Wait Till You See What The Press Caught Donald Trump Doing. They Are Calling It a Danger To National Security!

The press is in a 'told you so' frenzy!

They just caught President Elect Trump in an act that they claim is a danger to national security! Every single major news channel is reporting Trump's major breach of national security and you will not believe he would do something so...dangerous!

No, he did not send top secret emails to private people and then delete the emails and he did not ignore security warnings that caused the death of US servicemen. What Trump did is apparently much worse! After you watch this video, you can decide whether to laugh or cry. Personally, I was on the floor cracking up! 

Huge thank you goes out to Mark Dice for breaking this story.

How sick and tired are you of the LIBERTARD press?
Are you happy Donald Trump won?
How do you think he likes his steak? ;-)

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This UN Vote Makes UNESCO's Vote On Jerusalem Look Like Child's Play

For those of you who thought the UNESCO vote on Jerusalem was about anti-Semitism, you were wrong! There are several parties in the UN that are dictating policy and while there is some anti-Jewish sentiment, there is something much bigger going on and it threatens way more people than my small Jewish nation and many more countries beyond the small state of Israel.  

The UN has protected and honored people and countries who strip their own citizens of human rights and they have kept silent as millions are slaughtered. This completely useless organization actually supports the most violent regimes and often justifies terror and genocidal ideologies.

There are the radical Islamic regimes that are an integral part of the UN and then there are the dictatorships and finally we have the democracies. I have absolutely no expectations of the non-democratic and Islamic regimes that serve in the UN. The problem lies within the progressive liberal stupidity amongst the democratic nations that sit together with and vote for regimes that prohibit women from driving, deny minorities basic rights and murder those who refuse to conform to their radical religious rule of law.

For those of you who still have any trust in this ridiculous organization that defends the stripping of human rights more than protecting them, watch below and see who was just re-elected to the human rights council. As I have said a hundred times before, a liberal is someone who protects and fights for the rights of everyone except for those whose lives are in danger because of the people who liberals are protecting. Re-electing Saudi Arabia to the human rights council is like putting Hillary in charge of Gmail. 

You Will Not Believe The Videos Trump and Pence Released About Israel

Well, the elections are over, even though the vigilante progressive liberals are not accepting the results ... it's over and Trump is President. People can start speaking to each other civilly again and families whose views were split can once again eat dinner together without it turning into a screaming match. 

As a Jew living in Judea Israel, I am very happy that Trump won and not a candidate who considers me illegal. 

I am not here to say 'I told you so', but rather to ask those who did not vote for Trump to open their eyes. I have had many followers tell me that Trump is an anti-Semite and that he is anti-Israel. People, friends, Americans, it's over! Trump won, can we please stop playing this game and start looking at the actual facts. 

Forget about the fact that Trump's kids married Jewish and forget the fact that Ivanka, Trump's daughter, actually converted and is bringing up her kids according to Jewish tradition. Trump's entire team has made statement after statement that is obviously friendly and extremely pro-Israel.

People said Trump was just making speeches in order to get my vote. Well, he got my vote! 

Watch this amazing speech by Trump and tell me anyone can honestly claim that Trump is an anti-Semite!

Just in case the President Elect did not convince you, listen to this simply amazing message from his Vice President Elect Mike Pence.

God Bless America, God Bless Israel

Why Trump Won and Why He Is The Loud Mouth America Needs

The results are flowing in and it seems that Trump has done what every press channel called impossible. 


It was the press, along with the Clinton camp, that gave Donald Trump this election. As I followed the continuous bashing and digging to find something in Trump's past to overshadow the actions of Hillary and the actual problems America faces, it became abundantly clear to me what was going on here.

From the onset of this election it was clear just how desperate the liberals were to discredit Trump and the press played along almost as if they were the mice that were following in line and marching in perfect formation as Hillary and company were playing the flute. 

It started with a claim that Trump is planning on kicking out all Mexicans when what he actually said was there must be better border control and the criminals coming in from Mexico must stop.

It went on with "Trump said kick out all Muslims" when what was actually said was that no more Muslims from radical countries will be allowed in till the US can fix the security issues.

Then the liberals tried to frighten Jews by taking what Trump did not actually say and throwing out hints that it could be the Jews next. Watch this piece of garbage propaganda.

