While I was not at all surprised at the biased anti Israel reports being shown around the world about the Flotilla, I am very upset.

The world, as was to be expected, once again turned its back on the only sane Democratic country in the Middle East, Israel.

I had no expectations of the world in the past and have none in the present. I am however, terribly disappointed with the Israeli reaction to this blatantly violent terrorist attack that happened at sea and am sure it will happen again.

While the Israeli press played along with the world press and titled this “terrorist fantasy cruise” as an act of humanitarian peace chasers, Israeli soldiers were put in danger and in fact injured by the hands of these “freedom fighters”! 

Let there be no mistake! In Gaza THERE IS NO HUMANITARIAN CRISIS! Supplies are being sent daily as well as food and medicine along with millions of dollars from Israel.

Unfortunately for the Arabs, the Hamas TERRORIST government, that the people of Gaza themselves democratically elected, has been taking the supplies and money and using them for terror. 

These Flotilla ships were sent not to save or help Arabs but rather to undermine Israel’s independence as well as deliver both weapons and terrorists to aid Islamic terrorism against the State of Israel.

Let’s play na├»ve and say for just a second that the people on these ships actually gave a damn about the people in Gaza.

Let’s play "Peace activist" make believe and say the people on these ships wanted was to supply the poor Arabs with food and much needed aid. Let's make believe children in Gaza were actually starving instead of dealing with obesity.
Would it not make sense for these "peace activists" to accept Israel's demands that all goods go through Israel so that the needed security checks can be done?  Wouldn’t their peaceful behavior expedite the delivery of supplies that they claim are needed in Gaza so desperately? 
Now, let’s stop pretending and start facing the hard violent reality! The terrorists on these ships are not interested in the children of Gaza! They don’t give a rat’s ass (excuse the language) about the situation in Gaza.

The terror activists on these boats have only one thing on the minds, to terrorize Israel!
(Weapons found on the "PEACE" CRUISE)      There is a media war going on and the Arabs are unfortunately winning that war.

Israel will always lose this media war for several reasons. First and foremost, the world is simply not interested in hearing the Jew (oops I meant the truth!).
We also have a problem with lying, something our enemies have never been afraid or embarrassed to do. 

We can show the world how Israeli supplies humanitarian aid to Gaza and even prove that Hamas leaders are holding those supplies from reaching the hands of the needy and nobody will care!
We can yell and scream facts from here till doomsday and it won’t help. The world is not interested in facts. 

Gilad Shalit received no rights when he was being held captive in Gaza and no one said a word! No visitation from the red cross or his family and the world said nothing!

The UN will certainly condemn Israel and say we massacred peace activists. The Arab world will react with violence and terror against Jews across the world and the UN will accept this behavior and blame it on Israel! 

There will be no mention of the violence and attempted murder these "Peace activists" almost carried out against IDF soldiers, no one cares!
 It is not because the world doesn’t know the truth, it is because the world believes the natural place for Jews is the victim and not the strong defender! 

So let me make it perfectly clear to the world; “You can’t stand us, we know that, we have always known that but we have tried to behave so that you wouldn't actively try to destroy us.

Now that it is clear that you are immoral, anti-Semitic, pro terror and lacking of any integrity, I feel absolutely no guilt when you condemn Israel.
In fact,  I would be worried if you supported me!
The next time one of your “Peace cruises” reaches the waters of my small country, I hope the IDF gives you 3 warnings and then...


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