This UN Vote Makes UNESCO's Vote On Jerusalem Look Like Child's Play

For those of you who thought the UNESCO vote on Jerusalem was about anti-Semitism, you were wrong! There are several parties in the UN that are dictating policy and while there is some anti-Jewish sentiment, there is something much bigger going on and it threatens way more people than my small Jewish nation and many more countries beyond the small state of Israel.  

The UN has protected and honored people and countries who strip their own citizens of human rights and they have kept silent as millions are slaughtered. This completely useless organization actually supports the most violent regimes and often justifies terror and genocidal ideologies.

There are the radical Islamic regimes that are an integral part of the UN and then there are the dictatorships and finally we have the democracies. I have absolutely no expectations of the non-democratic and Islamic regimes that serve in the UN. The problem lies within the progressive liberal stupidity amongst the democratic nations that sit together with and vote for regimes that prohibit women from driving, deny minorities basic rights and murder those who refuse to conform to their radical religious rule of law.

For those of you who still have any trust in this ridiculous organization that defends the stripping of human rights more than protecting them, watch below and see who was just re-elected to the human rights council. As I have said a hundred times before, a liberal is someone who protects and fights for the rights of everyone except for those whose lives are in danger because of the people who liberals are protecting. Re-electing Saudi Arabia to the human rights council is like putting Hillary in charge of Gmail. 


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