The Peep (your Pope) Is In Israel and Here Is One Out Of 6,000,000 Reasons I'm NOT Flattered!

Let me start off with an apology to all 1Billion Catholics, you're not gong to like this, but I am sure my comments will hurt less than our outstanding account of what the Catholic church and their Popes have done to the Jews over the past 2014 years.

This is not an anti-Christian post and as I have said many times on my Facebook and Twitter how happy I am happy to have Christians who support Israel, but you Frances are a Catholic and have NOT learned anything from history!

First of all, I will not call him a Pope which means father. If we are talking biological, then he is a father to no one and if we are talking religiously, then he certainly is not my or any other Jew's Pope, so I will call him the Peep.

I knew this trip would be trouble as soon as the Peep announced that it is NOT a political trip. There is no better inclination to just how political this trip is going to be than have him promise it won't be political! Kind of like Monty Python's Messiah skit.
Of course there were loads of naive Jews and even some who call themselves religious, who welcomed the Peep with open arms and excitement as if they were welcoming King David himself (What a disgrace!).
Some even had the audacity to claim that he is coming as a head of State and we must offer him as much respect as any other head of State. This is also the reason why the Peep himself refused to meet Binyamin Netanyahu at his residence and claimed that he will be meeting with the President Peres (who in Israel has zero power but is a hard core leftist and for giving away Israel to her enemies) because they both are presidents of States.
Didn't he say this was a religious trip NOT a political one!? C'mon people! Make up your minds!
Is the Peep here as a head of State or a religious leader? Is this a political visit or a religious one?
Either way, my opinions stay exactly as they were.

If the Peep was coming as a head of State, would Israel welcome a man who has been the first in the HISTORY of the world to recognize an Arab Palestinian State? Especially if it was his State that originally stole Israel from the Jews and switched the name to Palestine! NOT A CHANCE!
Oh, did I mention the religious leader from Lebanon that accompanied the Peep on this "non-political" trip refused to fly with him to Ben Gurion Airport in order NOT to recognize Israel's existence. Or how about the fact that he will be meeting with the Muft who has been charged for both supporting and inciting the murder of Jews.
Nice friends he has, don't you think.

And the punchline of the day!

Yes, yes, the Peep stopped to say a prayer at the Wall. No, not the Western wall where he has plans to visit later and stop all Jewish prayer, but the wall that separates the terrorists from Israel!

He prayed while little Arab children looked up at him waving their little Palestinian flags. It was the perfect picture for the press but ALL coverage of what seemed to be a very moving picture CUT OUT the graffiti that so ironically and disgustingly compared the Arabs in Bethlehem who have freedom of movement throughout the West Bank to the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto who were eventually all murdered by the Nazis!
It is too easy to go there and I will wait a bit more to pull the "Holocaust card" (This is how one Facebook follower reacted to my demanding an apology from the vatican for what was known as Hitler's Pope)

In any case, I wonder if the Peep was praying for the souls of the tens of thousands of Jews who were slaughtered by terrorists for whom this wall was built. Forget the Jews! I wonder if he was praying for the Christians in Bethlehem who while under Israeli control, were over 80% of the population and currently, under PLO control, reach 5% alone! That's right! Today, Bethlehem, the "Christian capital" is now 95% Muslim! Don't take my word for it, watch this very brave girl from Bethlehem tell it as she sees it!

So, maybe he did come just as a religious man looking to make peace. I guess the reason he visited Arab children who "suffer " from the Israeli "occupation" but skipped over the thousands of Israeli orphans who lost their fathers, mothers, sisters brothers and friends to Arab terror was just an honest mistake! OOPS!
Or how about the way the Pope called Abu Mazen a man of Peace? Was that taking in to account AbuMazen's doctorate on Holocaust denial or the fact the ABU MAZEN was the one who financed
the Munich Olympic massacre of 11 Israeli athletes! You can read all about Abu Mazen's "Peaceful" activities HERE

I know some of you have heard enough about what I am about to bring up and you think I am using it to forward my political claims but you are wrong! My grandparents on both sides had families that were slaughtered by the atrocities of the Nazis. The Vatican and their Pope at the time not only did nothing and said nothing, they recognized Hitler as a good Catholic! Now imagine if that Peep would have taken a trip to Germany and stated it wasn't a political one but a religious one to save even ONE Jew! But that didn't happen! Of course an apology might help but since their Pope is infallible, there is not room for an apology, is there?
Just in case all the information above is not enough to convince you why I am not throwing a party for the Peep, maybe this will. I do not know who this Peep is on a personal level and as an individual, I wouldn't really care what he does, but as leader of the Catholic world, he should know the Bible pretty well. So my question to you Frances is; who do you think you are to go against God's word when he said Israel belongs to the Jews? How dare you strip the Jews part of Israel and give it to a people who are not part of the Children of Israel! Perhaps you believe the Jews are no longer the children of Israel. Wait, would that be a political statement or a religious one?


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