Why Obama Won't Call ISIS An Islamic Terror Organization

Barack Obama was elected based on air and a catchy slogan, "Yes We Can!" Barack Obama received the Nobel peace prize based on air and even when he accepted the award, he had a hard time explaining what he had accomplished to merit this prestigious prize. 

Then came the Iraq fiasco as Barack Obama bragged at every opportunity he had that he was the one to get every last US soldier out of Iraq. Of course when the Iraqi pullout backfired on him, he took a step back and attempted to make believe it wasn't his decision.

Obama threatened Israel very clearly when it came to Israel's war against Hamas, but when it came to Syria all we heard was "one more time and I might do something". 

Syrian children murdered by Assad in a chemical attack

Barack Obama gave a very clear red line when it came to Syria but Assad laughed that warning off and crossed the red line without thinking twice and Obama did nothing. 
A new Islamic monster has raised its head in the Middle East and it is called ISIS! Some are trying to convince the world that this terror organization is NOT Islamic. That's a little difficult considering they call themselves the ISLAMIC STATE! 

I still have not figured out what benefit it serves anyone not to face the truth that this terror organization is a radical Islamic one. Even if one claims that they are perverting the way of Islam, they still consider themselves an Islamic group. Saudi Arabia and Iraq both call ISIS a radical Islamic terror group, so why is it that Obama is refusing to admit the obvious truth? 

Is it because he is scared to offend the "moderate" Islamic regimes? 

Let's say that ISIS is an enemy to those so called moderate Islamic regimes, why then has there not been a single Islamic country that agreed to join Obama's coalition against ISIS? Turkey has joined the coalition but has now refused to allow the US to use military bases in Turkey. 

While the world is going crazy there are a select few whose voice is a beacon of light in the sea of darkness! Judge Jeanine Pirro delivered, in my opinion, her best speech yet! 

While Judge Jeanine makes her case clear, the end of the video will leave you asking some serious questions pertaining to the President of the United States of America!

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  1. Obama does not speak for The American People, we love Israel and ISIS IS A BUNCH OF TERRORIST PIGS.
    God bless Israel and please god blessthe usa again.
    Christians and Jews united forever.

    1. AnonymousMay 06, 2015



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