World Leaders Must Wake Up! Including Israel

Over the past 50 years we have seen fanatic Islam dig its claws into almost every country across the world. We have seen the more secular, moderate Arab countries lose their ground and succumb to fanatic Islamic terrorist groups.
For the past 35 years, America has been supplying Egypt with the most advanced Military weaponry based on the belief that she is a modern secular Arab country. Unfortunately for everyone, including the civilians of Egypt, we are witnessing the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization filling the void Mubarak left.
On March 19, 2007 Egypt prohibited parties from using religion as a basis for political activity. America, figuring they can buy fanatic Islamic groups has been giving BILLIONS of dollars to Egypt's military.
Unfortunately, the Muslim Brotherhood has now taken a front seat in Egypt's politics and has, against it's promise to America, announced it will run in the next Egyptian elections. In case you do not understand the danger, the Muslim brotherhood states the Quran as the only sole reference point for the life of a Muslim family, individual, community and state".


Another example of a moderate Islamic secular country who is cocooning itself into a fanatic butterfly is Turkey.

For years Israel has held joint Military drills as well as shared intelligence with what seemed to be a moderate, secular Islamic regime. Once again we are witnessing just how foolish we were. It's not about lack of world respect or financial turmoil but rather a Muslim leader who would rather side with fanatic terrorist organizations than with Western countries. 

Prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, who has been a long time friend of Israel has turned his back and has given his support to fanatic Islamic groups such as the IHH, who were responsible for the Flotilla terror cruise attempt to breach Israel's borders.

Why would Turkey, a secular country that enjoys world support, side with Muslim terrorists?
Why would they risk international condemnation and an end to a long lasting peaceful relationship with Israel?
Turkey has the second largest military in NATO behind the US. Can you imagine if Turkey decides to align herself with the fanatic Islamic regimes?

This is not about racism or hatred. It is about the way Islamic leaders are using their power to build relationships with Islamic Terror groups. 

Europe has seen their share of Islamic terror as well. France and England have been taken over and it will only be a matter of time till the USA will be under threat from within. 
While there are peaceful and good Muslims, it seems the masses follow religious fanaticism that usually lead to innocent people dying in the name of Allah. 

Israel has been under constant attack for over 60 years.
Arab armies have attacked Israel with vengeance and have threatened over and over again to destroy Israel in a holy Jihad and throw the Jewish inhabitants into the sea.
The Arab masses are being incited from a very young age to accept total loyalty to the way of Jihad. Children's TV programs that are paid for by the US, have been used by Hamas and other organizations to spread hate.
Here is a Muslim cleric in the US(!!) preaching Jew and America Hatred.
This cleric was from Ohio!
Children's TV program from Gaza -Disney Islam style
Now that it is clear we have a serious problem on our hands what is the solution? 
The first step is to realize this is a problem and not to make believe it's just going to go away. Fanatic Islam is not going anywhere unless it involves 72 virgins! 
The second issue we have to understand is fanatic Islam does not live by the same rules or culture we in the Western world believe in.

 They will blow themselves into a thousand pieces based on their ideology of hate and Jihad. They will kill their own and cause suffering while believing they are doing the duty of Allah. THEY CAN NOT BE BOUGHT  INTO INFIDELITY! 

They are not interested in your money or respect, they do not want your culture or sciences. They want you and your beliefs to disappear. 

As long as the leaders of the world do not understand this we will continue live a fool's life while people and countries continue to blow up in the name of the Allah.

Barack Obama is not dangerous because he might be a Muslim or not a natural born American, he is dangerous because instead of fighting fanatic Islam he bows to them!

He shows them respect and does not demand any in return. It's not about ego, it's about what fuels fanatic Islamic regimes. When you compliment and beg for peace from those who have said out loud that they seek your destruction, you justify their violence and anchor their belief that their violent way is the only way.

If the Twin Towers were destroyed in the name of Islam and thousands lost their lives to those who believe they are doing the work of the Quran, then not to have racial profiling is ludicrous!
If Jews were blowing people up in the name of G-d, while I would be embarrassed at the airport when they look at me suspiciously, my anger and embarrassment would not be towards TSA but at those using my G-D to do what is directly against what the Bible teaches.
I do feel bad for innocent Muslims who have to face racial profiling and I wish the world would not have these problems, but, better to be offended than dead.

Israel is as much to blame than anyone else. For 64 years Israel has put out her hand for Peace with the same gullible belief. The belief that this is about land or that financial benefits will convince fanatic Islam to change. Every time Israel surrenders land, security or frees terrorists she actively fuels Hamas and other terrorist organizations. 

when Israel trades 1000 murderers for Gilad Shalit (Happy you are home buddy) she empowers those who want to destroy her. Unfortunately, Israeli politicians have been hit with the Obama syndrome. They try to bridge gaps and bring peace with a partner that is just not interested. 

To all Muslim people,
You are in just as much danger as the rest of us. If you don't stand up for your right to be part of this world and live in peace with the rest of us, you will pay the worst price. I understand your fear but it is either take a stand for freedom or live in fear forever.



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