200 missiles fired on Israel is not news, unless Israel fires back!!

Imagine if  France, Germany, the US or china were hit by 200 missiles in 2 days. Now imagine those missiles were shot by a government who swore to destroy their targets, I mean the whole country! 
Now imagine how any of those countries would have reacted. 
Would you have condemned a military action? Of course not! 200 missiles fired at a civilian population is an open declaration of war.

When it comes to Israel the moral standards are very different. Over 200 Missiles were shot from Gaza into random civilian areas in Israel and the world was completely silent! 
The UN said nothing! 
Obama was playing golf and China along with Europe only warned Israel to use restraint! 
Not a single major news agency reported the fact that Israel was under attack. 
All  reports were made only after Israel reacted to the missile bombardment and those reports actually blamed Israel as being the initiator of Palestinian terror. 

On Friday, March 9th 2012, The Israeli Air-force took out two terrorists from Gaza who were on their way to carry out a terror attack from the Egyptian border. 
Zuhir al-Qais 
The first Gaza terrorist was Suhair al-Qaisi 

Zuhir al-Qaisi, Also known as Abu Ibraim, was planning a mega-attack in recent days that could have resulted in numerous casualties.
The planned multipronged terror strike was to originate from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. 

The killed terror chief, who headed the Popular Resistance Committees group and served as its political chief, was involved in the lethal Egypt border attack on August 18, 2011 that left eight Israelis dead.
Al-Qaisi was also involved in a terror attack at the Nahal Oz fuel terminal on the Gaza-Israel border in 2008 and in ongoing rocket fire on Israeli communities. 

The second Gaza terrorist terminated was was Ahmad al-Khanini.  al-Khanin was a Nablus-area resident who headed a PRC terror cell in the region. His organization prepared two explosive belts, one of which was seized in the possession of a terrorist en route to an attack in Jerusalem in 2006.
The PRC is one of the three terror groups behind IDF soldier Gilad Shalit's abduction to Gaza. The organization is also responsible for numerous rocket attacks at southern Israel communities in recent years. 

In the pinpoint precision Israeli Air-Force strike no civilians were killed or hurt. IDF reported that two terrorists were en route to finish the final planning stages of a major terror attack.
News agencies such as BBC and RL reported Israel actions as Israel killing civilians. 

In reaction to Israel's killing of two terrorists, Hamas as well as the Islamic Jihad terrorist group opened fire on random civilian cities in southern Israel. In the span of two days over 200 long and short range missiles were shot from the Gaza strip into southern Israel. 
Southern Israel was under attack for 2 days. Schools were cancelled, Universities closed and 1,000,000 Israelis were held hostage by Gaza terrorists.

Israel has the military capabilities to completely wipe Gaza strip off the face of the earth. Instead of attacking Gaza Israel took a defensive line. Israel has spent Hundreds of Millions of dollars in development and implementation of  missile defense system. While it would be easier to just drop bombs on Gaza, Israel has a higher moral standard than her enemies.

While Israel's first concern was protecting her citizens with the help of the IRON DOME missile defense system, she also targeted weapon storage as well as rocket Depot sites throughout Gaza. 
Never was the civilian population in Gaza aimed for or used as target practice as were the Gaza missiles shot at random Israeli cities by Palestinian terrorists. 

Here is a IDF video of a Hamas weapon storage site being hit by IAF planes. As you can see the secondary explosions were caused by ammunition and missiles that were being stored by the different terrorist organizations in Gaza.

Great footage of the Iron Dome in action!

 Since the beginning of the current Gaza missile attack on Israel, Israel has used the maximum amount of restraint possible. According to IDF officials Twenty five Palestinians have been killed. Twenty were terrorists terminated as they were attempting to shoot off rockets, two were killed on Friday and three civilians were killed unintentionally. 
 You want to know why civilians were injured and killed in Gaza? WATCH THIS VIDEO OF GAZA TACTICS 

So while Hamas and Jihad are endangering and using their own people as human shields and PR tools against Israel, Israel is trying to protect both her own citizens as well as uninvolved civilian population of Gaza. 

Latest  JEWISH PRESS reports that a 16 year old Palestinian boy who was injured as he tried to fire a rocket into Israel is now being treated in Israel for his injuries! 

In an area that has been said to be poverty stricken and starving, it seems strange that the Palestinians in Gaza can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on missiles but claim they can't buy bread! 
If the cost per missile was $1000, the poverty stricken Gaza just spent $200,000 on attacking Israel. Maybe the world should send the funds over to Africa instead!
I am not sure why Benjamin Netanyahu decided against a full scale operation in Gaza. I am not sure who this "Seize fire" is fooling. Since the Seize fire 6 missiles have been shot at Israel from Gaza. I guess Israel seizes and #Palestine fires! 

I would say the Palestinian propaganda machine is not only dishonest, it is cruel. Not only to Israel but it is causing tremendous amount of suffering to the Arabs of Gaza. I have no expectations of the terrorists of Gaza, they have absolutely no respect for life. 
I am however, greatly disappointed with the rest of the world. I do not expect the world to side with Israel, that would be a sign of the coming of the Messiah!
 What I do expect is some kind of honesty and objective reporting. Who are you protecting? Hamas?! Islamic Jihad?! They would gladly fire a missile at your western valued society as well. You are just as much of an infidel as I am when it comes to Islamic terror! 
Obama kept silent! 
The UN said nothing till Israel reacted!
China blamed Israel!
Europe would not even report the attack on Israel!
When was the last time a Jew blew something up in your country? When was the last time a Jew tried to force his values on your society? Fanatic Islam blows up your towers calls your way a life Infidel like and has an Allah commandment to fight you in a holy Jihad and you blame Israel?!

Watch this video and take 15 seconds to rethink your bias against Israel. 


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