5 Things You Have To Ask Yourself Before Blaming Israel

Israel completely pulled out of Gaza in 2005. Israel's Prime Minister at the time, Arik Sharon, expelled over 8,000 Jews from their homes, dug up the Jewish dead from the cemeteries in Gush Katif and almost ripped the nation apart.

It is not like many people from the right block of the government did not warn of the dangers to come if we would leave Gaza but we were ignored! Even Binyamin Netanyahu voted for the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif.

How much of a sacrifice was this terrible act of treason? Watch these girls crying and praying that some miracle might stop such a mistake. The prayer they are crying states:

"A prayer of the afflicted man when he faints, and in front of Hashem he pours forth his supplications. Hashem, hear my prayer, and my cry - to You let it reach! Do not hide Your face from me on the day of my distress." (Tehillim 102:1-3)  

They then went on to say God is our ruler and then finally a call to our Father in heaven,
Our Father, our King, Be compassionate to us and answer us, for we have no deeds, Grant us charity and benevolence and redeem us."

How could Sharon, who was the father of the settlement building, do such a Traitorous act and how could Netanyahu vote for it?

The answer is that both of them, for some odd reason, believed if Israel gave Arabs land, they would lose their motivation to kill Jews in Israel. Today, it is proven beyond a doubt just how wrong they were! 

Since Israel's complete pullout from Gaza in 2005, over 15,000 missiles have been shot and aimed at civilian cities in Israel. Not once has the UN or any human rights group condemned Hamas for their attack on ONLY civilian areas in Israel. Only when Israel decided to RESPOND did the UN and the world go crazy! 

Before you blame Israel, ask yourselves these 5 questions:

1.  What would your country do if fired upon 15,000 times?

I do not care what the size of the missiles are. Let's say it was not even rockets but bullets! What would your country do if it was fired upon with 15,000 rounds? For those who think Israel should not react to Hamas because we have the Iron Dome, that's like me saying you should continuously let someone kick you in the testicles because you have a great jockstrap! 

2.  If a missile was aimed at your family and being shot from a           school or a hospital, would you take it out or let your family           die?

OK, forget about definitely dying, how about let it be fired at your house and pray for the best. Do not tell me about the Iron Dome; the missile is aimed at your house - do you take it out or let it be fired at your family!

3.  Were the allied forces in WWII wrong? 

Twenty times more German civilians died than all allies put together. How about the UK and Dresden?
I know people are dying in Gaza and NO I am not happy about innocent people dying. Israel never wanted this war or any of them. We never started the wars, we only finished them! In Gaza there are endless number of tunnels; if they wanted to keep their people safe they would have allowed them underground instead of shooting missiles from UN schools, hospitals and shelters! 

For more on Why Children In Gaza CLICK on this!

4.  Please Tell Me What Right Your Country Has To Exist?

Although NEVER in the history of the world did a Palestine Arab country ever exist, you blame Israel for occupying Palestine. Not only did such a country not exist, even when all the "territories" were in Arab hands between 1948-1967, there was never a demand for an Arab Palestine state till Israel! 

BUT let's play your game and say that Israel did fight a war against a Palestinian Arab country and win. Please tell me how your country became your country? If you are from the US, please tell me you are for taking down the White House and putting up a Tepee instead. Don't even get me started with England who has the record for occupying other people's lands. So even if the Palestine lie was true, we would give it up as soon as all you hypocrites give back your land to those you took it from! 

TRIVIA:  Medina (Muslim holy city) was a Jewish city before Muhammed slaughtered the Jews and occupied it! WE WANT IT BACK!

5.  Can you show me a genocide that numbered 1,000 people?

Yes, I know over 2000 people died but 1000 of them, even according to the exaggerated Hamas numbers, were terrorists!
So please look through your history books and find me a genocide with even 2000 people! While you're at it find a case where the side that is claiming genocide had a charter to commit genocide and fired missiles and then cried genocide when they were hit back! 

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