In 1967 Israel Recaptured Jerusalem. Here Is Why YOU should Celebrate!

Today marks what Israel calls 'Jerusalem Day' commemorating the Israeli victory and reunification of the City of Jerusalem. In 1967 Jordan attacked Israel after giving her a guarantee that she would not get involved in the war between Israel and Egypt. There was even an oral "peace treaty" between Israel and the Hashemite occupying powers of Trans-Jordan but when it comes to an opportunity to destroy the Jewish State, the Arabs just can't control themselves and king Hussein of Jordan decided to join the other Arab forces in an effort to destroy the Jewish State, again!
In 6 miraculous days, Israel defeated the armies of 6 Arab countries that attacked her!

No matter what religion you are from, this unbelievable victory proves that God, Allah or whatever you want to call the Master of the universe is a ZIONIST! How else can you explain how such a little country (smaller than NJ) with a population at the time of less than 4 million Jews was victorious over hundreds of millions of Muslims?

Ok, I am not here to brag, although with such a victory, I would like to repeatedly praise God, but let's talk about the outcome of that war. Between 1948 and 1967, the entire area known as the West Bank, including Jerusalem, was under Jordanian control. Jews were NOT allowed to to pray by the Western Wall and certainly not on the Temple Mount and Jews were not permitted to enter the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron. Freedom of religion was not something anyone was really concerned with considering it was the Jews that were the ones who were not free. Funny, the Pope did not make a trip back and the UN did not condemn the dictatorship called Jordan!
Interesting, no?

Wait! It wasn't only the Jews who were denied freedom of religion! 
Yes I know, the Peep was just here holding hands with the Arabs of Bethlehem and who he called his Muslim brothers, but this is what Jordan did to Christians when they ruled Jerusalem!
"In 1953, Jordan restricted Christian communities from owning or purchasing land near holy sites, and in 1964, further prohibited churches from buying land in Jerusalem.[4] 
In order to counter the influence of foreign powers, who had run the Christian schools in Jerusalem autonomously since Ottoman times, the Jordanian government legislated in 1955 to bring all schools under government supervision.[15] They were allowed to use only approved textbooks and teach in Arabic.[15] Schools were required to close on Arab national holidays and Fridays instead of Sundays.[15] Christian holidays were no longer not recognised officially, and observation of Sunday as the Christian Sabbath was restricted to Christian civil servants.[12] Christian students could study their own religion,[15] but lessons in Koran were declared mandatory.[12]"
Then in June 1967, in a manner that is of Biblical proportions, the Jewish nation was reunited with their capital of 3,000 years and for the first time in 2,000 years, Jews were free to pray to the God of Israel in the city of Jerusalem.

Not only did Israel recapture the City of Jerusalem, but after a 2,000 year yearning, we were once again on the Temple mount. The Third Temple was at our finger tips and the world was too shocked with our David like victory of the Arab Goliath armies to say boo about it. 
Unfortunately, the Jewish nation has been in exile for 2,000-years long and some of the Jewish leaders at the time were more interested in appeasing their attackers instead of realizing their destiny and the keys were given back to the Muslims. (Hope to correct this sooner than later) 

Remember when the Peep (Read here why I keep calling the Pope a Peep) stopped to take a perfect "Selfie"at the security wall? 
It's ironic seeing the Peep praying at a wall that has a mention of the Warsaw Ghetto. It would have been nice if HITLER'S POPE would have made it to the REAL one in 1942! 

Sorry about that, I am going off topic! Let's get back on track. Where was I? Ah yes, the wall! So you have heard all the demonstrations against the Israeli security wall, that has proven to be 95% accurate when stopping Muslim terror from entering Israel? They call it racism, Apartheid, fascist and a whole collection of names, but in 1966 when the Jordanians had a wall up to stop Jews from entering their holy places to PRAY and NO ONE SAID A THING! 
There was no UN condemnation, no BDS boycotts, no Flotillas, in fact, there was nothing but silence.
Then, like the lions of God, the IDF were victorious and the walls were taken down and Jews marched proudly in to their eternal Capital City of Jerusalem!

