Why ISIS And The U.S. Supreme Court's Decision On Homosexuality Are An Abomination

Internet and social media were designed to allow people to voice their opinions, freely and without fear. For the past month I felt like I have been living in an alternate universe where gay police and their supporters are on a hunt for people like me who completely disagree with their opinion. It doesn't matter how clearly I explain my opinion, the gay mafia and their supporters are not only unwilling to listen, they actively attack me and my opinions. I guess they believe in freedom and love, UNLESS you disagree with them. 

I am an Orthodox Jew.
Homosexuality is completely immoral according to the Torah

Recently there have been Rabbis who have attempted to blur the clear Torah definition of homosexuality as an abomination towards God as they work to find something "kosher" in the recent court's decision. When one points out to these rabbis the Torah passage that clearly defines homosexual relations as an abomination towards God, they respond by telling us about other Torah prohibitions that are being transgressed, as if that is supposed to make their support for this one any better. 

The very popular Rabbi Boteach who has written books such as "Kosher Jesus" or "Kosher Sex", seems to have an attraction to being in the spotlight and the recent decision to legalize homosexual marriage was the perfect opportunity for him to once again make headlines. 

Boteach has only two problems:  

1. He is not a homosexual
2. As an Orthodox Rabbi he can in no way back up homosexuality       on a moral level. 

Boteach solved the first problem as he announced from any and every online soapbox he could find that his brother is a homosexual. 

Congratulations Rabbi, we are all very happy for you.

When it came to the second problem, Boteach was very creative. The Rabbi made it clear that he cannot ignore the explicit Torah prohibition to homosexual behavior and he himself would not carry out a gay wedding (which is now illegal to say). The Rabbi then went on to tell us that his brother has been ill treated due to his sexual tendencies and desires and therefore the Rabbi was happy about the Supreme Court's decision. In other words, because there were people who attacked his brother, Boteach is now giving his rabbinical blessing to the US that is institutionalizing what he himself calls and considers an absolute immoral sexual sin.

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Let me make something perfectly clear right off the bat!

There is no excuse to attack someone who is attracted to the same sex or someone who has a drive to steal, sniff glue or even one who succumbed to their sexual desires and committed adultery. There is no excuse for individuals to attack anyone unless in imminent danger.

Nowhere in my opposition to the recent US Supreme Court decision will you find me excusing, condoning or accepting attacks of homosexuals. There is a difference between attacking someone for their sexual desires and accepting them as a norm. 
Why the Rabbi connects the two is beyond me. 

The strategy of those who support homosexuality is to brand those of us who disagree with them as everything from fascists to being like ISIS. 
This is the way of the liberal mind; attack anyone who disagrees with your views while claiming you're open minded and accepting of all views. 
Below is the perfect example how liberals have turned their fight for sexual freedom into forceful coercion and infringement on religious rights of others. America, is this where you're heading?

The people who are screaming and are up in arms with battle cries in favor of gay marriages are the same people backing Obama who has closed a blind eye and is doing absolutely nothing when it comes to ISIS, who is hanging homosexuals and slaughtering anyone looking for freedom. 
These liberals are the same people who demonstrate for and trust claims coming out of Gaza, where homosexuals are murdered while at the same time they demonstrate against Israel, whose Tel Aviv city has unfortunately been named the gay capital of the world. 


Things really heat up when I ask the pro-homosexual army why incest is any different. They start hurling insults and curses as if I have offended them in some way. All I want to know is why is incest immoral but homosexuality is not. 

What is the problem if a brother and sister or a mother and her son decide they want to marry? After all, love conquers all, no?
What's the moral difference? 

There is no moral difference because in their mind there is no morality.

This is not a debate about gays, it is a debate about morality and if it really exists. It's not that some are claiming homosexuality is moral, it's about them claiming no one has a right to define morality. In other words, there is no morality. 

Why am I, a guy living in Israel, upset about the US Supreme Court's decision? Why is it any of my business?
I felt America stood for something on a moral level. 
What someone does in their bedroom is their issue, but when society institutionalizes a completely unnatural sexual desire and turns it into something normal while branding those who disagree with it as fanatic, I see that as a moral downfall of the United States of America and yes I do care if America loses it's morality. 

When I say an unnatural sexual desire, I mean completely incompatible on a biological level. Ever try to connect these two? 

No matter how much you feel that one of these screws was born a nut in a screw's body, it's still a screw and they don't connect!
If you so believe homosexuality is natural, show me the next time two men or two women impregnate each other. Please don't tell me about normal couples who can't have kids, they are the exception to the rule while homosexual couples not having kids is the RULE with no exceptions! 

So, no! You cannot murder, beat up or abuse people who have homosexual desires and no, America or any other country with morals should not institutionalize homosexual marriages.

Who am I to decide? I am an individual just like you. You decided that homosexuality is acceptable and demand I respect your opinion? I am going to ask you for the same courtesy! 


