A Video Of Gaza That Will Make Your Mouth Drop

I am sure you have all seen the after war pictures of Gaza and then some pictures from Syria that were claimed to be taken in Gaza. The pictures show the horrible situation that remained in Gaza after this last war. Isn't it a shame that the elected government of Gaza decided to attack Israel and then whine about it when they lost.

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War is always horrible and you will not find pictures from war areas that will make you smile. Just look at the pictures of Berlin after the Allies destroyed the Nazi forces in WWII. Does the horrific state Berlin was left in mean the Allies were wrong? Of course not!

So why did Hamas decide to attack Israel even though Israel completely left the Gaza strip in 2005? Why didn't Hamas focus on building Gaza instead of focusing on fighting Israel? Some say they had no choice. They claim the Israeli blockade was choking Gaza and people were starving and the Hamas attack was a move of desperation to save their people. 


Here is a view of Gaza and an interview of Gazans by Lebanese TV. Not sure everyone will be able to handle the truth, but here it is! Can't blame this one on Israel.

Things You Didn't Know About Gaza



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