In The Name Of Allah They ATTACK Israel, In The Name Of God We DEFEND Israel!

There are some posts that need absolutely no text, this is one of those posts! With Allah in mind they attack Israel, with the Torah on our backs we defend Israel!  

You will NEVER guess what this IDF soldier is holding on his back! 

An Ark that holds the Torah so that our IDF soldiers can pray in battle! 
An IDF Soldier Recites The Shema
"Hear Israel, The Lord Is Our God The Lord Is ONE!"

You Know Who He Has A Direct Line To, RIGHT? 

Here's your chance to be come part of Israel's Shield!
New Website is being worked on and a VERY exciting project together with the IDF is being developed. We are missing $1000 to get everything off the ground and every dollar helps so if you believe in the morality of Israel please take a second and make a donation.


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