Let's Talk For A Second: A Response To Sarah Tuttle-Singer And The Times Of Israel

I woke up this morning, the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av, and a Times Of Israel Article appeared on my Facebook feed. While the Jewish nation is commemorating, crying and mourning over the destruction of the two Jewish Temples that stood in Jerusalem thousands of years before Islam or any Arab entity named Palestine ever existed, Sarah Tuttle-Singer, author with the Times of Israel, decided to write a post that ultimately justifies Islamic terror against Israel and adopts the Arab narrative when it comes to Israel. 

Sarah did not come out and say she is for Hamas blowing people up or that she justifies the PLO charter that calls for the destruction of the State of Israel - she didn't have to and I am not even sure she is aware of the damage she did with her latest blog post. Do I think she is for Hamas? not a chance! Do I think others will use her post to strengthen the claims of those who want to hurt Israel? ABSOLUTELY!

See, Sarah has a gift, she can write beautifully and her emotions come out in almost poetic form when she writes. The problem is, with such a talent, she can write just about anything and one forgets to ask if what she is writing is fact or fiction. If Sarah wrote about the Earth being flat her writing style would leave you feeling uplifted and you would forget to point out that the earth is...well....simply not flat.

Last night while Jews were mourning the destruction of Jerusalem and reading about the historical tragedy that befell the Jewish nation as the land of Israel was occupied and the Jews expelled as well as the Jewish Temples destroyed, Sarah Tuttle-Singer wrote a post about how much it "pisses her off" when people do not accept the Arab narrative.

Sarah began her post by saying that she hates when people tell her that Jewish people don't belong in the Land of Israel. She then went off on an emotional tirade, ranting how much Israel flows through her veins and how much she would fight for what she called, "her country".

The first part of her post made it sound like she is a har core Zionist who truly believes Israel is the Jewish homeland Sarah's introduction was her Iron Dome system as she then went on to explain just how she also believes the claims of "Palestinians" when they say this is historically, religiously and nationally there home.

Separated by a picture of the Old City of Jerusalem, Sarah then changed her topic to defend the historical, religious and national claim of an Arab People who use the name Palestinian. 

******* I originally had a picture here that Sarah Tuttle-Singer used in her original post. After Sarah realized I completely destroyed her fictitious claims as she backed the Palestinians, she would not relate to the historical facts I sent to her. Instead she told a third party that she took the picture and has since asked me to take it down. Not only did she not contact me about the picture, the picture has been posted on several public sites as well as reproduced and used on Twitter by several users.
It is simply unreal to see someone who wrote a post with fictitious historical claims against Israel and instead of relating to the REAL facts that I pointed out in this post, Sarah nit-picked to complain about a picture! *******
To be safe, I changed the picture because I would not put it past these liberal leftists to try and milk someone who disagrees with them for money! 

Here is how Sarah Tuttle-Singer began her defense of the "Palestinian" people.
"You know what else pisses me off?
When others argue that the descendants of Ishmael who are living here only created a national narrative to spite Israel, that they have no real claim, no real place in this land.
“You fled,” some say. “You could have stayed and accepted the partition.”
“There were no Palestinians,” some say, “until AFTER Israel became a state and the Arab countries all around us wanted to drive us into the sea.”
Dear Sarah,

I am sorry you are feeling pissed off and have a need to justify and defend the people who continue to carry out actions against your own nation. I am sorry you decided to use the day your nation remembers the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans and their renaming the area Palestina in an attempt to strip the Jews of any connection to an area once named Judea, to justify a people who are using the exact same name in order to accomplish the exact same goal; the destruction of Israel. I am sorry you don't like the fact that it was the Arabs that called to drive the Jews into the sea and I am sorry you don't like the fact that based on the " Palestine" fabricated narrative, radical Muslims have been slaughtering Jews. My question is, why does it piss you off when people point out these truthful points to you more than it pisses you off when our enemies use the national, historical and religious lies to attack your home?
Do you not believe the Islamic movement fighting Israel wants Israel destroyed? 
These are not my words, they are the words in that national "Palestine" charter as well as the words spoken by every single Arab "Palestine" leader.
This pisses me off, Sarah!

Sarah then tossed around different random claims that mixed up historical fabrications and opinions in order to make them all look true. Let me help you with your ill feelings on this sad day Sarah - perhaps you will stop feeling pissed off for those who seek your destruction and start feeling sad for what your nation is mourning about.

