Wait Till You See What The Press Caught Donald Trump Doing. They Are Calling It a Danger To National Security!

The press is in a 'told you so' frenzy!

They just caught President Elect Trump in an act that they claim is a danger to national security! Every single major news channel is reporting Trump's major breach of national security and you will not believe he would do something so...dangerous!

No, he did not send top secret emails to private people and then delete the emails and he did not ignore security warnings that caused the death of US servicemen. What Trump did is apparently much worse! After you watch this video, you can decide whether to laugh or cry. Personally, I was on the floor cracking up! 

Huge thank you goes out to Mark Dice for breaking this story.

How sick and tired are you of the LIBERTARD press?
Are you happy Donald Trump won?
How do you think he likes his steak? ;-)

Let me know what you think in the comments below and don't forget to SHARE this horrendous breach of national security!

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