Why "Palestinian" Suffering Has Nothing To Do With Israel

Yes, I am Jewish, I live in Israel and have served in the IDF for the past.... 25 years. I have been charged many times as a Hasbara employee, but the truth of the matter is, I wish someone would offer to pay me for what I do. I get no reward beyond the knowledge that I am defending my people and my country as well as defending the power of good and truth against evil and lies.
Am I biased? Of course I am, aren't we all? BUT being biased does not mean I won't find fault in Israel or in an IDF soldier or even my own children if they behave in a way that is immoral.

That being said, when it comes to what is happening in the Middle East, there is no doubt in my mind that Israel is in the right. I do not say this only as an Israeli or as a Jew, but as a human being that believes in freedom and treating everyone with respect irrelevant of race, religion, sex or beliefs. The only person I would NOT respect is one whose belief includes my destruction.

If you're on the anti-Israel side, you're probably rolling your eyes right now and saying, "Yeah, like the way Israel treats the Palestinians?" So, what I would ask of you at this point is to take a deep breath, read the post and respond in the comments below with what you thought was incorrect or false.
There are two sides to this story and I am not talking about the Jewish and the Arab side but rather two sides as to why the "Palestinians" are "suffering". I know you don't like those quotation marks, but please bear with me.

If you are not sure why I put the word Palestinian in quotation marks please click and read History of Palestine 101

There are two main reasons why some Arabs who call themselves Palestinian are suffering:
1. The Occupation
Yes, I said occupation, but I am not talking about the supposed Israeli occupation but the occupation of Hamas and Fatah. 
In 2005 Israel completely pulled out of Gaza and even the Jewish dead were dug up in fear of what the Muslims might do to the graves. If you think I am exaggerating, here are pictures of what the Jordanian army did to Jewish graves on Mount Olives when they occupied Jerusalem in 1947. There is no shortage of stones in Jerusalem but the Jordanians used Jewish tombstones as walkways and urinals!

So, what happened when Israel left Gaza? The borders from the land and the sea were open and Gaza could have become an oasis in the Middle East. Unfortunately, the people of Gaza voted in Hamas to govern them and Hamas had different plans for the people of Gaza. Immediately following the complete Israeli pullout from Gaza, Hamas started bombarding Jewish cities in Israel with missiles. Over 8,000 missiles have been shot from the Gaza strip in to Israel over the past couple of years. Instead of focusing on building Gaza, Hamas stayed focused on how to destroy Israel.
This is the map of the 3.5 million Israelis living under constant threat of missile attacks from Gaza! 

Israel finally had enough and called for a weapons blockade. We just didn't want to continue to be bombarded by missiles, I wonder what your country would do!
I did say weapons blockade and I meant it! Not food blockade or medicine blockade or even games blockade but weapons blockade! Israel along with the EU is sending tons (literally) of aid in to Gaza daily! 

Are the people of Gaza starving? Are they in a modern day ghetto or concentration camp? Anyone who holds these ludicrous views is either very ignorant, about the Holocaust or about Gaza. 

Without even looking at the figures, think about it for a second! Tens of thousands of rockets and ammunition have been imported, smuggled or whatever you want to call it in to the Gaza strip.
Do you really believe they were able to get tens of thousands of missiles but not bread?!
During what you would call the "blockade", two malls, two water parks and one very fancy hotel opened their doors. Whether there are guests coming or not, I don't know, but if the shelves are packed and the water park is running, then either Israel is not very good at this blockade thing or the whole story is one big lie!

The water park I mentioned was called Crazy Water Park and it was destroyed by....HAMAS!
Here is a commercial for a beautiful five-star hotel that opened in Gaza under the "Blockade".

So, what am I saying? Are the lives of the Arabs living in Gaza perfect? Far from it! In fact things were much better off when Israel was in charge. Hamas has burned down Crazy Water Park and has been stealing money donated by the EU and meant for the Arab public. Hamas is constantly torturing innocent Arabs living in Gaza as well as abusing children and using them as PR pawns and human shields. Instead of developing Gaza and building it up, Hamas is destroying it and using innocent people as their propaganda pawns!

The Israeli military control over Gaza was not something Israel was looking to maintain. If Israel were interested in continuing its military presence in the Gaza strip, we would have never expelled over 8,000 Jews who were living there for over 3 generations! Hamas is holding the people of Gaza hostage and it's time to stop pointing fingers at Israel and start taking care of the real problem.

2. Arabs Chose War Over Peace
What about the West bank? Are the Arabs living in the West Bank living the good life? Yes, they are doing generally pretty well. How do I know? I live next door to them! I live in a Jewish town that is neighboring with Bethlehem and I often have coffee and conversation with my Arab neighbors. Are things great? Nope! Could they have been? Absolutely!
Let's get a couple of things straight. The modern day State of Israel was born on the land once known as the Land Of Israel. We NEVER started or wanted a war and have always opened our society to Muslims, Christians and others who lived here. 
There are more Arab Israeli citizens in Israel than there are Jews in all Arab countries combined! There are more Arab parliament members in Israel than Jewish ones in all Arab countries combined! There are more Arab doctors, lawyers, teachers and soldiers in Israel than there are Jews in all Arab countries combined. 
Everything on the map below is Arab except for Israel. I circled Israel because I thought it would be too hard for you to find. In that small little area, Arabs have more rights than than they do in every Arab country surrounding Israel.

What about all the terrible pictures of dead Arabs and the number of children who have died?
Unlike our Arab enemies, Israel tries as hard as she can NOT to injure, kill or hurt civilian populations. The first thing I would ask is, when you see a picture that looks horrible or hear a story that sounds horrific, check the facts! The Arabs have a very strong track record of lying! I know that sounds bad but please let me demonstrate how the Palestinian propaganda machine works. 

Remember that horrible story about the Al Durah boy who was shot and killed in his father's arms? It was a terrible scene and even in Israel people were shocked. 

This video along with its very clear description seems pretty black and white and that is exactly why every major news channel in the world said as they covered this tragic story and it looked VERY bad for Israel. 
The Palestinians had a field day with this story and even doctored the doctoring up! Here is an official Palestinian commercial! 

The Palestinians even used Michael Jackson to make this scene look even more painful. 

What's the problem you ask with using a victim of Israeli "occupation" to make an icon? It would be fine except for the fact that the whole story was FAKE!
The boy was shot by an Arab for the purpose of PR!

This was not the only case of what has come to be known as Pallywood. Check this out! 

I am sure many of you have seen this horrific picture.
Once again, this was a FAKE! 
Here is the full picture! 

Am I saying no Arabs are suffering, hurt or killed by IDF gunfire? No, of course that's not what I am saying. What I am saying is war is not a good thing and it causes pain to many. Yes, Arabs have died and many have been injured but NEVER has Israel aimed for innocent civilians and NEVER has Israel been the one to start any confrontation with Arab countries or militia. Israel has always been on the defensive and has always reacted. Just how far does Israel go to try to protect Arab civilian population?
Please do not tell me that more Palestinians have been killed than Israelis and don't tell me Israel is stronger than the Arabs. While both are true, the only question that remains is; if Israel is so strong and scary why do the Arabs constantly start wars with us? 

Time to stop the lies! The Arabs and specifically the Muslims have been starting wars and terrorizing Israel and the world for past 70 years! Are all Muslims terrorists? Of course not! But 95% of the people named on every single most wanted terrorist list are MUSLIM!  The second the Arabs put down their weapons, there will be no more war. The second Israel puts down her weapons, there will be no more ISRAEL! 
Any Questions?

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