10 Facts That Anti Israel Activists Can't Refute!

Remember the old 'two elephants in the bathtub no soap radio' joke? You know, the one when everyone around you is cracking up and you don't get the joke? Remember how you thought they were all nuts because there was nothing funny about an elephant in the bathtub saying "No soap radio"?

But, all your friends were laughing hysterically and your best friend, an ALLY, turned to you and said, "Don't you get it?! No soap radio"!

There are many who fell for the prank and started laughing as if they finally got the joke only to become the laughing stock of the whole international community, oops, I mean the laughing stock of their friends. 

This is how I often feel as the international community constantly points their finger at Israel and screams things like "Occupation" or "Genocide". I know there is nothing funny about two elephants in the bathtub and yes, I know the world is missing a whole lot of integrity when it comes to their criticism of Israel.

Has The World Gone CRAZY? 

I am not even going to start with the occupation thing. If you are interested in understanding why the whole occupation claim is a lie, read--> History Of Palestine Israel 101 or How To Destroy Anti Israel Propaganda Cheat Sheet

10 Facts That No Pro Palestine Activist Can Refute!

1. At no time in history did Israel occupy the Gaza Strip or the West Bank from Palestine.
2. Israel completely left the Gaza Strip in 2005 and the Arabs destroyed the infrastructure Israel left and then voted in a terrorist organization that is set on destroying Israel and committing Genocide against the Jews. (Not Zionists, Jews!) 

Following the Israeli disengagement from the Gaza strip, Hamas began shelling Israel from the areas that Israel pulled out from!

3. The weapons blockade on Gaza started two years after Israel's pull out from Gaza and was a reaction to non-stop missile fire.

4. Hamas targets civilians and their missiles are aimed ONLY at civilian Israeli communities.

5. During the "Gaza siege" one 5-star hotel, 3 malls and a water park were built in Gaza. Over $1.5 BILLION was handed over to Hamas who used the money to build tunnels to infiltrate Israel and to purchase long range missiles from Syria instead of building an infrastructure for the people of Gaza. 

6. Hamas uses civilian areas and buildings as missile launching pads in order to inflict maximum civilian casualties and use their dead as PR pawns while they fire missiles aimed at Israeli civilian areas.   

7. There has NEVER been a UN condemnation of Hamas missile fire and recently there have been more resolutions against Israel than against the slaughter in Syria and Iraq combined.

8. The UN's majority is made up of dictatorships, Islamic regimes and countries that do not allow for basic human rights for all civilians.

9. The Muslim leadership that constantly compares the situation in Gaza to the Holocaust were actually in Cahoots with Hitler and had military brigades fighting together with the Nazi regime. 

10. The Hamas charter still calls for the total annihilation and genocide of the Jewish people.


11. Never in the history of the world was there an act of Genocide that numbered 2000 people. Especially when a big part of that number were terrorists! 

So, two elephants sitting in the bathtub is not funny and yes the world is absolutely nuts! Israel will continues to fight Hamas and likes of them and if Hamas uses civilian areas, including UNWRA schools and humans to shield their cowardliness as well as terrorize their own people, more people will unfortunately die. 
What's the solution? 
The Arabs STOP starting wars, Abara Cadabara, peace is here! 

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