded that both Fatah as well as Hamas are one and the same, TERRORISTS!
I do NOT want this unity government to break up! I want Abu Mazen and Haniyah to stay married for as long as possible. See this unholy matrimony between Fatah and Hamas is the blind fold being taken off and allowing everyone to see clearly that these two organizations are actually one big terrorist org. 
When Bibi or anyone else begs Mazen to break up the unity government what they're actually saying is; "Abu Mazen, you are killing me! I convinced myself and others that you are the messiah of peace but when you work together with Hamas, I can't fool myself any longer, so please break up with Hamas so I can go back smoking my peace pipe and make believe you are a real partner for peace." 


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