The funny thing is, the IDF at the time had no intention of conquering the Old City. It was Jordan's stubbornness that twisted our arms when their snipers were shooting at innocent Jews from the Old City walls that caused the Israeli generals to make the historical decision to retake the City of Jerusalem! Hope to see the Arabs make many more mistakes like this one.

Once Israel recaptured the Old City of Jerusalem, the city was unified and freedom was given to all. No more religious persecution or snipers waiting to shoot people from other religions. in fact, the only place in Jerusalem that does NOT offer freedom of religion is the Temple Mount. Till today, Jews are forbidden by law to pray in the holiest place to the Jewish religion and non Muslims are only permitted at certain times to ascend the Temple Mount!
Whether I am for Churches and Mosques in Jerusalem is not the issue here, the fact is, Christians have more religious freedom as well as personal freedoms under Israeli rule than they ever had under any Islamic rule and certainly more than Jews had under any Christian rule. So not only should you not demonstrate against Israel, you should embrace her!

Even Muslims should celebrate this joyous day. Look around Muslims! Where in the Middle East do you enjoy such freedoms? Ask yourselves this question, if a Muslim woman wants to be a doctor, where does she have a better chance of realizing her dream? In any of the Islamic regimes or in Israel? They say Israel was occupying Gaza. When were the people of Gaza better off? Under Israel or under Hamas? (who they voted for!)
The Old city was empty of Muslims after the war. The fear of the Lions of Israel was so great, those who did not fight, fled and the old city was completely Jewish! Again, without stating my personal opinion in the matter, the Israeli politicians welcomed Muslims back to the Old City, were you, till today, run your own lives as free human beings. So instead of looking at us with hatred as we dance with our flag through the streets of Jerusalem, join us and thank God (or Allah) that you are not living under a Islamic regime like in Iran, Gaza, Syria or any of the other 22 Arab countries! 
One more small minute detail I would like to publish! In 1966, Gaza was part of Egypt and the West Bank was part of Jordan. NEVER was any land part of any such State or entity run by Arab Palestinian anything! When you mention the 67 borders or the 'Green Line' it has absolutely nothing to do with a Palestinian Arab State! One simply NEVER existed!

They say in the end of days the Jewish nation will gather from the four corners of the earth and come to Jerusalem, so they say...

VIDEO BY: Natan Epstein. Check out his Facebook page here.

Video by: Arutz7
Have you ever been in Jerusalem on Jerusalem Day? How was it?

IDF "Thank You" Campaign! 

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The Peep (your Pope) Is In Israel and Here Is One Out Of 6,000,000 Reasons I'm NOT Flattered!

Let me start off with an apology to all 1Billion Catholics, you're not gong to like this, but I am sure my comments will hurt less than our outstanding account of what the Catholic church and their Popes have done to the Jews over the past 2014 years.

This is not an anti-Christian post and as I have said many times on my Facebook and Twitter how happy I am happy to have Christians who support Israel, but you Frances are a Catholic and have NOT learned anything from history!

First of all, I will not call him a Pope which means father. If we are talking biological, then he is a father to no one and if we are talking religiously, then he certainly is not my or any other Jew's Pope, so I will call him the Peep.

I knew this trip would be trouble as soon as the Peep announced that it is NOT a political trip. There is no better inclination to just how political this trip is going to be than have him promise it won't be political! Kind of like Monty Python's Messiah skit.
Of course there were loads of naive Jews and even some who call themselves religious, who welcomed the Peep with open arms and excitement as if they were welcoming King David himself (What a disgrace!).
Some even had the audacity to claim that he is coming as a head of State and we must offer him as much respect as any other head of State. This is also the reason why the Peep himself refused to meet Binyamin Netanyahu at his residence and claimed that he will be meeting with the President Peres (who in Israel has zero power but is a hard core leftist and for giving away Israel to her enemies) because they both are presidents of States.
Didn't he say this was a religious trip NOT a political one!? C'mon people! Make up your minds!
Is the Peep here as a head of State or a religious leader? Is this a political visit or a religious one?
Either way, my opinions stay exactly as they were.

