Here's Why BDS Is Really A Load Of BS!

Israel is under attack but there are no rockets or guns or commando fighters in the war I am talking about, but the enemy's goal is the same; destroy Israel. 
I guess the enemies of Israel finally realized the God of Israel is just too powerful for them to beat on the battle field. After all, the Arabs tried to attack Israel, what, 5 times now and every time Israel was victorious. If I were an Arab I would probably come to the logical conclusion that Allah must be a Zionist!

Ok, all joking aside, this new war waged against Israel has been taking place on the financial battle ground. Let's make something perfectly clear. This is not the first time the Arabs are attempting to boycott the Jews and it is not the first time these boycotts happen after the Arabs failed horribly at an attempt to destroy Israel physically. Already in 1945 the ENTIRE Arab world boycotted the Jewish inhabitants of British Mandate of palestine. In 1970 (Egypt), 1993 (Jordan) and in 1994 (the PLO) signed treaties with Israel and ended their boycott of the Jewish State. 
Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia do not enforce the boycott but never actually called it off. So BDS is nothing new, the Arabs have been boycotting Israel even before she was declared and way before any "settlements" were on the ground. All BDS is doing is proving the Arabs have not changed and simply cannot be trusted. 
The next time someone tells you that all BDS wants is the 67 lines, ask them why these boycotts were in place 20 years prior to the Six Day War!

According to the July 2005 call, the BDS campaign urges various form of "non-violent punitive measures" against Israel until it "complies with the Palestinian demands such as:

  1. Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall;
  2. Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and
  3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties 

Without going to deep in to these fictitious claims, all one has to point out is that Arabs have been boycotting Jews long before any of these demands actually existed. 
Just for the fun of it, lets take a close look at these demands.
  1. Notice how all of a sudden the name 'Palestinian' seemed to disappear from the first demand! That's because even they know that an Arab Palestinian people or nationality has absolutely no right to this land, not historically, not nationality and not religiously.
  2. I hate to be the barer of bad news but Arabs who are citizens of Israel have FULL rights, complete equality protected under Israeli law. That is why there are Arab teachers, lawyers, doctors, parliament members and yes, even Arab soldiers in Israel! In fact there are more Arab citizens in Israel than there are Jews in all Islamic regimes COMBINED!Anyone who discriminates against Israeli Arabs or any other minority is arrested and brought to justice! I cannot say the same courtesy exists for minorities in any Islamic regime.
  3. Look at that, the name palestinian snuck back in!
    In any case, this demand is an individual one and not a national one. So if and when an individual person comes and makes legal demands the case can be looked at ONLY if they were the rightful and legal owners of the land.
If BDS would be about those 3 demands alone, here is where this post would end, but those who are anti-Israel don't believe in doing half a job when it comes to bashing Israel.
One of the more popular Israeli companies that made it to the headlines over the past couple of years has been Soda Stream. BDS has continually had a field day with Soda Stream and claimed everything from "They don't hire Arabs" to They force Arabs to work for them!" Of course their claims cannot be farther from the truth and the only people BDS are actually hurting by their demands against Soda Stream are the hundreds of Arabs who work there! 

"My kids are Facebook friends with the children and some of the employees we have in this factory" explains Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of Soda Stream, "before that my kids did not know a single Palestinian person!" continues Birnbaum as a smile comes over his face, "We are building bridges, not walls". Now can someone please explain to me why any organization that is for peace would want to hurt Soda Stream?

It is clear that BDS efforts are not about bringing about justice or peace but are focused on hurting Israel and if Arabs are hurt by their actions, they excuse it with a "the end justifies the means" ideology. 

Arabs are being slaughtered in Egypt, gassed in Syria, women are beaten in Iran for not covering their hair and not a single Islamic regime offers minorities civil rights but BDS activists are silent. The fact that in Gaza children are being used by Hamas as human shields does not bother BDS as it has nothing to do with Israel. Even the self hating Jew and anti Israel activist, Norman "I hate Israel" Finkelstein called BDS's bluff and said: "The BDS movement is a hypocritical, dishonest cult that tries to pose as a human rights movement, while in reality their goal is to destroy Israel."

Who started BDS? 
The Fish Stinks From The Head!
Omar Barghouti is the father of the anti-semitic BDS movement. Omar was born in Qatar, grew up in Egypt and later moved to Ramallah (West Bank) as an adult. He is in no way a Palestinian Arab even according to the Palestinian propaganda machine! He is in no way connected to the conflict in the area. 
Omar holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from Columbia University and, wait for it, although Barghouti actively lobbies for worldwide economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel, HE himself studies at Tel Aviv University, in ISRAEL and is a candidate for a Ph.D.. Got to love a good hypocrite! 

In conclusion, BDS is a movement based on nothing more than anti semitism and uses blood libel like actions to bash the Jewish State.
Is BDS successful?

What a joke! Ask Scarlett Johansson.
Or the rolling stones! 

Or Madonna!
BUT if you still want to boycott Israel, please keep your hands off the following things your probably currently use.

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