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  1. AnonymousJuly 06, 2015

    I´ve been following you for a time, because we share the same vision of peace for Israel and the rest of the world, however i must say im deeply disappointed that you call our freedom to be with whoever we want an abomination, i will not even try to discuss the facts of homosexuality with you because it would be like discussing facts about Israel's right to exist with a member of Hamas. We are no abomination nor antinatural beings, we are humas just like you trying to be happy and do our best in life.

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      While I do accept and respect your opinion, I must vocally reject your comparison of me to Hamas. I understand it's not what you meant but what I wrote in the post about people labeling me as everything from a fascist to ISIS is exactly what you just did.
      Please read my post again. I said, what you do in your own bedroom is your business but when a country institutionalizes same sex marriage, it is justifying a sexual desire that is both unnatural and destructive to the human race. Homosexuals by science cannot have offspring and by definition is stunting humanity.
      I never said you were anything besides human beings and I would in no way disrespect you as a human being. What makes someone happy is not always right, moral or natural and sometimes morality should take over. I am not doubting your desire for a partner of the same sex, I do not think your faking it either, all I said is according to the Torah homosexuality is an immoral sexual act.
      Do you believe there is morality in the world or does everyone decide what is moral for them? Can you please explain why incest is more or less moral than homosexuality? If it is what makes them happy, do you have a problem with it? Is it everyone's personal decision to decide what morality is? Why is murder wrong? Why is cheating on your wife or husband wrong? Who defines right and wrong?
      I didn't say you were an antinatural being, I said same sex sexual (homoSEXUAL) relationships are unnatural by science.

      Whatever you opinion might be, I would ask of you the same respect you are demanding from me. There was not a single hint in my post where I said you or any other person should be disrespected as a human.

      I do appreciate you following me and would like to see you stick around.
      I would also like you to explain to me how you see homosexual relationships fit in with nature.

      Have a great day!

  2. AnonymousJuly 07, 2015

    I ask for apologies if you were offended by the comparison but i did not ment it that way. I'll try to make my points clearer however my native language is not english so things can easily be misunderstood.

    First of all im glad you call science in because i'm a psychologist and science absolutely proves that homosexuality is both natural and far more common than anyone would like to admit, in nature same sex relationships can be found in a wide variety of species, as examples: lions, dolphins, bonobos ( i'm not sure thats their name in english but can search for them as "pan paniscus"), cats, dogs, ducks, penguins, vultures, spiders, lizards and dragonflies just to name a few.
    Also by no means it is destructive in any way to humanity or any other specie, what is really destructive it's the misinformation that exists about it; in my own field i have seen the profound scars that can be left in someone's mind when people tells them: you are disgusting, god hates you, your love is a sin, fu**íng fa***ot, your desire is unnatural or things like that when the only thing they ask for is to be accepted and loved for whom they are.

    I completely understand that as an othodox jew the compass of your life is in the Torah and i respect that, i was raised as a catholic and i ended giving up on that or any other religion precisely for that simple argument of inmorality, instead of that i did learn to hear Gods whispers in the breeze of the ocean, in the sound of the smile of children, in the honesty of my patients when they say thank you after i help them to overcome their suffering and continue with their life.

    Do i believe if there is morality in the world? Yes i do, but i think your concept of morality is a little different from mine

    Whats my concept of morality? Well here in Mexico there's a phrase from an historical figure that tranlated would be something like: Among the nations and the individuals, the respect for others rights it's peace (thats exactly the reason i'm an Israel's supporter)

    Incest, well thats an interest topic because these days actually i have been reading about Genetic sexual attraction and Westermarck effect, i'm a partidary that it is a cultural taboo and i have never faced a case in my life but it would be a real challenge because of my own biased cultural education, so i cannot have a complete answer at the moment.

    Why is murder wrong? It is wrong because you are taking a life with all its dreams and hopes and you create suffering in the people that loves that person, i believe that only God can decide about life and death, so humans cannot decide on that matter (thats why i hate terrorists)

    1. Hello again Anonymous,

      Have no fear, I was not offended even in the slightest bit.
      In terms of natural, you can scream from now till tomorrow that it is natural for two men to have sexual relations but it is not going to change the fact that it just doesn't fit (Excuse the pun).
      Why can't two men have children? Because it is impossible, nature does not work that way and never has.

      I do love how you merge the fact that you are a psychologist with biology of animals. My dog also mounts shoes, dolls and many other inanimate objects to get out it's sexual drive and desires, I hope you don't think a man humping a car would not be called normal!
      Dogs fornicate wherever they are and mount any other dog they want. I hope you are now not going to call rapists natural? (After all animals do it all the time!) Your comparison between an animalistic sexual drive and human morality is simply humorous.
      I do love how you brought people who were emotionally hurt by others attacking them however this has absolutely nothing to do with this post. As I clearly said in the post, no one is allowed to attack, verbally or physically, someone who is attracted to the same sex. I never once said God hates anyone so please do not take examples of people that have absolutely no connection to me to try and justify your disagreement with me.
      When it comes to the destructive nature of homosexual relations, let's do a little experiment. Let's make a city of homosexual men and let me know what you think the numbers of their future generations would be? 0! They would be extinct before any next generation is born. Extinction = destruction.

