Thoughts from an IDF soldier in the field

Once a year, Israeli soldiers are called into reserve military duty known as Miluim. Men and some women leave their homes and families and report for as long as two weeks to a month.
This past year I was drafted during the Passover holiday.

As I left my home my youngest of four children turned to me and said, "Daddy thank you for protecting Israel." As I hugged him, a mixture of pride and fear came over me. I smiled at him and said; "Daddy will be home before you know it."
It took me 2 hours to reach my base and after 3 days of intense training we were shipped out to operations.
I received my gear, my weapon and my vehicle; the Hummer.

I made one last call to my wife and kids, told them I love them and then climbed into my Hummer and we were off. Our objective was to stakeout wanted terrorists and keep the civilian population safe and out of harm's way. While full of motivation to succeed, it is clear to me and every other soldier that these operations come with great risk.

As we traveled through the rolling hills of Judea, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the land. Green hills and mountain ranges that cause a certain feeling of awe.
Then a feeling of sadness came over me and I turned to one of my brothers in arms and said, "The Arabs are so ridiculous, if they would only lay down their weapons and leave the ideology of Jihad and destroying Israel they can have an awesome life." The area here is absolutely gorgeous.

As that thought crossed my mind, the communication radio started screaming. A group of Palestinians are ambushing cars with boulders.We received reports of Israeli women and children who were on their way home from work and school when a large crowd of Palestinian terrorists attacked their cars with boulders and steel pellets shot from slingshots and other makeshift weapons.
Here is an example of a car that was ambushed by a group of Palestinian terrorists.

In this particular car there was a girl who was picked up from school by her mother. They were not carrying weapons, they were not soldiers, they did nothing to incite this hideous cowardly act!

What is it in the Palestinian terrorist's mind that justifies targeting a mother and a daughter? 
Why would anyone characterize this behavior as normal?!

Please don't try the "IDF kills children" line. The IDF NEVER targets innocent civilians. There is a big difference between casualties of war, which in itself is tragic, and intentionally targeting women and children.

Do the Palestinians really think this will cause the Israeli people or the IDF to believe in any chance of a peaceful solution to the Israeli Arab conflict? Do they think we will surrender? Stoning incidents like this is exactly why the IDF increases patrols and roadblocks. These incidents cause more damage to the Arab population living in the area than anyone else.
After evacuating the injured and towing the car we got back into our Hummer when the European "Peace"activists came out of their hiding places. They were pointing their fingers at us and screaming, "NAZIS! FASCISTS! APARTHEID! "
Arabs attempt murder by stoning cars that are driven by JEWISH women and we are the Nazis, Fascists and Apartheidists? I don't understand! 

Arabs target people based on their religion, they attack random cars and people whose only crime is belonging to the Jewish faith, and we are Nazis?!
These "Peace" activists witnessed an attempted murder and know full well that the ONLY reason we are here is in reaction to the hate crime they witnessed!
Aren't they interested in truth?!
The answer is an absolute NO!. 

Truth has lost its meaning a long time ago. These activists are interested in truth as much as the Palestinian terrorists are interested in peace. 
You would expect a well dressed English speaking reporter to tell the truth, wouldn't you?
Do Jews living in a certain area justify Arab terror? Why were Press cameras there? Why didn't they do anything? Why did they report the story as if an Israeli intentionally attempted to run over an Arab child?. The press was there because they were invited by the Arab mob to document the Jewish reaction to an Islamic lynching!

Here's what really happened!

After a long day we returned to our base angry and confused. Before we were able to untie our boots, the siren screams and we were once again called out.
This time it was Molotov cocktail bottles and roadside bombs used against Israeli civilian vehicles on the road. No soldiers, no weapons, just women and children! 
So we have gone from rocks to explosives and as we arrived and dismounted our Hummer with our guns loaded, we found a swarm of peace activists, this time from the United States.

