Netanyahu Holds Abu Mazen Responsible For The Kidnapping Of 3 Israelis, Here's Why I Blame Us!

Thursday night 3 Jewish teens were leaving their school in the Gush Etzion area (15 minutes from Jerusalem) and were violently kidnapped by Arab terrorists.
They are not soldiers or political activists, they are young Jewish boys who are in high school and were kidnapped by Islamic terrorists. From Thursday evening till Friday afternoon their was a complete IDF gag order on the story as the IDF were attempting to track down the whereabouts of boys. 
As soon as the gag order was lifted, we heard Binyamin Netanyahu very clearly state that he holds Abu Mazen and the Palestinian authority for the safety of these boys. 
I think Netanyahu is a great leader but I had enough of his empty statements. When I heard 'Bibi' say he holds the Palestinian authority responsible I actually heard the voice of Obama
"We are leaving all the options on the table".
Netanyahu, Please do not turn in to a BS artist like the one America is suffering with now, we can't afford to become the laughing stock of the world when it comes to security!

I am not disappointed at the Palestinian authority, I just don't expect anything else out of them!
I was called out as part of the security forces in the area and all Friday night we heard the Arabs of the surrounding villages setting off fireworks and shooting in the air as part of their celebration when they heard 3 young Jews were kidnapped.
Arabs in Gaza gave out candies when they heard of the successful kidnapping of 3 Jewish boys in Israel. 

Why do I not expect anything else out of the Arabs in the area?Because they are doing the same thing for past 66 years, terrorizing Israel!

Who do I hold responsible?
3 People, One For Each Kid Kidnapped!

1. First and foremost, my Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu!
That's right! As I said, he is better than the leftist tired and weak leaders in Israel, but when it comes to doing what has to be done, he just does not have the backbone. All the deals, land swaps and treaties he has signed over the past couple of years with Abu Mazen in spite of Abu Mazen's involvement with endless terrorist activities as well as the Gilad Shalit deal, is the car that kidnapped these 3 kids.When you play with terrorists
 (Yes Abu Mazen is a terrorist) you are going to get hurt! 

2. The Left Wing Liberal Movement In Israel
Over the past 19 years Israel has been paying a horrible price for one of the worst acts of treason. In 1995 Yitzchak Rabin and Shimon Peres met the father of all terrorists; Yasser Arafat on the lawn of the White House and as they shook this terrorist's hand, blood dripped. It was not the blood of the thousands that Arafat murdered in the past, it was the thousands that were going to be murdered as a result of the Oslo accords. More Israeli citizens have been murdered by Arabs since the Oslo "Peace" treaty than 30 years prior! The only thing this treaty did was give a man who was considered by the world as a monster credibility and a people that NEVER existed in the history of the world a fraudulent claim on the land of Israel. A full generation of Israelis have been brought up thinking a people who call themselves Palestinians have a right to Israel and a full generation of Arabs that now understand that terror against Israel pays off! 

3. Barak Hussein Obama and the current US government
Israel and America have in the past shared a common ground of morality and freedom, but the current administration has completely turned the tide. Let's stop beating around the bush. America currently has a Muslim President. He bows to Islamic leaders, blames Israel for the failure of the Peace process while says nothing about the thousands of rockets shot from Gaza in to Israel and releases Muslim traitors who deserted their platoon while releasing Al-quida terrorists. Obama along with Kerry have picked their friends and it is NOT Israel. While the congress and the American public understand that Israel is a natural ally, Obama and company have been working on building bridges with Islamic regimes while burning the one with Israel. Not only do I blame Obama for the kidnapping of these three young Jews, I blame him for the downfall of one of the greatest countries in the world (America)  while Islamic regimes are gaining power! 


What Netanyahu should have said is, "If one hair on any of these three boys is damaged, Israel and the IDF will be in every nook and cranny of every square inch of Israel.
All treaties are off, all deals are off."
IF Netanyahu would have said this, every news channel would have started reporting Israel's ill treatment of the Arabs and the 'blame Israel" game would start BUT three Israelis get kidnapped by Arab terrorists? No story there!
It's time to tell the world Israel has had enough of it's 

hypocrisy and Israel bashing.
Here is what Bibi should say,
"We will no longer ask for permission or apologize for protecting our people, our land and our Judaism. We will fight with all our might and use what you call disproportionate use of force! The kind of force you the world should have used on the Nazis but were to worried about politics to do so!
You think we are the bad guys?
Go make friends with Islamic regimes and let us know how well that works out for you!
Of course Netanyahu would never talk like this, did I mention I hold him partially responsible? I really hope Netanyahu can have the courage to simply tell the world and the Arabs, this is the last straw!


These are the boys, please say a prayer for their safe return! 


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