When I first joined the Social Media giant called Twitter, I figured people are interested in hearing the truth. I innocently believed that even Muslim twitter accounts would  rethink their ways if they realize they are based on Propaganda and lies.

I began my Twitter adventure by talking to those who are the natural enemies of the State of Israel. Palestine, FreePalestine, IsraelApartheid, BoycottIsrael are just a few of the accounts I decided to engage in conversation about the history of the Israeli-Arab problem. My goal was to give the historical accounts of what occurred in the area of Israel and the Middle East over the last 100 years. 
Very quickly I was educated and my eyes were opened. The Pro Palestine TWITS! were not here to find the truth. They weren't here to help protect the children of Gaza, who are being tortured by a Hamas government that was democratically elected by the Arab population of Gaza after Israel totally pulled out. They had absoloutely no interest in peace. They were on twitter for one goal, to bash ISRAEL. 

This is what is happening to the children of Gaza! Where are the anti Hamas tweets?
There is no Pro Palestine Twitter account that takes on the Hamas or the corrupt ways of the Palestinian government and the abuse civilians have to endure. There is no Pro Palestine account who march through the streets of Gaza to cry the voice of those children who are being brainwashed and used as good PR tools for the terror organizations. In fact, I have found ALL pro Palestine Twitter accounts to be proud of those children who die and are abused but Hamas and other terror organizations.

I quickly realized my job on Twitter was not to convince or even attempt to bridge gaps with the Palestinian Propaganda army, they are just not interested in truth.
Why do I continue to reply to pro Palestine accounts and propaganda? It is for those of you who are sitting on the fence. For those of you who are silent and think this is not your issue. For those of you who are being fed reports from biased News agencies or Muslim Brotherhood student organizations.
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Whether from the United States of America, Europe, Asia or Africa this issue is certainly your issue, or at least it will be.
The war in the Middle East is not about land or occupation. Israel NEVER fought a Palestinian country or people. In fact Israel NEVER attacked anyone. Every single war was started and instigated by Arab armies with the goal of destroying the Jewish State. 
Feel freee to Google and do your research. Find me one war the Arab countries fought with Israel because of a settlement or a GREENor PURPLE line.
There are 22 Arab countries in the Middle East and one small Jewish one.  

Read this post for some background on the issue HISTORY OF PALESTINE

There was no Arab Palestine pre 1948. Israel NEVER occupied any land from an Arab Palestinian government or entity. On the land known as the British Mandate of Palestine there now exists two States. One is Arab and goes by the name Jordan and one is Jewish and goes by the name Israel.

So why should this matter to the average American or European? Because this is a War of culture. The same ideology that allows for suicide bombers on Israeli buses allows for the murder of thousands in Manhattan.

The same warped morals that allow for Missile fire on random Israeli civilian communities will justify the slaughter of infidels like yourself. This is not about Racism or Islamophobia. This is about listening to what Muslim clerics are saying all over the world and at every chance they get. 

There are children who are suffering from the ongoing violence in Israel and Palestinian Authority areas. The pictures are absolutely heart wrenching but this is the cost of war. A war that Israel never wanted certainly didn't start. 
Take Gaza for example. In 2005 Israel completely pulled out of the Gaza strip. The Israeli government uprooted 8,000 Jewish men, women and children. They were kicked out of their homes that they have been living in for 3 generations. Even the Jewish dead were dug from their graves. Many of those buried there were murdered by Palestinian terrorists. 

There was not a single drop of Jewish blood left in the Gaza strip. The occupation was over! The Palestinian authority and those who call themselves Palestinian had a chance to show the world that they can build and not just destroy. Instead, the people of Gaza democratically elected a government of terrorists. Hamas was elected with a majority of over 90%! Then came the missiles! 
Fired from the towns and cities that Israel gave to the Palestinians. Instead of using the greenhouses for planting Gaza turned them into a missile launching, terrorist base.
 After  thousands of missiles fired at civilian towns in Israel, it was time for the #IDF to react. 
A blockade was put into effect. This blockade was used to limit the import of dangerous supplies and weapons. In no way was humanitarian aid, food, medicine or goods limited. In fact during the blockade, a Gaza mall along with a water park were opened.
This is a video of Gaza during what was called the FULL blockade!

 Israel has shipped hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid into Gaza WEEKLY! Don't you find it strange that in a location where people CLAIM they can't afford bread or receive basic necessities there is a flow of missiles and expensive weapons being smuggled in?! They can smuggle in thousands of missiles but not bread?! 
This a reminder that this struggle is not about land or settlements or even occupation. It's about a culture war! A culture that believes in freedom and rights and sanctifies life VS  a culture that believes in limited rights and sanctifies the Shahid or death. 
One can often see flag burning in several Muslim countries. They are not only burning the Israeli flag. Often one can find the American or British flag used as fuel for the fire of hate. Did the Muslim terrorist in France slaughter a family because of the occupation? Did the murder of the Fogel family slaughter a 3 month old baby girl because of the occupation? 
A reminder for those who unfamiliar 

If you live in a normal society you probably cannot even fathom the idea of stabbing a 3 month old baby through the heart, it's monstrous! You also probably can't imagine walking into a school and throwing kids out a third story window as Yasser Arafat did in the Maalot Massacre in 1974. If you live in France I am sure you can't imagine walking into a school and grabbing a 8 year old girl by the hair only to put a bullet through her small head! These are the acts of Islamic terror that Israel is facing. 
It is true the Arabs are also paying a price but it is not the price of aggression but rather the price of war that they have waged time and time again against Israel.

Israel and the Palestinian Authority controlled areas are still in a State of war. War is ugly. The question here is who is at fault for this war and whom are you supporting?  
20.8% of Israel's citizens are Muslim. In Israel you can find Arab doctors, teachers, lawyers and even ministers in the Israeli government. When an Arab walks down the street in Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem they are safe. Freedom of religion exists throughout Israel! Israel and the Jews have absolutely no goal of killing, blowing up or causing suffering to anyone. Can you say the same for Jews who try to hang out in Gaza or any other Islam regime in the world! 
Perhaps it's time for the Arabs to chose life over hate of Israel. Perhaps it's time to love your own children more than you hate ours. 

As Golda Meir so eloquently put it: "Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us."



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