As I approach one of the activists, out came the cameras and they started snapping away. 
I smile for the cameras and turn to the long haired, American activist and ask; WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?" 
He turns back to me, spits at the ground and starts with his barrage of insults.  NAZI, FASCIST, MURDERER, OCCUPIER, BABY KILLER! 
With my innocence and my naivety, I calmly ask; "Did you not just witness the Molotov cocktail bottles and roadside bombs?" Michael ( gave me his name after a short exchange) explained that these acts are acts of freedom and that any Jew who drives these roads are murderers and deserve what they get.

It was then that things became perfectly clear to me. This is not about Israel or settlements or even Palestine. This is about the belief by those who claim to fight for freedom, that Arabs have a moral right and even a duty to maim, kill and terrorize Jews. 
It was at that point I decided to arrest Michael who was deported back to America. Sorry America, Michael is coming home. 

I was on duty for two more weeks and my objective is to protect my people. The screaming by those "Peace" activists or the condemnations by the UN have no effect on me. I will keep my morals not because of some activist snapping pictures or some anti-Semite biased report. I will keep my morals because I belong to the nation of Israel, in the Land of Israel and most important I serve in the ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES.

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World Leaders Must Wake Up! Including Israel

Over the past 50 years we have seen fanatic Islam dig its claws into almost every country across the world. We have seen the more secular, moderate Arab countries lose their ground and succumb to fanatic Islamic terrorist groups.
For the past 35 years, America has been supplying Egypt with the most advanced Military weaponry based on the belief that she is a modern secular Arab country. Unfortunately for everyone, including the civilians of Egypt, we are witnessing the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization filling the void Mubarak left.
On March 19, 2007 Egypt prohibited parties from using religion as a basis for political activity. America, figuring they can buy fanatic Islamic groups has been giving BILLIONS of dollars to Egypt's military.
Unfortunately, the Muslim Brotherhood has now taken a front seat in Egypt's politics and has, against it's promise to America, announced it will run in the next Egyptian elections. In case you do not understand the danger, the Muslim brotherhood states the Quran as the only sole reference point for the life of a Muslim family, individual, community and state".


Another example of a moderate Islamic secular country who is cocooning itself into a fanatic butterfly is Turkey.

For years Israel has held joint Military drills as well as shared intelligence with what seemed to be a moderate, secular Islamic regime. Once again we are witnessing just how foolish we were. It's not about lack of world respect or financial turmoil but rather a Muslim leader who would rather side with fanatic terrorist organizations than with Western countries. 

Prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, who has been a long time friend of Israel has turned his back and has given his support to fanatic Islamic groups such as the IHH, who were responsible for the Flotilla terror cruise attempt to breach Israel's borders.

Why would Turkey, a secular country that enjoys world support, side with Muslim terrorists?
Why would they risk international condemnation and an end to a long lasting peaceful relationship with Israel?
Turkey has the second largest military in NATO behind the US. Can you imagine if Turkey decides to align herself with the fanatic Islamic regimes?

This is not about racism or hatred. It is about the way Islamic leaders are using their power to build relationships with Islamic Terror groups. 

Europe has seen their share of Islamic terror as well. France and England have been taken over and it will only be a matter of time till the USA will be under threat from within. 
While there are peaceful and good Muslims, it seems the masses follow religious fanaticism that usually lead to innocent people dying in the name of Allah. 

Israel has been under constant attack for over 60 years.
Arab armies have attacked Israel with vengeance and have threatened over and over again to destroy Israel in a holy Jihad and throw the Jewish inhabitants into the sea.
The Arab masses are being incited from a very young age to accept total loyalty to the way of Jihad. Children's TV programs that are paid for by the US, have been used by Hamas and other organizations to spread hate.
Here is a Muslim cleric in the US(!!) preaching Jew and America Hatred.
This cleric was from Ohio!
Children's TV program from Gaza -Disney Islam style
Now that it is clear we have a serious problem on our hands what is the solution? 
The first step is to realize this is a problem and not to make believe it's just going to go away. Fanatic Islam is not going anywhere unless it involves 72 virgins! 
The second issue we have to understand is fanatic Islam does not live by the same rules or culture we in the Western world believe in.

