Here Is One Reason We Should All Applaud UNESCO's Decision About Jerusalem

Whether you are an Israel friend or foe, your social media feeds were probably taken up with the recent UNESCO decision that the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and the Western Wall have no connection to Jewish history. 

The anti-Israel crowd was probably applauding the decision while the pro-Israel crew were either laughing it off or seriously ticked off by it. Personally, I most certainly belong to the second group, but when I heard the decision, I stood up and started applauding. Why, you ask? So happy you did!

No, I don't agree with this ludicrous, historically fabricated, Islamic terror, apologetic UNESCO decision, but for those of you who were surprised or even in the slightest bit disappointed by UNESCO, it's time to wake up! 

I am not applauding UNESCO's decision because I agree with its content, I am applauding it because this UN organization has finally unmasked its real intent. 

Can you see it?

This conflict was never about settlements or the occupation of a country that never existed and it was never about an Arab national dream to build a country called Palestine ... this conflict has always been about an Arab national intent to destroy the nation of Israel. 



The recent UNESCO decision proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is not about an effort by the world to bring about peace, but rather an attempt by the world to take Israel apart, piece by piece. 

It's one thing to create a national Arab identity based on a fabrication of history, it's another to try to delete real Jewish history in the land of Israel, in Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount. 

Let's forget the fact that the Torah, New Testament and the Quran clearly consider the Land of Israel a Jewish homeland and let's ignore the fact that the Islamic Al Aqsa mosque was originally called BAYIT AL MUQDAS (translated literally as: Built on the Temple!)

Let's pretend that there is no actual depiction of the Roman empire ransacking Jerusalem and stealing the vessels from the JEWISH Temple that existed in Jerusalem, long before a religion called Islam was born!

Let's ignore the fact that Muslims face Mecca in prayer and stick their backsides towards Jerusalem, while the Jews always and only face Jerusalem.

Let's ignore the fact that Jerusalem is mentioned in the Jewish Bible 669 times and the word Zion is mentioned 154 times and ignore the fact that Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Quran even once!

Let's ignore all those pesky facts and still make believe the UNESCO decision has something to do with countries fighting for human and civil rights.

Here is a list of the countries that voted for the UNESCO decision to delete any Jewish connection to Jerusalem, the Temple Mount or the Western Wall.

I gave you the countries that are officially Muslim or have a majority population of Muslims ... can you point out which one of these countries has a full democratic government? 

The only thing that happened in the recent UNESCO vote is that the masks came off. The only people who were surprised about this vote are those who built themselves a fantasy world in which they believe the enemies of Israel are actually interested in peace. 

The only people upset about this vote are leftists who convinced themselves of some kind of Alice in Wonderland reality where the radical Islamic queen will not cut off their heads if they just give them some land. 

The only question that remains is: do the liberal leftists in the world have enough sanity left to actually deal with reality or will they cling to the fantasy world they have built for themselves?

Dear America, England, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania and The Netherlands -

Thank you for having the courage to stand up and vote NO to this total fabrication of history and poor excuse for Islamic terrorism.

Can you do me a favor?

Can you please stop pretending that settlements are the issue and can you please stop accepting the false narrative the Arabs created with which they justify attacking Israel and murdering Jews.


Dear America,
Now that you admit that Jerusalem has strong historical, religious and national connections to the Jewish people,
would you be so kind as to move your embassy to Jerusalem and stop deleting Israel when it comes to Jerusalem!

Dear Bibi,
You are a great statesman and thank God that you are Prime Minister and not the left wing representatives. You seemed to be very upset with the recent UNESCO decision and sent out several humorous yet angry tweets over the decision. 

LOL! Very funny!

Now, would you please cancel your order that does not allow Jewish members of the Knesset to go up to the Temple Mount.
And while we are on the subject, can you please give an order that Jews are no longer to be arrested for praying on the Temple Mount. 

Dear Israel,

If we make deals with terrorists and behave as if we owe something to those who have attacked us time and time again, you cannot blame the world for such stupidity ... let's stop making believe we are the bad guys, shall we??


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