“Because Jerusalem is not a settlement.” Bibi, Who Are You Kidding?

Binyamin Netanyahu spoke at the last AIPAC pep rally and declared, with that golden tongue of his, Israel should not be penalized for building in Jerusalem because Jerusalem is not a settlement, it is our capital!

While the AIPAC community cheered and waved their fists like a group of cheerleaders, I was wondering if there is any basis at all to the Prime Minister’s words.
Jerusalem is not a settlement? Well then, what is it?

Let's suppose for a moment that Jerusalem is a settlement, does that strip the right of Jews to build in their own country?

What is a settlement? The word originated in the Torah (the original Bible) when G-d commanded the Jews to settle the land of Israel. How a positive commandment of G-d turned into an immoral act according to the UN is a subject for a whole other article.

When Arabs settle in Iraq or Kuwait, is that settlement also an illegal establishment? When Arabs build illegally in the north, south, east, and west of Israel are they evil settlers or do they have some special status over the Jews that allows them to settle and build to their heart’s content?
Mr. Netanyahu, we build in Jerusalem because it IS a settlement!
Like a widowed mother who was separated from her son, so has Jerusalem longed for the return of the Jewish people to resettle the Jewish homeland!

The holy city of Hebron, where our Patriarchs are buried, or the tomb of Joseph, and yes, even the temple mount, are all Jewish Land.
It is time our leaders stop acting bashful and embarrassed that we miraculously survived 2000 years of exile. We must stop feeling guilty because the world waves a fist at us when we decide to build in the Land Of Israel.

Bibi, Jerusalem is not only the capital of Israel, it is a settlement! It is a settlement that has been longed for, bled over and prayed for throughout our painful history. Whether the world likes it or not, we have come home. We are resettling the land of Israel.

It is of no surprise to me that the world has a hard time understanding that we are no longer going to turn the other cheek or relinquish our historical, national, and religious rights to a hostile Muslim population. I do expect however, our leaders (at least those who are not part of the post Zionist left) to speak in a clear concise tone.
I have a hard time believing that Binyamin Netanyahu can't find the right words to explain to the world that the Jews settling the Land of Israel is not a crime! In the small chance that Bibi is at a loss for words I have prepared a letter addressed to the UN.

Dear UN,
For two millennia we have tried to live as equals in many of the countries that sit here today. We never made any attempt to take over or destroy any of you. We were very loyal citizens and were always loyal to the law of the land. Even when the laws you decreed were hurtful and many of the laws anti-Semitic in nature, we realized we were guests and behaved!

When the Nazi war machine tried to annihilate us from the world, all we heard was your sigh of relief, 'maybe they would succeed in ridding the world of us'. There were no yells of occupation or illegal building of camps or the use of excessive force (like cyclone B!). You all sat quietly as we were systematically being murdered, raped, abused, gassed, and shot! Some of the countries sitting here today actually felt that meeting Hitler was a good idea! AHEM – England!

After the European nightmare was finally over, we looked for help, a place to gather the survivors. What we found was closed gates all over the world! Not one country happily opened their gates to allow our survivors to resettle!
After coming to the understanding that you, the world, have no interest in us Jews, we turned home. We came to the Land of Israel with the goal of resettling our religious, historical, and national home!

We had no intention to fight or kick out the Arab population that was living here. We came in peace and wished to settle the land that was empty and dead. When the Jews of Hebron were slaughtered by local Arabs in 1929, it came as a complete surprise. We could not understand what drove the Arabs to brutally attack their Jewish neighbors who had always treated them with respect.

Even you Britain, acted with deceit and incited the Arabs to attack us. You refused our cry for arms to defend ourselves while you shut your eyes as the Arabs collected guns and ammunition. Time and time again, our call to the Arabs to live in peace was answered with violence and brutality.

When the UN voted on our right to a national homeland, all the surrounding Arab countries united in the goal of finishing Hitler's job and you did nothing! First in 1948 then again in 56', 67, 73 the Arabs tried again and again to destroy the Jewish homeland!
Till the war of 1967, the Arabs prohibited Jews form visiting the Western Wall, the cave of patriarchs, and other holy sites. Jordan destroyed synagogues throughout Jerusalem and turned our cemeteries into Latrines!

There was no freedom of religion, but a racist, fascist Muslim regime that reminded us of darker times. In 1967 Israel was once again fighting for her survival against 7 Muslim armies. To the world’s surprise and perhaps disappointment, Israel came out victorious in that glorious war!

