Why Is Bibi Giving In To Hamas Demands? Here Is My Guess

For those of you who follow Israel_Shield on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I try to get information to you before you hear it on the news. You also know that I am VERY careful to release information only when it is confirmed and released by the IDF.

That is why this post is so difficult for me to write. Let me be perfectly clear, I have absolutely no information as to what is going on in Cairo. I have no idea why Netanyahu agreed at all to a ceasefire with a fanatic Islamic terror organization and I do not understand why he or anyone else (Obama) would ever contemplate accepting any terms by an organization that states loud and clear their goal to annihilate Israel.

I have been feeding off Islamic news channels that are reporting a major breakthrough at the Cairo talks. I have heard everything from "Netanyahu gave in to all of Hamas's demands" to "Hamas has agreed to let Abu Mazen take over Gaza". 

Unfortunately, I have heard nothing from the Israeli side. My Prime Minister has kept completely and totally silent and unlike the Gaza war where I had inside information, this time, I have nothing and it is making me VERY nervous. 

The way I see it, there are one of three options here. 

1. Barack Obama has already held back missile delivery to Israel over this Gaza war and Mr. Obama is now threatening Netanyahu with some kind of apocalyptic threat. 
As much as it is clear to me that Obama is no friend of Israel, I don't believe Netanyahu would sell out, considering he is aware that Congress, the Senate and  the majority of the American people understand that given the choice between Israel and Hamas, only Israel is a true friend.

The second option is Netanyahu is waiting for Hamas to make a move and attack Israel. While Hamas has an impeccable record of screwing up and breaking ceasefires, this is a dangerous game of Russian Roulette Bibi is playing. All Hamas has to do now is keep a low profile and begin refurbishing its missiles without firing and call Bibi's bluff. No missiles shot, Bibi can't attack.

The third and most worrisome option, yet most probable one, is that Binyamin Netanyahu has given in to Hamas demands. When I say Hamas demands I mean Bibi has given up on
the demilitarization of Gaza as well as dropped the weapons blockade Israel has been holding on Gaza for the past 9 years and has also agreed to hold off all operations in Gaza including tunnel discovery, destruction and terrorist assassinations. What has Hamas promised? Hamas has given us their word that they will not shoot at Israel (until their missile supply is fully refurbished!)

There is only one way for Israel to get out of this mess and that is if Hamas attacks. I know it sounds horrible but if they sit quietly and this ridiculous ceasefire goes through, Hamas will be busier than ever buying new missiles and digging new tunnels! 

Dear Bibi,
I hope I am wrong and would be happy to write an apology letter for doubting you, but as of right now, I have a feeling you have caved, folded and gave (given) up! 

If you have agreed to this ludicrous ceasefire, not only did you not beat Hamas like you promised you would during the elections, you made them even stronger! 

You think 2000 dead people by them is a loss? They will claim victory as the little small Hamas organization that succeeded in forcing Israel to accept their claims. 

I am not actually worried about Hamas, but what message do you think this little ceasefire of yours is sending to the Muslim countries around us!  

It is sad that the only hope I have is that Hamas will believe in their lies enough to attack Israel again so that you will have no choice but to fight those who want to destroy us. 

If you did agree to this ceasefire, you embarrassed Israel, the IDF and in my humble opinion slapped every soldier who lost their life fighting in Gaza across the face!

If you agreed to this ceasefire, you gave in to terrorists...again! 
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