If the Peep was coming as a head of State, would Israel welcome a man who has been the first in the HISTORY of the world to recognize an Arab Palestinian State? Especially if it was his State that originally stole Israel from the Jews and switched the name to Palestine! NOT A CHANCE!
Oh, did I mention the religious leader from Lebanon that accompanied the Peep on this "non-political" trip refused to fly with him to Ben Gurion Airport in order NOT to recognize Israel's existence. Or how about the fact that he will be meeting with the Muft who has been charged for both supporting and inciting the murder of Jews.
Nice friends he has, don't you think.

And the punchline of the day!

Yes, yes, the Peep stopped to say a prayer at the Wall. No, not the Western wall where he has plans to visit later and stop all Jewish prayer, but the wall that separates the terrorists from Israel!

He prayed while little Arab children looked up at him waving their little Palestinian flags. It was the perfect picture for the press but ALL coverage of what seemed to be a very moving picture CUT OUT the graffiti that so ironically and disgustingly compared the Arabs in Bethlehem who have freedom of movement throughout the West Bank to the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto who were eventually all murdered by the Nazis!
It is too easy to go there and I will wait a bit more to pull the "Holocaust card" (This is how one Facebook follower reacted to my demanding an apology from the vatican for what was known as Hitler's Pope)

In any case, I wonder if the Peep was praying for the souls of the tens of thousands of Jews who were slaughtered by terrorists for whom this wall was built. Forget the Jews! I wonder if he was praying for the Christians in Bethlehem who while under Israeli control, were over 80% of the population and currently, under PLO control, reach 5% alone! That's right! Today, Bethlehem, the "Christian capital" is now 95% Muslim! Don't take my word for it, watch this very brave girl from Bethlehem tell it as she sees it!

So, maybe he did come just as a religious man looking to make peace. I guess the reason he visited Arab children who "suffer " from the Israeli "occupation" but skipped over the thousands of Israeli orphans who lost their fathers, mothers, sisters brothers and friends to Arab terror was just an honest mistake! OOPS!
Or how about the way the Pope called Abu Mazen a man of Peace? Was that taking in to account AbuMazen's doctorate on Holocaust denial or the fact the ABU MAZEN was the one who financed
the Munich Olympic massacre of 11 Israeli athletes! You can read all about Abu Mazen's "Peaceful" activities HERE

I know some of you have heard enough about what I am about to bring up and you think I am using it to forward my political claims but you are wrong! My grandparents on both sides had families that were slaughtered by the atrocities of the Nazis. The Vatican and their Pope at the time not only did nothing and said nothing, they recognized Hitler as a good Catholic! Now imagine if that Peep would have taken a trip to Germany and stated it wasn't a political one but a religious one to save even ONE Jew! But that didn't happen! Of course an apology might help but since their Pope is infallible, there is not room for an apology, is there?
Just in case all the information above is not enough to convince you why I am not throwing a party for the Peep, maybe this will. I do not know who this Peep is on a personal level and as an individual, I wouldn't really care what he does, but as leader of the Catholic world, he should know the Bible pretty well. So my question to you Frances is; who do you think you are to go against God's word when he said Israel belongs to the Jews? How dare you strip the Jews part of Israel and give it to a people who are not part of the Children of Israel! Perhaps you believe the Jews are no longer the children of Israel. Wait, would that be a political statement or a religious one?

Here's Why BDS Is Really A Load Of BS!

Israel is under attack but there are no rockets or guns or commando fighters in the war I am talking about, but the enemy's goal is the same; destroy Israel. 
I guess the enemies of Israel finally realized the God of Israel is just too powerful for them to beat on the battle field. After all, the Arabs tried to attack Israel, what, 5 times now and every time Israel was victorious. If I were an Arab I would probably come to the logical conclusion that Allah must be a Zionist!

Ok, all joking aside, this new war waged against Israel has been taking place on the financial battle ground. Let's make something perfectly clear. This is not the first time the Arabs are attempting to boycott the Jews and it is not the first time these boycotts happen after the Arabs failed horribly at an attempt to destroy Israel physically. Already in 1945 the ENTIRE Arab world boycotted the Jewish inhabitants of British Mandate of palestine. In 1970 (Egypt), 1993 (Jordan) and in 1994 (the PLO) signed treaties with Israel and ended their boycott of the Jewish State. 
Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia do not enforce the boycott but never actually called it off. So BDS is nothing new, the Arabs have been boycotting Israel even before she was declared and way before any "settlements" were on the ground. All BDS is doing is proving the Arabs have not changed and simply cannot be trusted. 
The next time someone tells you that all BDS wants is the 67 lines, ask them why these boycotts were in place 20 years prior to the Six Day War!