We freed the holy sites from the racist claws of Muslim rule and opened the holy city of Jerusalem to all religions! In a hideous act of betrayal, the Israeli government handed over the keys of the temple mount to the Mufti (Muslim religious leader). Can you imagine the Muslims handing over the keys to Mecca to a Jew?! Is there any greater act of trust than Israel handing over the holiest of holies to her enemy?!

What did we do with the land we freed? We settled it! We planted trees, opened businesses and the land blossomed for the first time in 2000 years! We allowed Muslims and Christians to be part of our Parliament and 15% percent of our small country consists of Arab citizens!

There is total religious freedom throughout Israel! In how many Muslim countries do you find the religious or personal freedom we allow in Israel? In what Arab country to you find Jews who have rights? In what Arab country does anyone except the Muslims have rights?!

In 1964, Yasser Arafat created the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) This terrorist group had only one goal, the destruction of the Jewish State. The PLO attacked civilian populations in Israel as well as abroad.

NOT ONCE have you, the UN, ever issued a condemnation of any Palestinian or Arab terror! In fact you have always excused these brutal murders with the ludicrous justification that Israel is occupying their land. Perhaps the Jews of Germany should blow up the German parliament? Perhaps Spain should receive some Jewish suicide bombers? Perhaps England should suffer several brutal massacres and murders? Aren't we the Jews, deserving of a good revenge on almost all of you sitting here today?
BUT we the Jewish people do not act in such hideous ways! We do not glorify death, we glorify life!

We don't blow up your towers or hijack your plains, we don't burn your flags or call for the death of the western infidel world, we do not call for our well deserved revenge. We want to live!
You have the audacity, the CHUTZPA to shake a fist at us and tell us it is a crime to settle our land? SHAME ON YOU!

Condemn us and punish us to your heart’s desire. We are used to your shameful, hypocritical anti-Semitic attitude.

Let me assure all the countries who sit around the UN table.

We will settle, we will build, we will fight for our survival!

We will use excessive force against those who try to kill us.

We will not be apologetic for using fighter jets and tanks.

We will fight with all our might against those who threaten our very existence.


Is Obama against Israel or America?

For the first four years of my elementary school education, I pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. I said it with pride as I placed my right hand over my heart in an act that demonstrated honesty and integrity. I actually felt that I, a Jewish youngster, was proud to be part of the great nation called America.

Can you find the Democracy in the picture below? (the green area )

It would make perfect sense for America to side with the Jewish State for nothing more than the fact that we are the only true Democracy in the Middle East. Without Israel, the rest of the Arab nations would have become subordinates to the Soviet war machine, which would have left America standing alone in a sea of fanatic Muslim countries without the ability to park their planes or soldiers in the area.

Perhaps the fact that almost every terrorist group that exists in the world today is Muslim might have convinced the American public that Muslims cannot be trusted. Perhaps the burning flames that brought down the Twin Towers and killed thousands of innocent Americans should have really closed the case with a guilty verdict pointing at the Muslim world. Instead of the Muslims having to pay the price of their extremist terrorist groups, the fist of American justice has been aimed once again at Israel.

Picture taken from - Hizb ut-Tahrir’s branch in Malaysia promoted its July 26, 2009 conference for a global Islamic Supremacist Caliphate with an image of a “beheaded” Statue of Liberty and NYC in smoking ruins. The HT web site refers to democracy as “perverted.”
Today I am left with a feeling of betrayal, betrayal not against the Jews or against Israel but rather against the free world. American foreign policy has taken a turn towards hugging terrorists under the ridiculous claim of curing the hatred and rift between the Muslim and Western worlds. Instead of America becoming super cautious and suspicious of any nation that cheers Muslim dictators, America has turned the pressure on her allies in order to appease those who want to destroy her! 
When President Obama talks of “bridging the gap” between the Muslim world and the United States, what gap is he trying to bridge? Perhaps the gap that was caused by witnessing Muslim terrorists screaming at the top of their lungs that they want to see the destruction of America along with the rest of the infidels? Maybe the number of burning American flags on the streets of countless Muslim cities caused the gap? Or was it the fact that while America was fighting in the gulf, the Muslims were dancing on the rooftops as they saw Iraqi missiles rain down on civilian populations that caused the gap? Whatever caused the rift, hugging these terrorist will not bridge the gap but rather cause a Tsunami!

