Fanatic Muslims Murder Because: A. Zionism B. Judaism C. Occupation Or D. Virgins?

I live in what you would call a Jewish "settlement" which is situated close to the city of Bethlehem in the West Bank of Israel. I have several Muslim and Christian friends and work acquaintances from Bethlehem who I often sit with over a cup of coffee and a cigarette.

Ali, my friend and mechanic, has been in my house and met my family but I have not visited his home in Bethlehem and we both know that it would be impossible for me to do so.

It is not because it would be dangerous for me, (I pack a Glock-17C and am a VERY good shot) but Ali's neighbors and Fatah government officials are extremely bothered by the fact that he does business with us Jews and they can't stand that he is friendly with settlers. I have even come to Ali's defense when his children were being beaten by Fatah police on the outskirts of Bethlehem.

So what is it about Arabs and specifically Muslim Arabs that causes them to hate so deeply that they torture their own who choose not to hate Jews? What caused fanatic Muslims to hate so much that they are willing to murder random Jews and even put their own kids in danger as if there is some pride in having them die while throwing a molotov cocktail at a random car?
Is this the way to educate your children.

Notice they were talking about Jews not just Zionists!

 Is it the Israeli occupation of Palestine?

If you're one of those who believe Israel EVER occupied an Arab Palestine country or state, please take a break and read --->
History of a Non-Palestine

Is it because of the siege in Gaza?

It is as if some have forgotten the fact that Israel completely left Gaza in 2005 and the response has been non-stop missile bombardment of Israeli cities and towns. The weapons blockade started only in 2007 and was a reaction to Hamas firing missiles in to Israel. If you thought Muslim violence was because of Gaza please STOP and read--->
 Let's get some facts straight about Gaza

Is it because Jews wish to dominate the world? 

After all,  the Jews own everything from the News( not including CNN, SKY, BBC & Al Jazeera of course) to Hollywood and have a plan to take over the world.
World domination? Take a look at the map of the Middle East, who is dominating? 
They say pictures are worth a thousand words but not in this case! Listen VERY carefully to this Muslim cleric speak of world domination. For those of you in the UK, he is ONE of yours!

So what is it? What is it that has filled every 'Most Wanted Terrorist List' in the world with Muslims? Why is it when real moderate Muslims like Mohammad Zoabi speak up against terrorists like Hamas, his life is threatened? Watch Mohammad take on Hamas HERE 
Time to face the truth that fanatic Islam is not a result of an Israeli occupation or America fighting Islamic regimes. The reality of it is quite the opposite. Fanatic Islam worships death and murder and it is that philosophy that America was fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and Israel is now fighting in Gaza.

Let's take the Jerusalem bulldozer terror attack that happened this past August. An Israeli Muslim with equal rights, voting rights, social security, education, utilities and all, decided to take a bulldozer and drive over random Jews in the center of Jerusalem.
No occupation, No siege, No reason!
(Except for the 72 virgins of course)
When I mock this fanatic Islamic belief of paradise I am not insulting Islam, the terrorists have already done that.
I am insulting the terrorists!
For Example:

Hamas Calls For Immediate Ceasefire As One Of The Virgins Sends A Selfie From Paradise!
I case you needed more proof, to how dangerous fanatic Islam is, listen very carefully! 

Moderate Muslims must voice their opposition to fanatic Islam, they claim they represent you! 

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