 They will blow themselves into a thousand pieces based on their ideology of hate and Jihad. They will kill their own and cause suffering while believing they are doing the duty of Allah. THEY CAN NOT BE BOUGHT  INTO INFIDELITY! 

They are not interested in your money or respect, they do not want your culture or sciences. They want you and your beliefs to disappear. 

As long as the leaders of the world do not understand this we will continue live a fool's life while people and countries continue to blow up in the name of the Allah.

Barack Obama is not dangerous because he might be a Muslim or not a natural born American, he is dangerous because instead of fighting fanatic Islam he bows to them!

He shows them respect and does not demand any in return. It's not about ego, it's about what fuels fanatic Islamic regimes. When you compliment and beg for peace from those who have said out loud that they seek your destruction, you justify their violence and anchor their belief that their violent way is the only way.

If the Twin Towers were destroyed in the name of Islam and thousands lost their lives to those who believe they are doing the work of the Quran, then not to have racial profiling is ludicrous!
If Jews were blowing people up in the name of G-d, while I would be embarrassed at the airport when they look at me suspiciously, my anger and embarrassment would not be towards TSA but at those using my G-D to do what is directly against what the Bible teaches.
I do feel bad for innocent Muslims who have to face racial profiling and I wish the world would not have these problems, but, better to be offended than dead.

Israel is as much to blame than anyone else. For 64 years Israel has put out her hand for Peace with the same gullible belief. The belief that this is about land or that financial benefits will convince fanatic Islam to change. Every time Israel surrenders land, security or frees terrorists she actively fuels Hamas and other terrorist organizations. 

when Israel trades 1000 murderers for Gilad Shalit (Happy you are home buddy) she empowers those who want to destroy her. Unfortunately, Israeli politicians have been hit with the Obama syndrome. They try to bridge gaps and bring peace with a partner that is just not interested. 

To all Muslim people,
You are in just as much danger as the rest of us. If you don't stand up for your right to be part of this world and live in peace with the rest of us, you will pay the worst price. I understand your fear but it is either take a stand for freedom or live in fear forever.



Here is your chance to show your support for the men and women of the IDF. I am ordering 200 water packs to IDF soldiers who will be on base over the holiday of Succot. These water packs allow for soldiers to sat operational at all times.
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When I first joined the Social Media giant called Twitter, I figured people are interested in hearing the truth. I innocently believed that even Muslim twitter accounts would  rethink their ways if they realize they are based on Propaganda and lies.

I began my Twitter adventure by talking to those who are the natural enemies of the State of Israel. Palestine, FreePalestine, IsraelApartheid, BoycottIsrael are just a few of the accounts I decided to engage in conversation about the history of the Israeli-Arab problem. My goal was to give the historical accounts of what occurred in the area of Israel and the Middle East over the last 100 years. 
Very quickly I was educated and my eyes were opened. The Pro Palestine TWITS! were not here to find the truth. They weren't here to help protect the children of Gaza, who are being tortured by a Hamas government that was democratically elected by the Arab population of Gaza after Israel totally pulled out. They had absoloutely no interest in peace. They were on twitter for one goal, to bash ISRAEL. 

This is what is happening to the children of Gaza! Where are the anti Hamas tweets?
There is no Pro Palestine Twitter account that takes on the Hamas or the corrupt ways of the Palestinian government and the abuse civilians have to endure. There is no Pro Palestine account who march through the streets of Gaza to cry the voice of those children who are being brainwashed and used as good PR tools for the terror organizations. In fact, I have found ALL pro Palestine Twitter accounts to be proud of those children who die and are abused but Hamas and other terror organizations.

