Thoughts from an IDF soldier in the field

Once a year, Israeli soldiers are called into reserve military duty known as Miluim. Men and some women leave their homes and families and report for as long as two weeks to a month.
This past year I was drafted during the Passover holiday.

As I left my home my youngest of four children turned to me and said, "Daddy thank you for protecting Israel." As I hugged him, a mixture of pride and fear came over me. I smiled at him and said; "Daddy will be home before you know it."
It took me 2 hours to reach my base and after 3 days of intense training we were shipped out to operations.
I received my gear, my weapon and my vehicle; the Hummer.

I made one last call to my wife and kids, told them I love them and then climbed into my Hummer and we were off. Our objective was to stakeout wanted terrorists and keep the civilian population safe and out of harm's way. While full of motivation to succeed, it is clear to me and every other soldier that these operations come with great risk.

As we traveled through the rolling hills of Judea, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the land. Green hills and mountain ranges that cause a certain feeling of awe.
Then a feeling of sadness came over me and I turned to one of my brothers in arms and said, "The Arabs are so ridiculous, if they would only lay down their weapons and leave the ideology of Jihad and destroying Israel they can have an awesome life." The area here is absolutely gorgeous.

As that thought crossed my mind, the communication radio started screaming. A group of Palestinians are ambushing cars with boulders.We received reports of Israeli women and children who were on their way home from work and school when a large crowd of Palestinian terrorists attacked their cars with boulders and steel pellets shot from slingshots and other makeshift weapons.
Here is an example of a car that was ambushed by a group of Palestinian terrorists.

In this particular car there was a girl who was picked up from school by her mother. They were not carrying weapons, they were not soldiers, they did nothing to incite this hideous cowardly act!

What is it in the Palestinian terrorist's mind that justifies targeting a mother and a daughter? 
Why would anyone characterize this behavior as normal?!

Please don't try the "IDF kills children" line. The IDF NEVER targets innocent civilians. There is a big difference between casualties of war, which in itself is tragic, and intentionally targeting women and children.

Do the Palestinians really think this will cause the Israeli people or the IDF to believe in any chance of a peaceful solution to the Israeli Arab conflict? Do they think we will surrender? Stoning incidents like this is exactly why the IDF increases patrols and roadblocks. These incidents cause more damage to the Arab population living in the area than anyone else.
After evacuating the injured and towing the car we got back into our Hummer when the European "Peace"activists came out of their hiding places. They were pointing their fingers at us and screaming, "NAZIS! FASCISTS! APARTHEID! "
Arabs attempt murder by stoning cars that are driven by JEWISH women and we are the Nazis, Fascists and Apartheidists? I don't understand! 

Arabs target people based on their religion, they attack random cars and people whose only crime is belonging to the Jewish faith, and we are Nazis?!
These "Peace" activists witnessed an attempted murder and know full well that the ONLY reason we are here is in reaction to the hate crime they witnessed!
Aren't they interested in truth?!
The answer is an absolute NO!. 

Truth has lost its meaning a long time ago. These activists are interested in truth as much as the Palestinian terrorists are interested in peace. 
You would expect a well dressed English speaking reporter to tell the truth, wouldn't you?
Do Jews living in a certain area justify Arab terror? Why were Press cameras there? Why didn't they do anything? Why did they report the story as if an Israeli intentionally attempted to run over an Arab child?. The press was there because they were invited by the Arab mob to document the Jewish reaction to an Islamic lynching!

Here's what really happened!

After a long day we returned to our base angry and confused. Before we were able to untie our boots, the siren screams and we were once again called out.
This time it was Molotov cocktail bottles and roadside bombs used against Israeli civilian vehicles on the road. No soldiers, no weapons, just women and children! 
So we have gone from rocks to explosives and as we arrived and dismounted our Hummer with our guns loaded, we found a swarm of peace activists, this time from the United States.

As I approach one of the activists, out came the cameras and they started snapping away. 
I smile for the cameras and turn to the long haired, American activist and ask; WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?" 
He turns back to me, spits at the ground and starts with his barrage of insults.  NAZI, FASCIST, MURDERER, OCCUPIER, BABY KILLER! 
With my innocence and my naivety, I calmly ask; "Did you not just witness the Molotov cocktail bottles and roadside bombs?" Michael ( gave me his name after a short exchange) explained that these acts are acts of freedom and that any Jew who drives these roads are murderers and deserve what they get.

It was then that things became perfectly clear to me. This is not about Israel or settlements or even Palestine. This is about the belief by those who claim to fight for freedom, that Arabs have a moral right and even a duty to maim, kill and terrorize Jews. 
It was at that point I decided to arrest Michael who was deported back to America. Sorry America, Michael is coming home. 

I was on duty for two more weeks and my objective is to protect my people. The screaming by those "Peace" activists or the condemnations by the UN have no effect on me. I will keep my morals not because of some activist snapping pictures or some anti-Semite biased report. I will keep my morals because I belong to the nation of Israel, in the Land of Israel and most important I serve in the ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES.

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