It's A MIRACLE! Gaza Corpses Come Alive On TV! Guaranteed To Make You Laugh!

The Arab propaganda machine has seen better days. I have to admit, with Hamas breaking the ceasefire again last night, I needed a good laugh, I just never thought it would be the Arabs themselves that would supply the goods! 

The first course of comedy came from Lebanese TV. I am seriously impressed how this interviewee kept a straight face as he reported thousands of IDF soldiers who...oh just watch it! 

I hope you weren't drinking coffee while watching that and if you were, I am not responsible for any injuries.  

In case the last one did not have you in stitches, I promise you this one will! They are calling the Gaza war a GENOCIDE and they are uploading loads of pictures of dead babies (from Syria) to prove it. 

There are only two ways to explain what you are about to watch, either this is a multiple resurrection or Hamas is lying about the numbers of people killed. 

Tell me you didn't crack up at 1:26!

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