      Thile I am happy you feel accomplishment and happiness as you help your patients, that has nothing to do with God. I can understand your views coming from a Catholic childhood where anyone not is going to hell, but that is not what Judaism has ever said. While Judaism does believe that every human has God's light within them, your hearing of God through what you perceive is nothing more than me saying I hear my dead grandmother in the wind.

      In terms of morality. You say your concept of morality is different that mine. I am interested in understanding what your concept is and where does it come from?
      Please do not take this the wrong way, I appreciate your support for Israel and appreciate you taking the time to comment. As much as kindness is a major part of Judaism it is not the end note. There are morals in a Godly world while in a Godless world there are only opinions and anything goes.

      When it comes to incest or bestiality or any other sexual drive that someone wants to carry out, I do not understand what your hesitation is. If both are happy...why not?
      When it comes to murder, I asked for why is it immoral?
      According to your definition of wrong, someone who is seriously mentally challenged as well as physically challenged and a burden on their families, are you saying it would be ok to murder them? After all, they have no hopes and you actually ease the burden on the family. I do hope we both agree that this type of murder is NOT acceptable. The only difference is I know why...

      As you so eloquently put it before that you hear God in all kinds of different people, what would you say about someone who believes God gave him the permission to kill people?
      After all, you beliefs and his beliefs come from the same place, your minds.

      The point is my friend is that either there is morality in the world or there isn't. If morality is based on everyone's personal opinions then it's not morality and Hitler is as right as you and me are and I think we can agree that we don't think he was.

  3. AnonymousJuly 07, 2015

    Why is cheating on your wife or husband wrong? (i see this problem more often than you could actually imagine) Trust, it is wrong cause you are destroying the trust he/she has in you, if you are not willing to comit with someone's life andtrust just dont marry, loyalty and honesty are the values i hold most dear in persons.

    Who defines right from wrong? Thats an ancient question and havent been correctly answered, i dont think goverment can define it, i dont think either that any religion can do it, maybe the closest thing to an answer can be found in buddhism or jainism, i dont even think we humans can define right from wrong because our own nature does not help for that purpose, we can be corrupted so easily: Now my right from wrong its really simple: dont hurt others in any way and try your best at helping to someone that asks your help, but as you should know by experience and history, thats extremely hard to achieve with countless morons let loose in the world (put them the name you wish: nazis, drug dealers, islamic terrorists, murderers, rapers, thieves, or "normal" people who think they can judge and punish others thinking their point of view is the right one).

    However i would like to tell you a little story and then ask you a few questions: my closest friend fought in the protective edge operation, he told me everything he saw and felt, he told me about his motivations and his love for israel, everytime he could he texted me to talk to me and escape from that reality a couple of minutes, so in a way i also fought next to him giving him comfort a little relief; this brave soldier belongs to oketz unit and his greatest wish is to marry the love of his life, his boyfriend, who is also my great friend; what would you say to that soldier? would you tell to him that his love is inmoral? would you tell him that his dream of getting married with his boyfriend is an abomination? would you tell him that no matter if he risked his life and lost some friends in the operation, he cannot achieve happiness because his desire is destructive to human race?.

    Of course i will stick around here, it takes far more than a simple disagreement to make me stop supporting Israel or defending the freedom of searching for happiness, respect and equality.

    Greetings from Mexico

    1. Hello anonymous,

      You believe right and wrong is defined by not hurting others, others define it as murdering others (Use any one of your examples above). In your opinion, how do you know you're right and they are wrong?

      To calrify, I have been serving in the IDF for over 23 years. I have been in Gaza, Lebanon, Jenin, Nablus and then some places that you would not know of. I have lost friends and platoon mates and therefore I know what it's all about.
      Morality has nothing to do with someone's suffering or contribution to society.
      The past President of Israel was charged with sexual abuse and is sitting in jail. The fact that he was president does not change the fact he acted immorally.
      Your attempt to use emotional convincing to change the definition of morality is simply not going to work. If one believes in morality but is happy behaving immorally, does that change anything?
      Should a soldier who lost friends or limbs be accepted if he decides it makes him happy when he commits bestiality? How about someone wanting to marry his sister or mother? It makes him happy. would you tell to him that his love is immoral? would you tell him that his dream of getting married with his mother is an abomination? would you tell him that no matter if he risked his life and lost some friends in the operation, he cannot achieve happiness because his desire is destructive to human race?
      I think the answer is clear to you now. The only difference is you accept homosexuality as something normal and moral and incest is still a question for some reason in your mind. Your morality is only based on personal decisions and nothing more.

      BTW, the only thing I know of Mexico is Kalua ( it is made in Mexico, right?) Love that stuff with some milk.
      In any case, I do appreciate your support for Israel and maybe one day we can actually meet.


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