According to the July 2005 call, the BDS campaign urges various form of "non-violent punitive measures" against Israel until it "complies with the Palestinian demands such as:

  1. Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall;
  2. Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and
  3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties 

Without going to deep in to these fictitious claims, all one has to point out is that Arabs have been boycotting Jews long before any of these demands actually existed. 
Just for the fun of it, lets take a close look at these demands.
  1. Notice how all of a sudden the name 'Palestinian' seemed to disappear from the first demand! That's because even they know that an Arab Palestinian people or nationality has absolutely no right to this land, not historically, not nationality and not religiously.
  2. I hate to be the barer of bad news but Arabs who are citizens of Israel have FULL rights, complete equality protected under Israeli law. That is why there are Arab teachers, lawyers, doctors, parliament members and yes, even Arab soldiers in Israel! In fact there are more Arab citizens in Israel than there are Jews in all Islamic regimes COMBINED!Anyone who discriminates against Israeli Arabs or any other minority is arrested and brought to justice! I cannot say the same courtesy exists for minorities in any Islamic regime.
  3. Look at that, the name palestinian snuck back in!
    In any case, this demand is an individual one and not a national one. So if and when an individual person comes and makes legal demands the case can be looked at ONLY if they were the rightful and legal owners of the land.
If BDS would be about those 3 demands alone, here is where this post would end, but those who are anti-Israel don't believe in doing half a job when it comes to bashing Israel.
One of the more popular Israeli companies that made it to the headlines over the past couple of years has been Soda Stream. BDS has continually had a field day with Soda Stream and claimed everything from "They don't hire Arabs" to They force Arabs to work for them!" Of course their claims cannot be farther from the truth and the only people BDS are actually hurting by their demands against Soda Stream are the hundreds of Arabs who work there! 

"My kids are Facebook friends with the children and some of the employees we have in this factory" explains Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of Soda Stream, "before that my kids did not know a single Palestinian person!" continues Birnbaum as a smile comes over his face, "We are building bridges, not walls". Now can someone please explain to me why any organization that is for peace would want to hurt Soda Stream?

It is clear that BDS efforts are not about bringing about justice or peace but are focused on hurting Israel and if Arabs are hurt by their actions, they excuse it with a "the end justifies the means" ideology. 

Arabs are being slaughtered in Egypt, gassed in Syria, women are beaten in Iran for not covering their hair and not a single Islamic regime offers minorities civil rights but BDS activists are silent. The fact that in Gaza children are being used by Hamas as human shields does not bother BDS as it has nothing to do with Israel. Even the self hating Jew and anti Israel activist, Norman "I hate Israel" Finkelstein called BDS's bluff and said: "The BDS movement is a hypocritical, dishonest cult that tries to pose as a human rights movement, while in reality their goal is to destroy Israel."

Who started BDS? 
The Fish Stinks From The Head!
Omar Barghouti is the father of the anti-semitic BDS movement. Omar was born in Qatar, grew up in Egypt and later moved to Ramallah (West Bank) as an adult. He is in no way a Palestinian Arab even according to the Palestinian propaganda machine! He is in no way connected to the conflict in the area. 
Omar holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from Columbia University and, wait for it, although Barghouti actively lobbies for worldwide economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel, HE himself studies at Tel Aviv University, in ISRAEL and is a candidate for a Ph.D.. Got to love a good hypocrite! 

In conclusion, BDS is a movement based on nothing more than anti semitism and uses blood libel like actions to bash the Jewish State.
Is BDS successful?

What a joke! Ask Scarlett Johansson.
Or the rolling stones! 

Or Madonna!
BUT if you still want to boycott Israel, please keep your hands off the following things your probably currently use.

Don't know about you, but I love Israel and if you are the same, please help spread the word and share this post with your online communities!