The nations of the free world seem to be playing in the same orchestra as Obama. While the world twists Israel’s arm to relinquish the Jewish homeland to Palestinian thugs, the world applauded the arch terrorist, Yasser Arafat,as he accepted the Nobel peace prize!
 There is no incident that demonstrates the absurdity, immorality, and obvious bias of world opinion more than the fact that Yasser Arafat was put up on a pedestal and given the highest honor along with a big fat check for being a man of PEACE! Perhaps this honor was given in order to bridge the rift between the PLO terrorist organization and their victims,  the free world!
One would think that the American public would be able to see clearly that the Muslim world has chosen THEM as their #1 enemy. It would seem obvious to anyone whose eyes and ears are working properly that the hugging and bowing to the Muslim world is not only immoral but dangerous to the survival of the free world. Unfortunately, the hypnotic effect of the liberal utopian fantasy has destroyed common sense and has caused the natural drive of survival to prostrate before the fairytale hallucinations of world peace.
The Arabs don’t hate Israel because of the territories. The Muslims don’t hate America because of the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. American flags are not burned because America supports Israel. King Abdullah didn’t meet with Hitler in WW2 because of the settlements! Arafat did not start the PLO in 1964 (before the settlement block existed!) with the goal of pushing all the Jews into the sea because of the settlements!
It is time we understand that this war is a war based in a violent unforgiving religion called Islam. It is a JIHAD! (Holy War). This is a clash of cultures and morals.
 This is not my opinion but rather statements vocalized by the leaders of the Muslim world. We are fighting a religious war. It is between a world that believes in freedom and equality along with the sanctity of human life fighting against a belief system that curses any hint of personal freedom, treats women as subhuman and glorifies death while preaching the destruction of those who do not accept the Islamic religion.
The Palestinians have no history, no religion, and no claims whatsoever over one inch of the land of Israel. Yet for some odd reason, when Israel decides to build in an existing neighborhood of Jerusalem, OBAMA screams at us for ruining the chance for peace. 
One would think busses blowing up and killing innocent civilians would be the reason the peace talks failed. One would think that the random Qassam shelling of innocent Israeli civilian populations for 7 years would be the stumbling block to peace! 
Perhaps the mistrust between the Jews and the Muslims was caused by the 7 wars the Arabs waged on Israel with goal of destroying the only Democracy in the Middle East
One might suspect that the Palestinian public support of Iran and their insane dictator would cause the downfall of peace talks! Who would have ever guessed that Israel building apartments in her capital city was the main obstacle to peace?

So what is it that causes the world to bow to those who look to destroy it?

 Why does the President of United States of America choose to bridge the gap between a fundamentalist and violent terrorism-based religion and the American way? If your child was attending school with a murderer, would you want him to become close with the murderer or distance himself as much as possible? Why is Europe choosing to side with the Muslims and constantly condemning Israel? What have the Muslims given to the world that causes the mantra; “Must appease the Muslims”?
The American public is not stupid. America does believe in freedom and justice. What about her President?  Why does Hussein Obama insult and Israel time and time again? Why does Obama support and back those who have nothing in common with the United States belief in personal freedom? Some say he is a Muslim, some say he is ignorant about the Middle East and others say he is lacking experience. Whatever the reason, it is obvious that the president of the United States of America favore Islamic regimes over a Democratic Israel.
What about the American public? Didn’t they witness the murders of thousands of Americans and the downfall of the Twin Towers? Didn’t they witness the endless hijackings of plains in the 1980’s by Arafat’s thugs? What motivates the American public to elect a president whose middle name is Hussein and whose American identity is in question in addition to his connection to fanatic Muslim preachers?
I believe the American public, just like the liberal left in Israel, has been drugged by the fantasy of world peace. Doves flying, balloons being set free and other childish make believe happy go lucky ideas. Unfortunately, here in Israel, we don't get  to enjoy these fantasies of peace because of the Muslim terrorist bomber who won’t allow us to shoot up and become high on a virtual reality. This “peace drug” is so strong that Americans will try to bridge the “gap” and become close to their enemies instead of fighting them. They will even turn their backs on their only true democratic ally in the sea of Middle East Totalitarian Muslim countries.
The question is not is America friend or Foe. The question is when will someone warn Uncle Sam to wake up? All I know is, it better happen soon before someone puts a burke on the Statue of Liberty.


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