Let's Get The Facts Straight About The Gaza Strip

The Gaza strip has always been a problem area and not just for Israel. If we go back to Biblical times, the Philistines whose name comes from the hebrew word intruders, caused tremendous amount of problems for Israel until Samson took them all down.

Of course an Arab Palestinian nation or people were not involved in anything till....1988 so let's not go back to Biblical times since that would be way too easy. After all, both Islam and Christianity were born out of Judaism and since the original book, the Torah, clearly states that Israel belongs to the Jews, there would be no argument here.

The first time the current Gaza strip received its Northern and Eastern boundaries was on February 24th, 1949 when Israel and Egypt agreed to an armistice agreement. 
The armistice demarcation line was drawn for the most part along the 1922 international border between Egypt and Mandatory Palestine, except near the Mediterranean Sea, where Egypt remained in control of a strip of land along the coast, which became known as the Gaza Strip.
Even when the Gaza Strip was under Arab control, no Palestine State was declared or even demanded! At first the Gaza Strip was officially administered by the All-Palestine Government, established by the Arab League in September 1948. (not local Arabs)
All-Palestine in the Gaza Strip was managed under the military authority of Egypt, functioning as puppet state, until it officially merged into the United Arab Republic and dissolved in 1959. From the time of the dissolution of the All-Palestine Government until 1967, the Gaza Strip was directly administered by an Egyptian military governor. Israel captured the Gaza Strip from Egypt in the Six-Day War in 1967.
Read that again, captured from Egypt, not Palestine! 

All the refugee camps in Gaza were built by Egypt who refused to give Arabs who defined themselves as Palestinians rights or citizenship. Israel NEVER built a refugee camp in Gaza or the West Bank!

After the 1967 war, Israel controlled the Gaza strip and rebuilt the Jewish communities that were destroyed in 1929.
From 1967 - 2005, the Jewish communities in the Gaza strip were constantly under terror attack and threat. Whether it was suicide bombers or shootings, the Palestinian PLO terrorist organization was constantly attempting to murder Jews. 

In May 1994, the Oslo accords were signed and the majority of the Gaza strip was handed over to the Palestinian authority with the exception of the settlement blocks. 
Arab terror continued as the Arabs claimed  that as long as settlements are in the area, the fight (Jihad) will continue. 
This is the map of Gaza after the Oslo accords were signed.

In 2005, Israel's Prime Minister, Arik Sharon decided to completely wipe out all Jewish presence in the Gaza strip. All settlements were dismantled, all Jews kicked out of their homes, synagogues were destroyed and even the Jewish dead were dug up! 
Following the 2005 Disengagement from Gaza, there was not a single IDF soldier or settler to be found anywhere in the Gaza strip! It looked like this! 

In response to Israel's COMPLETE pullout from the Gaza Strip the UN, United States, EU and others donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Gaza so that they could create what they called the "Singapore" of the Middle East. 

What actually happened was the Arabs completely destroyed the infrastructure Israel left in order to help them build a base for their economy and in 2006 the Arab people of Gaza elected the Hamas terrorist organization to govern them. 

What followed was an internal bloodbath till Hamas completely took over the Gaza strip, killed and chased out Fatah and began heavy bombardment of Israeli cities with missiles. The missile bombardment went on for two years till Israel decided she can no longer live with a constant threat of missiles and declared a weapons blockade in 2007. 
The blockade did not happen in 2005 when Israel left but rather two years later as a result of thousands of missiles being shot at civilian cities in Israel. Do NOT let anyone tell you the missiles were a result of the blockade, it's a blatant lie! 

When I say weapons blockade, I mean WEAPONS blockade! NEVER was Gaza in a State of starvation or even humanitarian crisis. Water Parks were opened as well as 5-start hotels, malls and other attractions that would directly contradict all the "concentration camp" "open prison" "ghetto" ridiculous claims! 

My grandparents were in concentration camps in Europe and I do not remember hearing stories about water parks! 

The real irony is that this water park was destroyed but not by Israeli war planes but by Hamas who did not like the mixed swimming, socializing and Western music that was playing there.

Since 2005 over 10,000 missiles were shot at Israeli cities and tens of thousands of weapons and missiles were being imported in to the Gaza strip! 
Of course these numbers are no longer up to date. Over the past two weeks alone, over 2,000 rockets have been shot at Israeli cities and villages. Of course the question of how does a area that is under total blockade and is in need of Flotillas, have the ability to bring in such an arsenal?

