This Arab Should Be Kicked Out Of The Israeli Parliament And YES It's About Being Racist But Not What You Think.

Over the past 66 years of the modern State of Israel there has always been Arab parties in the parliament and Arabs have always had the right to vote. Over the years, we have had Muslims, Christians, Druze and Bedouins serve in the Knesset (Israeli parliament) as members, party leaders and even official speakers of the house.
Even Yasser Arafat's (may he rot in hell) right hand man, Achmed Tibi ( he can rot in hell also) often filled in for the speaker of the house while at the same time screaming from the Knesset podium that Israel is a racist State!
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Achmed Tibi is still a member of Knesset and just when you thought it couldn't get more despicable, it does!
There is a new Muslim clown in town and her name is
 Hanin Zoabi.

A little personal history on this terrorist. 
Haneen Zoabi was born in Nazareth to a Muslim family. Zoabi studied philosophy and psychology at the University of Haifa, earning a Bachelors of Arts, and received a Masters of Arts in communications from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She was the first Arab citizen of Israel to graduate in media studies, and established the first media classes in Arab schools.[2] She also worked as a mathematics teacher and worked as a school inspector for the Israeli Ministry of Education

If there was anyone who had absolutely no reason to complain, it is Zoabi. She was treated with complete equality and respect in Israel. Zoabi is proof that no matter how well you treat a fanatic Muslim, they will ALWAYS look to destroy you! 
Zoabi is constantly making statements against the IDF as well as the State of Israel. She often screams that we are a racist and fascist society ignoring the fact that she studied in Israeli universities as well as was employed by the Israeli ministry of education for years.
This woman is a fanatic Muslim and an ingrate in the worst form. 

Remember the Marmara?
Read about A Terror cruise that tried to import weapons to Gaza. 

This is what passengers looked like on that "Peace Cruise"

These are some of the weapons (I mean humanitarian aid) they found on the Marmara. 

At the end of the day it was clear that this ship had nothing to do with peace and nothing to do with humanitarian aid. The ship was filled with weapons as well as a bunch of terrorists and one Israeli parliament member who not only knew there were weapons on board but actually witnessed and did nothing when an IDF soldier was beaten and abducted!

If you thought things could not get any more obvious that this woman is an enemy of Israel, this week she proved she deserves nothing less than the death penalty for her clear acts of treason.As the nation and State of Israel pray for the safe return of 3 Jewish teenagers who were violently kidnapped by Arabs, this Islamic monster decided to use her freedom of speech in the Israeli parliament to defend the kidnappers! Zoabi told the Knesset that the kidnappers are NOT terrorists but rather freedom fighters!
It's time Israel kicks this terrorist to the curb and yes it is about being racist, her racism! Zoabi is a fanatic Islamic terrorist and it's time Israel treats her as one!
But wait! There is good news!
Her cousin, an Israeli Muslim Arab citizen had this to say! 

He is currently under death threats from his family. I have an idea!
Kick Zoabi senior out of the Knesset and let her young cousin take her seat 


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