Why Hamas Thinks They Won, Why They Might Be Right & Why I Don't Care!

In Syria, Assad's men have lined people up on the edge of mass graves and shot them dead. Muslim Men, women and children have been gassed, shot and slaughtered by other Muslims and no one says a word.

Relax, this post is about the recent Gaza war, I just wanted you to be aware that there is a REAL genocide happening just north of Israel but for some reason Israel's fight against a terrorist organization seems to be a bigger tragedy.
This is what Genocide actually looks like!
Ok, back to GAZA
Over the past month Israel has been fighting a war that she was forced to fight. In 2005 Israel completely pulled out of Gaza  till the 1967 lines and even dug up the Jewish dead in Gaza so the Arabs would have no excuse! 

If you're looking for some history on the Gaza Strip, read:
The Facts About Gaza

After a month of fighting, Israel has destroyed over 90% of the Gaza terror tunnels, taken out hundreds of Hamas terrorists and hit almost every Hamas terrorist who fired or attempted to fire missiles at Israel. 

While there is not a single Israeli who sees the number of dead as any measure of success, Hamas has made it perfectly clear that they are looking for and desire death. 
Due to Israel's defense system, shelters and of course God, the numbers of Israelis that have been killed in this Gaza war has been minimal. While every life is sacred the difference between what Hamas wanted to do to Israel and what they actually succeeded in doing is mind-blowing! 
Gaza lost over 2000 people in this war and one would think Hamas would have taken any of the 11 ceasefires offered to them to save lives. 
Hamas fired rockets from civilian locations such as hospitals, schools as well as from civilian living centers and forced Israel to attack and cause severe damage to Gaza's infrastructure.


Again, there is not a single Israeli and certainly not an IDF soldier who was looking to destroy or kill anyone but Hamas terrorists and my heart goes out to those Arabs who voted against Hamas and are now paying the tragic price of war their government started.
Watch this exclusive report of how Hamas fires missiles from the center of civilian living quarters. 

All said and done, it is clear that Israel has reached her military goal. It has been 48 hours since Hamas has given in to Israel's terms of a ceasefire. Gaza's airspace, sea and land borders will remain under Israeli security, the missiles have stopped, the tunnels destroyed and over a thousand Hamas terrorists eliminated. There is not a single Hamas demand that was and all they have is losses; Loss of life, loss of buildings, loss of tunnels, loss of funds and loss of control. Even the Arab world has turned their back on Hamas and has blamed this senseless war on them.

There are rumors of Gaza civilians attacking Hamas officials following the ceasefire and it seems Gaza will implode before long. You can be sure Israel will be there to help when and IF Arabs in Gaza decide they no longer want to be part of any terrorist organization and that they have decided to focus on building theirs instead of destroying ours. 

So Why Has Hamas Declared A Victory?  

Hamas is a terrorist organization and their goal was and always will be to cause fear and death. They had no intention of taking over Israel and their measurement of success and failure is different than any Western civilized mind can understand. How many of you reading this post could EVER fathom the idea of sending your child to blow himself up and kill innocent people for the sake of resistance or 72 virgins? As ridiculous as that sounds, it is exactly what Hamas, ISIS, Hizbollah and the rest of the fanatic Islamic terrorist groups believe. 
I have heard many fanatic Muslims on the Israel Shield Twitter and Facebook page call Israel cowardly because we do not come out and fight but rather choose to hide in bomb shelters. 

As much as we do not understand their desire for death, they do not understand our desire for life. Hamas and their supporters do not understand why anyone with any honor would hide in the protection of bomb shelters when we could put ourselves in danger and possibly have the honor to die as a martyr! They do not understand why we would keep our citizens away from the south when missiles are falling instead of sending our kids to play on the beach and have the "honor" of being killed. 

There is no war or conflict in the Middle East that has to do with land or occupation, this is a culture war and one side wants the other side dead as much as they want to die themselves. Like a compulsive gambler who keeps losing, death, destruction and loss is all part the game and actually causes Hamas excitement when getting back to the Blackjack table. 

Am I generalizing? Am I being extreme? I will not show you the tens of Hamas videos where they proclaim their desire to die and murder Jews (not Zionists but Jews). I will not post videos of fanatic Muslims stating clearly their goal of reigning Sharia law on the ENTIRE free world! I will not show the Hamas charter because you might say that its fanatic language is there just for political gain and I will spare you the absolutely appalling videos of Muslim ISIS terrorists  slaughtering innocent Christians,  I will not show you the children's TV shows on Hamas TV  because you might say it is a result of years of Israeli occupation. 

I will show you a woman whose child had a fatal heart condition and was saved by Jewish Israeli doctors. I will show you a woman who was showered with gifts and kindness from Israelis and I ask you to watch and listen carefully to what she has to say. She will explain in detail why Hamas and those that agree with them think they have won this war in Gaza! She will also prove why peace is not possible at this time.

Dear Hamas, 
I wish you many more victories like this one!
To the Arabs who realize this is not the way, it's time to also realize Israel is not your enemy but rather a life vest to save you from the sea of fanatic Islam, GRAB ON before you drown! 

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