I think the title says it all...

After living in Israel for over two decades it is very common for people to give in to leftist propaganda.
I recall the day I arrived in Israel and held a very vocal argument with one of the leftists of Israeli society.
I said to him, " the whole Arab Jewish issue is quite simple, black and white, Israel is the religious and historical home to the Jewish nation, the Arabs throughout history came in to our home and conquered areas that rightfully belong to the Jewish people. On top of the fact that they violently took over Jewish lands they have been murdering and abusing Jews both in Israel as well as in Chutz Laaretz for the longest time. What would you do if someone invaded your home, murdered your sister or brother and then told you they would stop murdering your family if you would just give them your bedroom?
I would kick em in the rear and force them out of my house!"

To this the leftists said to me, " you are new here and you will realize in time that things are not so simple"
Well I have been here for over a decade now, served in the army, lost a friend in battle and had the honor of visiting Lebanon over the last ' so called' war and the Arab Israeli issue seems just as black and white today as it did when I got of the plane.

Bottom line - This is My Israel Not Yours - Many would call this a childish statement - that might be true, unless you really believe this is your home, in which case, you would mean it.

All the Mumbo Jumbo the leftists use to try to mix up the loyal Jewish inhabitants of the Land Of Israel doesn't change the basic fact that the LAND OF ISRAEL belongs to the NATION OF ISRAEL and does not offer any ownership rights to Muslims just because they are violent and believe that they have 70 Virgins waiting for them if they BLOW some Jews up.

What's the solution? very simple - someone invades your home and starts to murder your family - what do u do?

First thing that has to be done is to make a clear statement - MY ISRAEL NOT YOURS - - then do what has to be done to protect your family from the fangs of Muslim terrorists who have always had a thirst for Jewish blood!


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