5 Palestinian Artifacts That Prove Palestine NEVER Existed

Yeah, I know what you're thinking but no,
I haven't lost my mind and no,I am not kidding.

The anti Israel folk along with the Arabs have completely fabricated a national history in order to justify attacking Israel and murdering Jews. They have not spared any lack of integrity to do so and the passport below is just one example.
Did you catch it?
They claim this was a passport of the Arab country called Palestine, then I Googled it and found the real passport which was a British document and not an Arab one. #AnotherPalestineLie

For those of you who have been following me (@israel_shield) on Twitter, you know that I spend a good part of my time battling and destroying anti-Israel propaganda and lies and this Palestine issue is at the top of my list. I know an area called Palestine existed; the Romans coined that name when they occupied Israel from the Jews long before Islam ever existed. 


Modern day Palestine was a geographical area that included what is today Jordan and was governed by the British Mandate. Palestine was NEVER an Arab State, country or national home for a people who call themselves Palestinians. A Palestinian nation is a farce, a bluff and a blatant lie. There was no such thing as a Palestinian nation and all the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians are actually Arabs from surrounding countries. This is not just my opinion, this is what their own leaders say loud and clear! 

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5 Palestinian Artifacts That Prove Palestine Never Existed

1. The Palestine Pound and Currency

The Palestine Pound was the currency used by the British Mandate from 1927 - 1948. Arabs and especially Palestinians have absolutely nothing to do with this bill.

Take a closer look at that bill.

1. The Palestine Currency Board was not Arab. In August 1948, new banknotes were issued by the Anglo Palestine Company which was owned by the Jewish Agency. 
2. See the Hebrew writing there? E.Y. stands for Eretz Yisrael which in plain English means Land Of Israel!  
3. Once again Hebrew writing on this bill proves this was NOT an Arab printed bill. Till today, Israeli currency has on it Hebrew, Arabic and English writing. 

These Palestinian BRITISH coins are sometimes used as well to try to prove the Palestine lie to be true. Once again, the coin was not minted by Arabs and what is written on the coin proves just how far Palestine was from being an Arab country.

The Hebrew writing on this coin says Land Of Israel. 

2. The Palestine Post

Before the modern day State of Israel there was a newspaper called The Palestine Post. If The Palestine Post was an Arab Palestinian national newspaper, this May 16, 1948 headline might seem a bit strange. 

The fact that the Palestine Post was a JEWISH publication later to be known as The Jerusalem Post might make it easier to understand why the paper above was reporting Israel's birth and not the fake Palestinian story. 

3. The Palestine Brigade

There was a full platoon of soldiers who fought with the British against the Nazis and they were called the Palestine Brigade and this what they looked like - to the right is the pin they wore on their hats.

There was one small detail I forgot to disclose - the Palestine Brigade was a JEWISH British unit that helped the British fight the Nazis. 
There were also Muslims who fought in WWII but they were on the Nazi side! 


4. Palestinian Passport

I have been sent pictures of Palestinian passports and I am guessing those who sent me pictures like the one below thought they had me cornered. Unfortunately for them, a simple Google search helped expose their attempt at a very poor photo shop job! 

Can you find the difference? 

Once again this is a BRITISH Palestine passport and not one that belonged to an Arab country called Palestine. 

5. The National Palestine Basketball team

This is definitely the most pathetic attempt to prove an Arab Palestine country existed before Israel. Someone tweeted me this picture and dared me to explain how I still do not accept the fact that Palestine existed before Israel occupied it from the Arabs.

Well, this certainly is the Palestine basketball team but they are not Arab, Jewish or British. This is a photograph of the Illinois Palestine high school basketball varsity team!

This is what the Palestine team looks like today. 

For those of you still not convinced, I challenge you to find me a year when an Arab Palestine country ever existed before Israel. If you do, I take down the Israel Shield Blog! 


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Why I Had Enough With The Damn Lies About Israel! A Very Politically INCORRECT Post!

I am so sick and tired of all the lies and propaganda against Israel. I have had it and it is time to expose and debunk them!

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The truth is, I have no clue why anyone with a soul or a brain would possibly choose to support those that Israel is fighting. Is it Israel that has been responsible for multiple hijackings over the past 50 years? Have the Jews blown up buildings or threatened Western society in any way? Does Israel have an ideology to take over the world or implement Jewish law over the White House? 

In fact the only thing Israel has given the world is good! I am not talking only in the moral sense of the word but actual contributions that came out of Israel. Whether it be technology or medical, Israel has been at the forefront on innovation. 

When it comes to Nobel Peace Prizes, Israel towers over ALL Islamic regimes and ALL Arab countries combined! There are over 1.4 billion Muslims in the world and around 13 million Jews. There have been over 168 Jewish Nobel Prize winners and only 6 Muslim ones. Israel alone has 12 Nobel Prize winners.

What The HELL Do You Want From ISRAEL?

Stop the occupation?



Israel NEVER in the history of the world occupied an Arab country called Palestine! Palestine was a geographical area that the British governed and NEVER was it an Arab country or national land. 
The Romans coined the name Palestine when they occupied Israel from the Jews! So if you are holding the flag of 'give back occupied land', we agree! 