Let me explain what happened here.

There are actual problems in the US and one of the threats is the influx of radical Islamic activists masquerading as refugees. 

Just in case you don't understand what this threat is all about,
please watch!

There are liberals out there who will call me a racist just for showing this video. They will attempt to blur the actual problem and say I hate Muslims. NO! There is a REAL problem of radical Islamic terrorists infiltrating the West under the cover of refugees.
Are there others who are really suffering? Absolutely!
Should the world help Muslims who are suffering? Absolutely!
Should the West put their own security at risk? Absolutely NOT!
So the Democrats took what Trump said, perverted it and then released a video based on what they lied about regarding Trump's actual statements.

The Democrats don't want to talk about the problems, they blur them with fake quotes and personal attacks. They constantly bring up stories with half truths. They talk about a rape case where an anonymous person claimed Trump raped them and even though the claim was dropped, the Democrats needed no proof. 

Of course, if the victim was real and Trump did rape someone he would not have gotten my vote! But that's exactly the point, it did not happen and this was a clear attempt at scaring people into voting for a crook.

All of a sudden the Democrats forgot about the laws of democracy when it comes to innocent until proven guilty.
That law only exists when talking about Hillary as the FBI closed a blind eye to the email scandal, top secret info sent over private servers, the Benghazi tragedy and of course her belligerence towards women her husband raped and took advantage of.

If you dare to mention these actual cases the democrats would simply tell you you are full of sh*t.

The Democrats were calling Trump a bully and then the tapes of the insane Clinton supporters were released with everything from violence to flag burning and the Democrats responded with, "Trump is a fascist!" 

Then the Democrats excused the violence with claims that Trump is a racist, bigot, anti-Semite and then some which justified this kind of "righteous" struggle.

Unfortunately for them, they had absolutely nothing to back up their charges against Trump.

Then they brought in the KKK and claimed that Trump supports it. The KKK can vote for whomever they choose, but Trump made it perfectly clear that he categorically condemns racism and certainly the KKK.  OOPS!

Trump is an anti-Semite? Are you kidding me! 

He must have been very disappointed that both his kids married Jewish and that his daughter converted and is living a Jewish Orthodox life. Give me a break!

Israel? Nothing to talk about! 

While Clinton was busy shaking her finger at Israel for building in Jerusalem and calling Jews in Judea illegal, Trump was running an event in Jerusalem that called Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel and promised to move the embassy to Israel's capital.

While Clinton hires anti-Israel advocates such as Blumenthal and Abedin (family ties with the Muslim Brotherhood), Trump's Israel advisors are Jews who see Jews in Judea as a blessing.

Check out this Jstreet video bashing Trump for being too pro-Israel.

Women's Rights? 

Well, Trump almost lost this one with his big mouth from 11 years ago. His comments were simply disgusting and the kind of talk one hears in a bar. Of course it was a decade ago and the Democrats tried to tie together Trump's verbal attack against 2 TV personalities who attacked him with the comments from 11 years ago. Have any of you ever played BS? Yup! We called it and Clinton lost the hand! Of course the fact that Clinton took millions from Saudi Arabia, a country that beats women who drive, did not seem to bother the Democrats who waved their hands and dismissed the fact as stupidity.

Bottom line, this was an election between the new religion called liberalism and age-old traditionalism. It is true that Trump is not the best role model for traditionalists, but the difference is, he simply did not buy into the liberal, "everything goes" philosophy.
NO to abortion
NO to making peace with those who seek America's destruction
NO to supporting regimes that burn American flags!
NO to illegal immigration
YES to focusing on America
YES to stopping the flood of cash out to China
YES to a strong military
YES to strong borders


But that does not change the fact that he is better for America, Israel and the world. If I had to choose between a big mouth and someone who lies her way through politics, I choose Trump!

If I had to choose between a business person who has financial cases against him and a person who got rich on the public's back in politics, I choose Trump!

If I had to choose between someone who is being charged with making disgusting statements and someone who has actually been involved in so many scandals (sexual through financial), I choose Trump!

America just saved itself from #Libertardation and rock-bottom corruption! Let's hope Trump does what he says he will do and #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!

This Israeli Jew blesses the United States of America!


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