I quickly realized my job on Twitter was not to convince or even attempt to bridge gaps with the Palestinian Propaganda army, they are just not interested in truth.
Why do I continue to reply to pro Palestine accounts and propaganda? It is for those of you who are sitting on the fence. For those of you who are silent and think this is not your issue. For those of you who are being fed reports from biased News agencies or Muslim Brotherhood student organizations.
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Whether from the United States of America, Europe, Asia or Africa this issue is certainly your issue, or at least it will be.
The war in the Middle East is not about land or occupation. Israel NEVER fought a Palestinian country or people. In fact Israel NEVER attacked anyone. Every single war was started and instigated by Arab armies with the goal of destroying the Jewish State. 
Feel freee to Google and do your research. Find me one war the Arab countries fought with Israel because of a settlement or a GREENor PURPLE line.
There are 22 Arab countries in the Middle East and one small Jewish one.  

Read this post for some background on the issue HISTORY OF PALESTINE

There was no Arab Palestine pre 1948. Israel NEVER occupied any land from an Arab Palestinian government or entity. On the land known as the British Mandate of Palestine there now exists two States. One is Arab and goes by the name Jordan and one is Jewish and goes by the name Israel.

So why should this matter to the average American or European? Because this is a War of culture. The same ideology that allows for suicide bombers on Israeli buses allows for the murder of thousands in Manhattan.

The same warped morals that allow for Missile fire on random Israeli civilian communities will justify the slaughter of infidels like yourself. This is not about Racism or Islamophobia. This is about listening to what Muslim clerics are saying all over the world and at every chance they get. 

There are children who are suffering from the ongoing violence in Israel and Palestinian Authority areas. The pictures are absolutely heart wrenching but this is the cost of war. A war that Israel never wanted certainly didn't start. 
Take Gaza for example. In 2005 Israel completely pulled out of the Gaza strip. The Israeli government uprooted 8,000 Jewish men, women and children. They were kicked out of their homes that they have been living in for 3 generations. Even the Jewish dead were dug from their graves. Many of those buried there were murdered by Palestinian terrorists. 

There was not a single drop of Jewish blood left in the Gaza strip. The occupation was over! The Palestinian authority and those who call themselves Palestinian had a chance to show the world that they can build and not just destroy. Instead, the people of Gaza democratically elected a government of terrorists. Hamas was elected with a majority of over 90%! Then came the missiles! 
Fired from the towns and cities that Israel gave to the Palestinians. Instead of using the greenhouses for planting Gaza turned them into a missile launching, terrorist base.
 After  thousands of missiles fired at civilian towns in Israel, it was time for the #IDF to react. 
A blockade was put into effect. This blockade was used to limit the import of dangerous supplies and weapons. In no way was humanitarian aid, food, medicine or goods limited. In fact during the blockade, a Gaza mall along with a water park were opened.
This is a video of Gaza during what was called the FULL blockade!

 Israel has shipped hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid into Gaza WEEKLY! Don't you find it strange that in a location where people CLAIM they can't afford bread or receive basic necessities there is a flow of missiles and expensive weapons being smuggled in?! They can smuggle in thousands of missiles but not bread?! 
This a reminder that this struggle is not about land or settlements or even occupation. It's about a culture war! A culture that believes in freedom and rights and sanctifies life VS  a culture that believes in limited rights and sanctifies the Shahid or death. 
One can often see flag burning in several Muslim countries. They are not only burning the Israeli flag. Often one can find the American or British flag used as fuel for the fire of hate. Did the Muslim terrorist in France slaughter a family because of the occupation? Did the murder of the Fogel family slaughter a 3 month old baby girl because of the occupation? 
A reminder for those who unfamiliar 

If you live in a normal society you probably cannot even fathom the idea of stabbing a 3 month old baby through the heart, it's monstrous! You also probably can't imagine walking into a school and throwing kids out a third story window as Yasser Arafat did in the Maalot Massacre in 1974. If you live in France I am sure you can't imagine walking into a school and grabbing a 8 year old girl by the hair only to put a bullet through her small head! These are the acts of Islamic terror that Israel is facing. 
It is true the Arabs are also paying a price but it is not the price of aggression but rather the price of war that they have waged time and time again against Israel.