Some will tell you they used tunnels to smuggle in these weapons. Great, so why did they not smuggle in all the much needed food and aid they claimed they were missing? (were they missing?)

Picture from the Gaza Market in 2010
For Full List Of Aid Sent To Gaza By Israel Click HERE

What else did Hamas spend the BILLION dollars donated to the people of the Gaza Strip on?
On June 12, 2014, three young Israeli boys were kidnapped, brutally murdered and dumped in the back of the Halhul village near Hebron. The IDF was on a manhunt for two weeks to try and find the three boys and capture the terrorists who committed this hideous crime. As the IDF was receiving intelligence pertaining to this kidnapping, there were massive arrests made of Hamas terrorists in the area. 
The IDF was not arresting random people but Hamas active terrorists who were suspected of being part of the planning and implementation of the kidnapping. 
Both the Israel Security Agency as well as the Palestinian Authority have confirmed that the main suspect, Husam Dofsh, has been absent from his home since the kidnapping. A relative of his, Jihad Dofsh, had blown himself up in a "work accident" in a Hamas explosives laboratory in Hebron, and one of Qawasmeh's relatives had died in the same incident. Husam Dofsh was arrested in a Hebron coffee-shop the following day, after phoning an Israeli news site to protest his innocence. As the Israeli authorities were working night and day to find the boys and the terrorists, Hamas began heavily bombarding Israel in response to Israel's crack down on Hamas terrorists in the area of the abduction (no where near Gaza) 

When it was made clear that Hamas was NOT planning on stopping the missile fire, Israel gave them an ultimatum which Hamas ignored and continued firing at Israeli cities and towns.
Once Israel finally reacted to the continual missile bombardment from Gaza, the world finally woke up and ....yes, ordered Israel to use restraint. 

At first we were aiming only for the missile launchers but after Hamas's failed infiltration attempt in to a Kibbutz in southern Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu along with the Israel security cabinet realized that these tunnels were not just built for importing goods. 

It became clear that Hamas's tunnels and missiles were not being dug for a minor operation but for a judgement day like infiltration of Israel. In order to destroy these imminent threats, Netanyahu ordered the IDF to go in and take out the tunnels as well as the missiles. 
There are those who will try to tell you this is a revenge operation. They seem to forget the 12,000 missiles shot at Israel and the exposed terror tunnel systems. 

The IDF is doing everything in its power not to hit civilians, but when a fascist, murderous terror organization like Hamas cowardly uses women and children as human shields and stores their missiles in schools, hospitals and mosques, the civilian casualties tragically rises. 

The IDF calls, drops leaflets and warns all civilians when and where they will be hitting. If Hamas is using civilian buildings and people for military purposes, they are acting against every international law written and Israel DOES have a legal right to strike those areas. It's not that we want to but that Hamas leaves us no choice.
 Here are just two examples at the length Israel goes to try NOT to hurt civilians.
The Shifa Hospital in Gaza being used as a military Hamas base

IAF pinpoints an attack on Hamas headquarters but waits till all civilians leave the building! The pilot actually counts to make sure everyone has evacuated the building before talking it out!

Time To Sum Up The Gaza Report! 

  • The Gaza Strip NEVER belonged to an Arab Palestine country and was never occupied from them by Israel.
  • Israel COMPLETELY evacuated the Gaza strip in 2005
  • People of Gaza elected a Hamas government who immediately began shelling Israel from the Gaza strip
  • The Weapons Blockade did not come in to effect till 2007 and was a reaction to constant missile shelling from Gaza.
  • Hotels, malls and parks were opened in Gaza while they claimed Gaza was starving.
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars were donated to Gaza and were used to buy weapons as well as purchase tons of concrete to build terror tunnels
  • From 2005-2014 over 12,000 missiles were fired from the Gaza Strip and were aimed ONLY at Israeli civilians.
  • Israel agreed to 4 ceasefires while Hamas has rejected all. 
Yes there are more people in Gaza dying than in Israel but,
Israel has spent billions of dollars on a weapon defense system and bomb shelters to protect her citizens while Hamas has spent a billion dollars on tunnels and missiles and uses their civilians to protect their weapons! 

The situation is clear, Israel was under attack and responded and any attempt to turn Israel in to the aggressor is a flat out lie! 
One last question for all you pro Palestine propagandists,
If there was a missile aimed at your family and it was being shot from a civilian building, what would you do, take it out or let your family die?


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