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Tonight Is IDF Memorial Day, Here's Why I Went For A Run

I know it's not a good thing to start a post with an apology, but I must warn you. I needed no preparation for this post and it is as if my heart is doing the typing and not my fingers. The Siren has just sounded and there are tears that are now dry but are still on my cheeks and the thoughts that now race through my mind are going a mile a minute so there will be very little filtering in this post and I am sorry if it is too long or confusing but this is how I feel!

Every year on the 4th day of the Hebrew month of Iyar, the war sirens sound in Israel. This time it is not war they are screaming but rather a reminder to stop and give respect and honor to those who are already resting in peace.

I clearly remember the first time I visited Mount Herzl, the military cemetery in Jerusalem, I was a teenager visiting Israel and our camp took us on a trip to the biggest military resting place that was located in Jerusalem between Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial museum, and the Knesset, the Israeli parliament.

I can clearly remember walking between the endless number of graves and feeling sad, proud, fortunate and most of all a historical responsibility. As if my soul was shouting, "these brave men and women died in order for you to live! So stop fooling around in the States and get your Jewish backside home to Israel!"

Two years later I came to Israel to study for a year and then decided to be a part of Jewish history and with tears of 2,000 years streaming down my face, I put on the IDF uniform and served my country, my homeland, my people and most importantly, my G-d!

When things got physically and even emotionally tough in the IDF, I just pictured my grandma, who survived 5 different concentration camps, and the tiredness and difficulties I thought I had, melted away like butter.

In March 1993, a friend, a brother in arms, a hero and a very righteous Jew, was kidnapped and murdered by Arabs who call themselves Palestinians. His name was Yehoshua Friedberg and he was an unbelievable soldier, friend and on top of all a human being (A super mench as they say in Yiddish) 

Four Arab terrorists dressed themselves up in Hassidic garb and picked Yehoshua up and shot him in the heart point blank and then threw him off to the side of the road like some piece of garbage. 

This time, I was not visiting Mount Hertzl as a tourist but as a mourner. His funeral defined exactly who he was. The headlines read; "Hundreds of thousands religious, secular, Hassidic and nationalistic Jews followed the coffin to its final resting place." Tens of thousands of Jews from all over the world along with Yehoshua's parents, who were flown in from Canada, laid Yehoshua down like a national hero that he was!

Since that horrible day, I have had a hard time with Memorial Day ceremonies. The siren sends shivers down my spine as it brings me back to that nightmarish time when we found Yehoshua's body on the side of the road. 
I have unfortunately attended several other military funerals and have had other friends who were killed in battle (Second Lebanon war) and every time, I am ripped back in time to that horrible day when I first buried a brother.

They say everyone mourns differently and I guess I just haven't figured how to do so for Yehoshua, so I went for a run. Faster than my feet can carry me, the thoughts were rushing through my head. They aren't only thoughts about Yehoshua but he certainly is the trigger for some very deep thinking. 

After remembering the good times we had, I remember the day our officer walked in to our tent and told us that Yehoshua was missing. I remember the three days of pouring rain when we, his platoon, along with thousands of volunteers searched for him, hoping for the best but expecting the worst. 
I remember the horrible cries when we found him, lifeless! 
I remember his funeral like it was yesterday. I remembered his family and most of all, I remember who he was. 
Year after year, I tell my children of a soldier that served with daddy, I tell them about his incredible personality and love for the Land of Israel, the Nation of Israel and the Torah of Israel. I tell them stories about how Yehoshua was always volunteering for jobs in the army when most were shying away from taking responsibility and I tell them how our enemies murdered Yehoshua for no reason at all!

As I pass the 2 kilometer mark I become ill when I remember the fact that Israel's Prime Minister let ALL Yehoshua's murderers go free! The monsters who pulled the trigger as well as those sick minded animals who planned his murder were treated like some kind of missing link to peace! If these monsters are the missing link to peace then I choose WAR dammit!

The thoughts continue to pound my head like a jack hammer that won't not give up!
Have we not learned a thing from history?!
Israel has always had an outstretched hand for peace and that hand has ALWAYS been bitten!
In 1947 we accepted the partition plan to which the Arabs refused and started an all out war to push the Jews in to the sea, we won!
Then again in 1956 and in 1967 Egypt brought all their troops to the border and the familiar war cries of push the Jews in to the sea were heard again. Once again, in six miraculous days, Israel defeated all the Arab armies that tried to destroy us and for the first time in 2000 years, Jews were free to walk and pray in Jerusalem.