Israel and the Palestinian Authority controlled areas are still in a State of war. War is ugly. The question here is who is at fault for this war and whom are you supporting?  
20.8% of Israel's citizens are Muslim. In Israel you can find Arab doctors, teachers, lawyers and even ministers in the Israeli government. When an Arab walks down the street in Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem they are safe. Freedom of religion exists throughout Israel! Israel and the Jews have absolutely no goal of killing, blowing up or causing suffering to anyone. Can you say the same for Jews who try to hang out in Gaza or any other Islam regime in the world! 
Perhaps it's time for the Arabs to chose life over hate of Israel. Perhaps it's time to love your own children more than you hate ours. 

As Golda Meir so eloquently put it: "Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us."



In two weeks I will be drafting for a month of reserve military duty in the IDF. I serve in an Elite Paratroopers unit and will be leaving my family for 30 days. 

Here is a short video of my unit: Israeli Paratroopers 

Standing Together was started over 15 years ago with the goal of reaching front line soldiers in the IDF with whatever they need. During the past Winter, Standing Together purchased and reached thousands of soldiers with a specially designed(WGP) Winter Gear Pack. The WGP included specially designed gear that allowed the soldiers to keep fully operational under harsh weather conditions. 

This fantastic organization works hand in hand with the IDF and is in constant contact with the commanding officers as to the needs of the soldiers in the field. I personally owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to Standing Together. There is no doubt in my mind that the gear and support Standing Together gave during the 2006 Lebanon War help keep our head high and spirit strong. 

When  I first met Standing Together. 2006 Lebanon War

I will be drafting into the IDF the day after the feast of Passover and would like to put together a gear package for my unit.
I would like to to cover at least 100 guys at $100 a soldier. Package includes personal gear bag, under-armor clothing and other personal operational gear. 
Standing Together will also be traveling around the country on YOM HAATZMAUT (Israeli Independence Day) making BBQ's for soldiers who can't get off base!

If 100 people who read this donate $100 we can cover a full platoon!
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This Is Israel

If you have heard or seen the State of Israel being covered in the press or the media it was probably connected with politics, war or terrorism (fighting it). Unfortunately many have been fed and taught to associate Israel with negativity based on biased news reports and a well organized Palestinian, Muslim propaganda machine.
While Israel is the size of New Jersey her discoveries, R&D and national innovation reaches heights that only a few can compete with.

The modern day State of Israel was born on May 14, 1948 and will be 64 years old this May. 
 In the following post I would like to share with you the accomplishments and contributions that this small infant Jewish State has given to the world in only 64 years.

Israel's actual size is 22,500 km or 8,500 sq. miles and has a population of 7.9 million people. 5,900,200 are Jewish. Arabs and Muslims constitute 20.5% of Israel's citizens and other religions and people represent the remaining 4% or so. Israel is 150th smallest country in the world and is home to only 1\1000 of the world's population.
Since Israel's birth there have been 10 Nobel Prizes awarded to Israelis. These include several Nobel Peace prizes as well as Prizes in Economics, literature and Chemistry. Israel has won more noble prizes per capita than any other country in the world.

  • Israel is largest immigrant absorbing nation in the world.
  • Israel is the only country in the world that entered the 21st century with a net gain # of trees
  • 90% of Israeli homes use solar energy to heat water.
  • Israel is ranked 2nd in the world when it comes to space sciences 
  • Israel produces more scientific papers per capita than any other country in the world.

Motorola company and R&D department in Israel is responsible for the cellular phone as we know it today. Cellphone cameras and Apps are flowing from Israel like Milk and Honey but here is a new company that is merging what seem to be two opposing ideas. Healthy Living and Mobile phone use.