Muslims claim they are the descendants of Ishmael. "Palestinians" claim they are an Arab people, not Muslim.Your premise and basis to your own emotional outpouring is simply false! Even if we pretend that your premise was true and the Arabs are descendants of Ishmael, Ishmael has no right to the Land of Israel! 

Ishmael has no right to the Land of Israel, not according to the Torah and not according to the Quran. I hope you, as a Jewess, are knowledgeable enough to know that the Torah gives the Land of Israel to the Jewish people, but did you know that so does the Quran!
Surah 5:20-22, 17:104 and tens of other passages from the Quran clearly state the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, so what is it that really pisses you off, Sarah? 
"Some say there were no Arab Palestinians" 

It is not about what some people say Sarah, it's about historical facts! 
Never in the history of the world was there ever an Arab State, country, national or religious homeland called Palestine! Furthermore, before 1948 anything national that claimed the name Palestinian was actually JEWISH! 
The Palestine soccer team = JEWISH!
The Palestine Post = JEWISH
The Palestine Brigade = JEWISH
The Palestine Pound = a coin minted by Jews for the use by the population in the British Mandate of Palestine
Ms. Singer-Tuttle continues with her beautiful writing style:
"Believe me: Push me into a corner, and I will fight my way out. With teeth and nails and any weapon I can find, I will fight my way out if you push too far… So will most people.
Tell me I don’t belong here,
I dare you.
If, I have to, I will kill and die for this country.
This is my home. I am not leaving. 
And tell a Palestinian woman she doesn’t belong here, and she will say the same thing."
Dear Sarah, 
You do live in Israel and this is your country but let's be real, you didn't fight for it and although you might believe the pen is mightier than the sword, there are those who actually took arms to protect the nation of Israel and the Land of Israel so please don't insult those us those who actually went to war. Your post that related with equality and acceptance the Jewish people who fight and die to protect Israel to the Arab terrorist who is "fighting and dying to protect theirs", is simply offensive. You might not have meant to offend those of us who had to fight, kill and get killed, but you did. How could you know, you were never in that situation!

There is no need for someone to tell you, you don't belong here, you did that to yourself. By accepting the fabricated Arab historical narrative, you turned yourself into an occupier of someone else's land! If it so pisses you off when someone says an Arab people who call themselves Palestinians don't have a right to this land, then you should accept that they do and YOU stole it from them. I do hope, you don't accept that narrative but according to your post, I don't know what to think.
You can't have your cake and eat it too. If you believe there was an Arab national homeland or people who were here and owned this land then you have no right to a single centimeter of it. If you are suggesting they were here but your country occupied what was theirs and that you are now here and that somehow that gives you any moral right....that still makes you an occupier. Which is it, Sarah? 

In terms of your comparison of your beliefs to that of a nameless and imaginary Palestinian women you spoke of, it is nothing less than ridiculous as well as disrespectful.
If you would have called your imaginary friend an Arab, I might have to explain where the Arabs who are in Israel are actually from, but since you chose to use the name Palestinian, I will instead show you just how disrespectful you are to your own people! 
The name Palestina was coined by the Romans 2,000 years ago as they ransacked Jerusalem, slaughtered Jews and destroyed the temple in Jerusalem. 

Unfortunately, these historical facts seem NOT to "piss you off". 
Does This Piss You Off?

How about the fact that a new religion built in the 7th century violently conquered and occupied the entire Middle East and built an Islamic place of worship on your nation's holiest place, does that piss you off?

How about the fact that both the radical Islamic rule on the Temple Mount as well as the government of Israel are upholding a racist and anti-Semitic policy of not allowing Jews to pray on the Temple Mount, does that piss you off? 

Your acceptance and justification of an Arab people who use the same name that was used 2,000 years ago to strip the Jewish people of their homeland is horrific, your choice to write about it on the day we, the Jewish people, are mourning over that same destruction is deplorable!

Here is my picture of Jerusalem, Sarah, how much does this piss you off?



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  1. excellent piece !! i agree with you 100%! the facts cannot be refuted. am tired of this hypocritical double standard against the true Jews and the Torah of HaShem.

  2. Excellent piece. Thanks for writing it.

  3. Brilliant response. Thank you. Now let's wait and see who comes first...Sarah or Mashiach!

  4. Israelis taking other people's land does piss me off

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Thank you for leaving a one lie fabrication.
      Whose land are we taking?
      Please tell me how the people of Israel are taking the Land of Israel away from anyone else?
      If you meant Palestinians, please give me the year an Arab country, State or national land called Palestine existed before Israel and in what year did Israel occupy, steal or do anything else to a land called Palestine.
      I am waiting eagerly for your response.


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