ISIS, Gay Marriages, BDS, Israel and Abortion. Where In God's Name Are We Headed!

I just don't know anymore. What the heck is going on in the world?! According to Jewish tradition, the last days before the arrival of the Messiah is described as a backward world where good is considered bad and bad is considered good.

Messiah must be at our doorstep!

I have been thinking about this post all day long and actually got home around midnight (Israel time) with the fear that I would not be able to successfully relay the emotions I felt at around lunchtime when these thoughts were running through my head like wildfire.
I got home very late and started pounding at my keyboard at around 12:25 AM Israel time. So much has happened over the past month and I wasn't sure where to begin.

Here is my rant for today! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Let me begin by clarifying that I am a religious Orthodox Jew. 

I believe in a spiritual "being" that created the world and gave us a code of ethics and conduct to live by. For you atheists out there, the only difference between us is that you accept invisible black energy that you cannot explain and call it the 'Big Bang Theory'. 

I, on the other hand, believe in a celestial reality with a Creator of the world. In Hebrew I will call this Being "Ribono Shel Olam" (loose translation: Ruler, Owner or Creator of the world).
Based on logic that we all accept, that all things built, designed or written have someone or something that caused that design, I believe the world, that is filled with order and rules, was designed and did not happen by accident.

A creator, designer or a builder is not bound by the rules he designed, built or created.

If you would never accept a claim that my house appeared with all interior design intact as a result of an accidental collision of energy, why would you believe the world could?

Of course, the existence of a God actually means we have a moral responsibility to be spiritual beings and not just a different kind of animal. Everything else beyond this argument is totally irrelevant. If there is a God with an objective code of ethics, then yes, we can call things moral and immoral. If this is a Godless world, then none of it matters anyway. 

I have never argued the religious point on the @israel_shield Twitter or Facebook accounts since I saw no point in discussing this issue with people who believe they are an accident of the universe. 
I do not believe that I or anyone else has a responsibility to force others to become Jewish and in no way do I disrespect people for whatever their beliefs might be.
I do not believe non-Jews or anyone else is going to hell. I do believe all humans have a responsibility to be moral, irrelevant of their comfort zones, and not dependent upon what their society dictates. (Germans under the Nazi regime had a responsibility to say no).

In a Godless world, why does anyone have a right to define any action as moral or immoral? Forget for a second that nationally and historically Israel was the Jewish homeland. Let's say it wasn't and Israel stole it. In a world with no God, what makes that wrong?
After all we are all animals and in the animal world territory is everything and can be taken.

A world that has once called abortion murder and has now accepted it because of personal discomfort (though not in a case of rape or danger to the mother), is going to preach to the Jews that returning to Israel is immoral or unacceptable? 

When a world is hesitant in taking action against a radical Islamic movement called ISIS, that proudly and publicly beheads, rapes and murders hundreds of thousands of innocent people, or against a Syrian regime that gasses their own population, but has no problem pointing a finger at Israel for reacting to a different branch of the same supremacy, fascist radical Islamic ideology, that is what I call straightforward, good old anti-semitism.

When it comes to the gay issue, let there be no mistake. No one should be allowed to hurt, insult, kill or cause any harm to someone who is attracted to the same sex. My opinion that same sex marriage is both unnatural and immoral has nothing to do with allowing someone to attack an individual with homosexual desires. 

That said, watch what happens when Ben Shapiro calmly points out that no matter what surgeries one might have, a man biologically remains a man. Watch the violent response at 5:22 and then watch the liberal panel justify the violent response. The hypocrisy is simply unreal!

Once again, if there is a God and there is an objective morality in the world then homosexuality is an immoral act. If this is a Godless world, then neither of them are correct and neither of them have any right to judge each other's opinions. 

They both are completely irrelevant as accidents of the universe. 

I would like someone to explain to me why stealing is wrong on a moral level. Don't ask me if I would like it if someone stole from me - that is not an issue of morality, that is sociology. If you are going to tell me that stealing is immoral because if the entire world stole, civilization would be destroyed, then by the same token, if the entire world were homosexuals, human beings would become extinct! 

Can Atheists Be Moral People?

Are you asking me as an Orthodox Jew? 

Of course atheists can be moral people. As long as the society they are raised in defines morality in the same vein as what was defined by God. If there is no God, then there are no morals and what remains is a set of rules society decided to adopt to make their lives more comfortable.

Allow me to explain. The United States of America was founded on morals that were based on the Bible. Stealing is wrong, murder is wrong, committing adultery is immoral while charity is considered good. 

Most people living in America or the rest of the Western world would agree with these morals and therefore they are considered to be the norm. The sad fact is, these Western morals are a minority belief system. Take Africa, China and all Islamic regimes who believe in a completely different moral system. Western morals are not accepted by the majority of people living in our world today!

Who is right in a Godless world?
  • If Iran stones a woman for being suspected of adultery, is that immoral? Who is to say? 
  • If women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, is that immoral? Who is to say? 
  • If Chinese families, who are limited as to how many children they can have, kill female babies because males are more productive for society, is that immoral? Who is to say?
  • Do we have a moral right to judge criminals like Hitler?
    He believed what he was doing was good for the world! 

There are those who say empathy is their morality. I am happy that they have an opinion, but who gave them a moral right to judge others who disagree with their opinion? 

The point is, in a Godless world, anything goes and no one has a right to call someone else's actions immoral. In a Godless world, nothing matters anyway. 

As a Jew, I believe in a moral system that is meant to make the world a better place. 
My comfort levels have very little to do with my adherence to the laws of the Torah. 
Even if I have a strong desire to steal, kill or commit sexual immoral acts, or even speak negatively about someone else, I have a duty to use self-control in order to adhere to the code of morality God set. Do I fail, of course! We all do! Failing does not make what we did immoral, it just means we have to try harder.

For those of you who are having a hard time understanding this, let me put in a way you will better understand. If your child wants a toy that another child is playing with, you will teach him that no matter how badly he wants it, he may not steal it. 
The only difference between us is what happens when our son asks why. 
I will explain that stealing is wrong, it's immoral and we as spiritual beings have a responsibility to be moral. 
Those of you who live in a Godless world might explain to your son that he wouldn't like it if others stole from him so therefore he should love others as he loves himself. (Leviticus 19:18). In a Godless world, nothing is wrong and everything is wrong. 

Can we kill animals and eat them? Why yes, why not? What about cannibalism, is it moral or just a cultural decision? When I took a trip several years ago to Africa and met the Masai warrior tribe, I was told the chief sleeps with all the wives in the tribe. Is that immoral?
What about incest? What about stealing someone else's money? If there is no God then we are akin to dogs, just more intelligent. There is no reason to develop a fabricated moral system, the animal kingdom is working just fine! 

Okay, back to Israel. For those of you who don't like Jews or anyone else using the Torah (Bible) as our source for our connection to the Land of Israel, too bad!

If God exists then your opinion does not really matter.

if God doesn't exist then your opinion certainly doesn't matter! 

God Bless Israel!



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  1. I get that and then some! I can see your thoughts as if they were cogs turning in a fine swiss watch. I hope the swiss guarantee is good for our lifetime and those of our kids. These morals as we have them from our torah, are even more finely tuned and so, have a far superior guarantee


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