A Fantastic Opportunity To Show Your Support For Israel & The IDF

There are very few posts I have written that have sent such a feeling of pride up my spine as this one. Without giving too much information, I have been serving in the IDF for over 20 years and had the honor to serve in the second Lebanon war in 2006 and here is a small piece of my personal story. 

My unit was 30 Kilometers in Lebanon for almost two weeks and when we were finally given the order to return to Israel, we were told we would be walking back as our helicopter was shot down. The gear on our backs weighed in at about 60 kilos (aprox. 130 pounds) and the 30 kilometer trek was not a walk on the beach. By the time we made it back we were filled with pride and honor but totally exhausted. As we crossed back over the border, we lowered our gear, exhaled and for the first time in weeks sat down and relaxed.

We still had to walk another two kilometers to see our families since there was a fear of missile fire but at that moment what we needed was a break. As if our prayers were answered a jeep with a huge trailer drove up to the border, the driver got out, opened the doors and started handing us drinks, food, fresh clothing, dry fit undergarments and more. Along with the outpouring of much needed food and gear, the driver of that jeep dumped a huge sack of letters from people around the world who were thanking us for protecting Israel. Those letters of support together with the outpouring of gifts put a smile on every single one of our faces.

The Jeep belonged to David Landau, the brains and operations behind an organization called Standing Together.

Standing Together with the IDF: Lebanon 2006

Seven years later and I am very much in touch with Standing Together. I have been on the receiving end while in service and have given back by volunteering and fundraising for Standing Together so that they can continue to show IDF soldiers just how much they are appreciated.

What Can You Do?
I have been fortunate enough to grow a nice size pro Israel following on the IsraelShield Twitter , Facebook and blog. Together with Standing Together I came up with a fantastic opportunity for anyone to show their appreciation to IDF soldiers like never before.

Warm Up a Soldier

The winter in Israel has arrived and the weather has been extremely cold. After corresponding, brainstorming and meeting with officers from top IDF units, we have put together a specialized operational winter gear kit for soldiers.

The Standing Together 'THANK YOU' Trailer
I have almost 2,500 followers on the IsraelShield Twitter account and over 400 friends on the IsraelShield Facebook account. IsraelShield together with Standing Together would like to get these winter packs to 3000 IDF infantry soldiers. If every one of you who are following IsraelShield sponsors two packs, we can make it to over 5,000 soldiers!! Our goal is to successfully reach 3,000 front line IDF soldiers.

I am starting the "Keep a soldier warm" campaign by sponsoring the first 5 winter packs!

Each pack cost $55. Sponsor 1 or 100, but most importantly, leave a personal message for the soldier that will receive your pack.

Click on the heart below and show your love and appreciation for IDF soldiers.

All donations are tax deductible.



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