The Next Time Someone Says The Arabs Are Fighting With Rocks, Show Them This!

We often hear the David and Goliath argument, but this time it is being used against Israel. People claim that Israel is using its F-16 fighter jets and tanks against the poor rock throwing "Palestinians".
Time to expose and destroy the lies.

First of all, being weaker than the side you attack does not make you a victim when you lose, it makes you a moron for picking a fight when you know you're going to get your backside kicked to the curb.

Second, I am sorry that some people in the world don't like that we, the Jews, have the ability to fight back. I know that many would like us to lay down and die or maybe walk like sheep to the slaughterhouse like we did 75 years ago. 

Dear World,
The party is over!
We are not going to give you a fair fight. You come to destroy us, we will use everything in our power to stop you. 

So is the IDF really fighting rock throwers?
Not according to this Hamas video right out of Gaza.
Looks like an army to me!

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