NO! We are not free! There is one place where Jews are not allowed to pray when it comes to Jerusalem, the Temple Mount! 

Does apartheid exist in Israel? You bet it does! 
The Muslim rule together with Israeli authorities forbid Jews to ascent to the Temple Mount and pray. It is simply unbelievable that in the State of Israel there is a LAW forbidding Jews to pray at their most holiest spot!
This video was not taken in Poland in 1942 but in Jerusalem in 2014! Arab women spitting at little Jewish children whose wish was only to pray and Arab men who wave their hands in violence to the point that the a Jewish father had to count his children so that none were left to the blood thirsty Muslims on the Temple Mount in JERUSALEM!

It is right about the 4th kilometer that my mind wonders internationally. The UN! The totally irrelevant UN that keeps silent as Iran, Syria, Libya, ISIS and the rest of the fanatic Islamic terrorist organizations and regimes keep basic rights far from their population. Women are subjugated to rules and laws that limit their freedom, civilians are beaten for using Facebook and their own populations are gassed and murdered and beheaded as they seek democracy, but when Israel builds a kindergarten, the UN is up in arms as if some terrible atrocity just took place! 

No, the UN is not irrelevant, the UN is dangerous! 
With a majority coming from countries that have no clue what freedom means and civil rights committees that are made up of racist, anti semitic and ditatorship representatives, the UN is a very dangerous threat to all countries who believe in freedom. 

I have reached kilometer number 6 and my mind turns to those BDS bastards (excuse my language but I have had enough) and all those pro Palestinian activists who call us in Israel an Apartheid.
An Apartheid?!

Those who suffered the Apartheid government in SA should be deeply hurt and insulted by such claims. Are there separate benches, hospitals, beaches or bathrooms for Arabs? 
In SA, were there Black parliament members with equal voting rights, military generals, supreme court judges? 
Were the Blacks living under apartheid permitted to demonstrate and even call for the destruction of SA and still be protected by the laws of free speech? 

The anger inside makes me pick up my pace as I think of all those calling for a boycott of Israeli products. 
You want to boycott Israel? GO AHEAD! No Apple, no Facebook, No cellphones! ENJOY THE CAVE! 

We are no longer that 'feel sorry for us' nation! 
When the Nazis boycotted the Jews in Germany, there was nothing we could do, but today? You want to boycott Israel? Start with your Intel chips and move to your mobile phones and don't touch our medical breakthroughs! 

Go ahead, boycott the Jewish State and at the same time ignore China's child labor or Africa's slave trade or Islamic regime's lack of freedom and human rights! It's ok for them to ACTUALLY treat people with no respect at all, as long as it is not Israel!  
You want to boycott Israel? Go ahead! Just don't make believe it is for some righteous reason. Israel offers rights and freedoms to all its citizens. Christians, Muslims, Druze and atheists all live in Israel under one law! You are a bunch of anti semite bigots and you don't deserve to use Israeli goods! 

Take a good look at the video below and when you see the packed shelves in supermarkets in what you claim to be starving Gaza, FILLED with Israeli goods and food, you might change your mind! Take a good look at this video. How dare you compare Gaza to the death camps and the holocaust? The Audacity is unbelievable! 

Kilometer number 7 is coming up and my mind comes back to Yehoshua. I tear up as I imagine his parents looking in to what was Yehoshua's room. So many memories, hopes and dreams that were cut short by a bunch of terrorists! I almost feel guilty as I remember that MY Prime Minister let the murderers of their son free.

Kilometer number 8, I start to talk to Yehoshua.
"We didn't speak enough when we were in the army but I tell my kids all about you all the time. Your decision to move to Israel during the first Gulf War, when everyone was running away, you came home. Your decision to join the IDF even though you didn't have to and your final decision to try out for officers course which would have meant another 4 years in the army even though you were already engaged to be married.
Memorial ceremonies are difficult for me, I don't like them at all, but as I finish my run, my mind is now clear and it is in your memory Yehoshua, along with the other 23,320 heroes, that we, the Jewish people, will be strong; physically, nationally and religiously!

May you rest in peace and may God avenge your blood.


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