A Rabbi, The pope And A Muslim Cleric Meet In The Vatican. Here's Why This Is The Start Of A Really Bad Joke!

The press was in hysterics, the liberals around the globe were ecstatic and Israel's democracy was in shambles as President Peres, who is on his way out of office, completely crossed Prime Minister elect Binyamin Netanyahu and travelled to the Vatican for a inter-faith prayer for peace. In other words, The Peep, Abu-Mazen and Peres would meet behind Netanyahu and the Israeli majority's back in order to discuss how to pressure Israel in to giving up more land while completely ignoring the fact that our "Peace partners" just signed a unity government with the a terrorist organization. Don't you love leftist democracy!

Of course Peres claims this trip is purely religious, but it is very difficult to keep a straight face as Peres, who doesn't keep shabbat, Kashrut or any other of the laws of Judaism tries to sell this trip as a religious one. It is almost as believable as the Peep's (no, that wasn't a typo, read here why I call him the Peep and not the Pope) claim that his recent visit to Israel was purely religious. Of course his recognition of a non existent Arab Palestinian State as well as his Selfie by the Bethlehem security had nothing to do with politics and his refusal to meet PM Netanyahu in his residence in Jerusalem was purely a religious decision.

This Vatican meeting sounded like the beginning of a bad joke; the Pope, a Muslim Cleric and a Jew walk in to the Vatican....the only problem is, it's not funny at all!

While I do not expect much out of the Peep or the Catholic Church and I certainly do expect anything out of Abu Mazen who just signed a unity government with terrorists who worship death, I did expect more out of Peres.
Politically, I know where Shimon Peres stands and if he was Prime Minister of Israel I would have expected him to meet with as many terrorists as he could find, but that's exactly the point, Peres is NOT Prime Minister and his leftist camp is not in office!
The people of Israel had enough of Peres and the left's false Messiah like peace process. It's almost like the leftists have been smoking some kind of Peace drug and completely ignore Israel's enemies when they clearly state their hate for us and their plan for our destruction.

But the people of Israel have had enough and kicked the left out of government and elected Binyamin Netanyahu on the ticket that he would continue to build in all of Israel and would not give in to terrorist demands no matter how much they promise peace.
If there is one thing we Jews are not, it's stupid!
If this Vatican trip involved only a rabbi, I would be able to justify it as an inter-faith prayer session, but when Shimon Peres, a secular Israeli who hasn't put on his prayer shawl since his Bar Mitzvah and the father of the Oslo accords that has taken the lives of thousands of Israelis is involved, you know this has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with politics.

While the Vatican is ruled by an "infallible" Peep and Fatah in run by corrupt undemocratic leaders, I was under the impression that we in Israel are still a democracy. So how is it that Shimon Peres, who is currently the President of the State of Israel (a job with absolutely no power), allows himself to go against both the Prime Minister of Israel as well as against the majority of Israelis who voted to kick his weak, give in to terrorists ideology to the curb? In whose name is Peres traveling to the Vatican to talk with those who united themselves with Hamas? Why is my tax money paying for Shimon Peres's trip when he is blatantly trashing Israeli democracy as he acts behind the Prime Minister's back?
Peres With abu Mazen
Abu Mazen With Hamas
Where else have I heard of a leader who completely ignoring the rules of democracy and making decisions on his own while ignoring congress?
Oh yeah, Obama! 
Obama's recent terrorist exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who apparently abandoned his men in Afghanistan, is just another example of how the liberal left will pervert and ignore democracy and checks and balances in order to try and gain political popularity. 
Obama was in direct violation of a federal law that he himself signed in December that states; congress must be notified 30 days before any detainees are released from the military prison at Guantanamo Bay.
The real story behind this Sgt. is yet to be publicized but is irrelevant when it comes to how Obama acted. There is a federal law that prohibits the President from releasing terrorists without notifying congress and there really is no two ways around this issue, Obama broke the law and spat on America's democratic process.

It seems the liberal left both in Israel as well as in the US have read Animal Farm one too many times! "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal to others"
I for one am sick and tired of the liberal left hypocrisy!
What about you?

Sgt. Bowe Bergdah team speak up


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