Why Do Children Die In Gaza & Why Should We Care

There are two sides to this conflict, one side is trying as hard as it can NOT to target or injure innocent civilians and the other is targeting ONLY innocent civilians. One side has spent $Billions on developing defense systems to keep their citizens safe while the other has spent $Billions on developing offensive weapons and actually puts their citizens in danger. 

I am a right wing religious Jewish settler and I HATE seeing pictures of kids in Gaza who are dying or suffering because of this war. I also HATE seeing the poor kids being slaughtered in Syria and in Iraq. In fact I hate seeing any innocent people paying the price of war.
Never do I consider the death of a child or an innocent person something to celebrate and it is this human compassion that Hamas is banking on.

The Israel Arab conflict is a culture war and has nothing to do with land. Take a look at the map below, how can you honestly believe this is about Jewish occupation of Arab land?
The Muslim side has spent years indoctrinating the young to hate and this hate as mentioned in the video below, has nothing to do with Zionism.Instead of bringing up children with the hope and knowledge on how to build their own society, they focus their efforts on teaching children how to destroy another people's society.

The indoctrination of kids does not end with just TV shows. Hamas runs day camps that brainwash their young that the biggest act of heroism is to...die!

Does this mean Israel can kill 450 children?

First of all, I am disgusted by the question. The number of children dead is a perversion of morality. Any child killed in war, even one! is a tragedy. 

Is Israel aiming for children? 

Never in the history of Israel have we EVER targeted innocent people and certainly not children! This is truly heartbreaking to see. 

How Come So Many Children Are Dying In Gaza?

There have 2,000 casualties (based on Hamas numbers)in Gaza with a reported 450 being children. These numbers are not confirmed and according to a long history of exaggerated reports from Arab terrorists in the past, I am not sure I trust this number. 

In any case why are ANY children dying in Gaza? 

Do Muslims Terrorist Groups Use Human Shields?

There is a long history of Islamic groups using women and children as shields while they attack their enemies. They know that Israel is very sensitive when it comes innocent casualties.
 Don't they have ANY mercy on their kids?
When a Siren in Israel is sounded, parents rush their kids to bomb shelters and cover them with their own bodies to keep them safe.
Using childrenas PR pawns is child abuse! This child is brought to lay on tires that are set to be burned on the Israeli border

You will NEVER see this scene in Israel! 
Or This!
And if there is a security threat to a specific area, you will not see Jewish parents running to that area with their kids in order to put them in danger. This is just horrible! 

Israel by no means aims or targets innocent civilians and certainly not children. Hamas however understands just how much we sanctify life and is using their own people as human shields knowing that the more dead, the more Israel is blamed.
Here are 3 short videos that were published when the reporters were no longer in danger and far away from Gaza.

France 24 TV. 

UN Representative admits Hamas missiles shot close to UN shelters! 

Why Does Hamas Use Their Own People As Human Shields?

Why do Hamas put children and women in danger? They could have used the numerous underground tunnels to protect their citizens while Israel attacked missile launching pads but instead they encouraged them to actually go to where they knew perfectly well Israel will be attacking.
What good does it serve these terrorists when they show young bodies blown to pieces and since it has been proven that Hamas clearly uses human shields, why should we care? 
I believe the answer to these questions are in the questions themselves. Unlike Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas, ISIS and Hizbollah who actually target the  innocent, WE do care! When I say "we" I mean anyone from the civilized world. Hamas is banking their whole propaganda campaign on our moral compass while they completely have a different set of morals. Israel has spent BILLIONS of dollars on missiles that can pinpoint a target and if we were interested even in the slightest bit in killing innocent people we would have saved a lot of money!

Unlike the Arabs who celebrate the death of innocent people, we loathe it, we mourn it and we have a hard time dealing with it even when we did not mean to do it! 
This famous picture from the Ramallah Lynching in 2000 shows an Arab whose hands are literally dripping in blood of an IDF non combatant driver who was captured and torn apart by the crowd in Ramallah. Go ahead find me a picture of a Jew doing this! 

Hamas knows how much we are personally affected when innocent people die and they therefore put their own people in danger and use their dead bodies as some kind of sick pornographic PR material. 
We in Israel have respect for those who die and that is exactly why you will NEVER see us advertising to the world Jewish victims who were shot, blown up or torn limb by limb by Muslim terrorists. Our enemies are not affected by these pictures, they celebrate them and our respect towards the dead is stronger than our hate towards our enemy.

Google pictures of Germany after the allies bombed it in WW2, look up the numbers of Germans dead compared to those who were killed in the allied countries. Google the word Dresden and you will find horrific pictures but I do not believe there is a single sane person who thinks the allies used disproportionate force agains the Nazi regime!
Hamas understands very well just how much world opinion is affected by pictures of dead children and that is exactly why they put their own kids in danger and then flash them around like some kind of sick peep show. 

After all, if they didn't flash their dead kids around, you might have paid attention to their charter that actually calls for the genocide of Jews or the fact that ALL Hamas missiles are aimed ONLY at civilian areas in Israel. 

What Can You Do About Hamas's Child Abuse?

You can try to condemn them online, in the UN and throughout the world but I do not think they care at all about public opinion.
It is more about what you can stop doing. Every time you blame Israel for the death of civilians who were used by Hamas as human shields, you not only excuse Hamas's barbaric behavior, you actually strengthen it! 
Every time you ignore or close a blind eye to the ongoing abuse of women and children in Gaza by Hamas, you actually encourage them to continue their abusive behavior. 

I am not saying ignore the 450 children who were tragically killed in this war, on the contrary! I am saying stop the abuse immediately! Stop blaming Israel when you know full well that a terrorist organization called Hamas is using innocent people as human shields! 


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  1. Outstanding! I will share this immediately with my Twitter followers and on Facebook. You're a good man.

  2. From Muslim guy
    The end of Israel brought.
    We love death (Jehad) very much like your loving for the life.
    Sooner or later we will keep fighting till last Israeli soldiers.
    Israel now in the hottest spot on the world , you can see how much we like death (Jihad) in iraq in Syria.
    it's a matter of time and you will see what will happen for Israel . trust me

  3. Hey Amer,
    How are ya? Seems like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!
    Truth is I loved your comment, it is exactly psychos like you that justify Israel's fight.
    In any case, you have lost all wars against Israel so I think it is time to get the message, ALLAH IS A ZIONIST!

  4. Only God and i mean the only true God (jehovah) can deliver us from what this muslims want to turn this world to

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    Well, we'll see in the coming months how many muslims retards are gonna die, I think a lot more than jews or occidentals or asian people, because really let's face it, that is what you want, war, let us give it to you then. Bye. Have fun on your Java blog, it looks amazing man, and we are all really scared by you threats.
    Goodbye Amer (Icasthebest)


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