According to most sources there are over 7 BILLION cell phone users in the world! While Mobile Apps and social media programs are flooding the market, Tawkon is making sure we can TALK ON  while living longer and healthier lives. 
Over the past couple of years Cellular radiation has become a concern for over 7 Billion cell phone users. Studies show that radiation from cell phones can cause Cancer, Tumors, Infertility, Pregnancy complications, memory loss, loss of bone density and more. Here is a lengthy list of articles on the Cellular radiation debate.
  TAKWON has developed a revolutionary APP to precisely measure the amount of radiation being emitted from a cellphone at any given time. The good news is the APP is designed to help us lower that radiation so that we can continue playing angry birds without turning into one! 

Tawkon not only gives instant radiation levels and warnings but instructs the user with advice to actively lower the amount of radiation emitted from the Mobile Phone. 

How real is this App? 
Let's just say, it seems Steve Jobbs was very uncomfortable with his customers being aware of just how high the radiation gets and refused to allow Tawkon in the AppStore!

This is one FREE app that is priceless! 

Israeli Innovation in Medicine
Two companies making a difference with medicine and patients.

A company whose innovation has made Medical testing less invasive. No more needles for blood pressure or sugar levels. 
"Cnoga Medical is an innovative developer of easy-to-use, TouchFree and non-invasive medical devices.
It is Cnoga’s belief that the time is soon approaching when most blood tests will be conducted by the patients themselves, in the comfort of their own homes, and with a simple non-invasive device."

This company is right out of the future! No more Colonoscopy or other instruments used to get a view of internal organs, just swallow a PILLCAM! This is truly an unbelievable breakthrough to the medical field. 
There are 3 different pills already out on the market and more pills are being developed in order to reach different areas. This will truly change the medical world as well as that of the patients.
Military Innovation and Defense
Since Israel's declaration of independence she has been battling with security threats. Whether it be urban war far, terrorism, Missile Defense systems, fire power or tanks, Israel's military innovation and R&D has helped countries around the world fight terror.
One of Israel's leading companies in Advanced Defense Systems in Rafael.
This revolutionary company has developed an array of defense weapons and systems. There is nothing that says FUTURISTIC like Rafael.
During the last Gaza missile attacks on Israel the Rafael developed Iron Dome missile defense system had proven itself with a success rate well over  70%.
"The Iron Dome is an effective and innovative mobile defense solution for countering short range rockets and 155 mm artillery shell threats with ranges of up to 70 km in all weather conditions, including low clouds, rain, dust storms or fog.
The system uses a unique interceptor with a special warhead that detonates any target in the air within seconds.  The Iron Dome is a cost effective system that can handle multiple threats simultaneously and efficiently.

The Iron Dome system has been selected by the Israeli Defense Ministry as the best system offering the most comprehensive defense solution against a wide range of threats in a relatively short development cycle and at low cost."

A defense system designed by Rafael gives Military vehicles the ultimate defense against missile attack. Whether it is from the air or a land missile the Trophy is a revolutionary automatic defense system that keeps an array of military vehicles protected. This is right out of Star Wars!

Anti Terror and Urban Warfare

Israel is often facing Guerrilla and terrorist warfare. Tactical and strategic training that deals with almost any situation is being taught to many countries throughout the world. Often the US Marines can be found training with the IDF and exchanging ideas and training methods. 
One company called CALIBER3 specializes in anti-terror and urban warfare training. They are well known for training IDF troops as well forces from other countries including the US.

While Israel is still in her infant age of 64 she has proven to be a light unto the nations in many different areas. Israel has developed, innovated and contributed to the world  in numerous fields and plans to continue to help make the world a better place!

Here are just a few example of what Israel has accomplished in 60+ years. 

For those Anti Israel activists looking to boycott Israel, here are two videos you definitely want to see! These videos will give you a detailed list of things you probably use but shouldn't since they were developed in....ISRAEL!



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