In 1948 Arab countries attacked Israel and refused a UN partition plan. (Not Palestinians but Arab countries).  When the war ended there was a ceasefire line. This was not a treaty nor a border, it was simply where and when the Arabs stopped fighting . 

Jerusalem, the entire West Bank, Gaza, the Golan heights and all the "territories" the "Palestinians" claim was theirs were in Arab hands, but no Palestine State was declared. Gaza was part of Egypt and the West Bank and Jerusalem were under Jordanian rule while the Golan was part of Syria. 

There was not a single inch of land that belonged to an Arab Palestine national entity of any kind, EVER! 

Resolution 242 makes no mention of a Palestinian people and the areas that were "occupied" were occupied from Egypt and Jordan, NOT Palestine! The "Palestinians" have no legal, national or religious claims over the areas they claim were stolen from them. 

The Difference Between Israel & Her Neighbors 

Take a good hard look at the map of the Middle East and tell me you sincerely believe that Arabs have a right to demand of the small and ONLY Jewish State in the world to relinquish land! 

While the majority of Islamic regimes surrounding Israel favor the total destruction of the small Jewish State, Israel's declaration of independence offers Arabs, both Muslims and Christians, full civil and religious rights. 
If I had a dollar for every time some troll called Israel an Apartheid I would be a very wealthy man! 
The fact is, Israel has more Arab lawyers, teachers, doctors and even Supreme Court Judges than there are Jews in all the Islamic regimes combined! While Israel has 3 Arab parties in the Israeli Parliament and 20% of Israel's population are Israeli Arabs with FULL rights, there is not a single Islamic regime that offers their own people freedom of anything!

Israeli Arabs have FULL rights 
This is NOT Apartheid!                    THIS IS!            
The anti Israel lies have no boundaries. I have heard people compare the situation in Gaza to Nazi Germany. Either the person making that statement has no clue what went on in Nazi Germany or they do and they are flat out evil.

The Jews in Europe were very loyal to the countries they were living in and did not have an ideology to take over any country or destroy Germany. During the tightest weapons blockade in Gaza, 2 malls, one 5-star hotel and a water park were opened up, for God sake! I do not remember my grandparents telling me about them sliding down a water slide in Auschwitz!

If the Muslims are already going to mention their friend Hitler, they might want to be reminded of the fact that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a HUGE fan of the Fuehrer and had big plans for the Jews in the area! 

What About The Recent War In Gaza?

What about it?! Israel left Gaza in '05 and instead of building a normal society, the Arabs voted in Hamas who shot over 16,000 missiles and rockets at civilian populations in Israel! 


Do not tell me those rockets are ineffective because of our Iron Dome! You don't shoot 16,000 rockets at a civilian population and expect no response! 

Yes, civilians in Gaza were killed and even children and it is a terrible tragedy, but do not attempt to color a picture as if Israel was targeting innocent civilians! The only missiles that were targeting civilians were those of Hamas! You want to know why civilians in Gaza were killed and hurt in the fighting?


 Jews and Muslims Got Along Fine Till The State of Israel

I thought it was the settlements of 1967 that were the reasons for Islamic terror on Israel?! Then again, in 1929 Muslim mobs attacked, maimed, slaughtered and expelled ALL the Jews in Hebron and I am pretty sure there were no settlements yet.
Of course we can go back in history to when Mohammad himself slaughtered the Jews of Medina for not accepting his new book, although I don't think that had anything to do with occupation or settlements! 
We can talk about the Dhimi tax in Muslim lands that deems every none-Muslim a second class citizen or perhaps the law that a synagogue could not be higher than a mosque. I do believe if Israel implemented laws like those Muslims had against Jews long before the State of Israel existed, the "peace" activists would be screaming racism before you could say BULLSH*T

Of course there are these collection of lies:

  • 9/11 was an inside job
  • Al Qaeda is a US organization
  • ISIS is not Muslim 
  • ISIS created by the US and Israel
and the lies go on and on and on! 

The truth is very simple! Israel is a beacon of light in a sea of darkness and religious oppression. We are the ONLY country in the area that offers full freedom to all citizens irrelevant of age, sex or religion. Israel has been attacked time and time again and if the tables were turned and the Arabs would have won any of the wars, they would not have left any hint of a Jewish State. We have given up land, expelled Jews from their homes in the hope for peace. We trusted terrorists like Arafat and Holocaust deniers like Abbas in the hope for peace! We have done more than any other country has ever done to make peace with those who seek our destruction so dear world, GET OFF OUR BACK! 

There is absolutely no logical reason you would support or believe the fanatic Muslims who have been carrying out terror against Israel for the past 66 years over Israel that has given you nothing but good, so just cut it out!

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DRAMATIC video of IDF Taking Out Terrorists Who Kidnapped The 3 Israeli Teens

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There are some posts that need no introduction or description at all. This is one of those posts!
Watch the Elite anti terror "Yamam" IDF unit take out the Hamas terrorists who kidnapped and murdered these 3 Israeli teens. 

IDF operation in Hebron terminated the Muslim terrorists responsible for both the kidnapping and murder of the 3 boys. #GodBlessTheIDF 

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The Most Powerful IDF Video Just In Time For New Year

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There are many videos out there of tough IDF soldiers and then some emotional videos of soldiers coming home from battle, but this video of IDF soldiers singing one of the most powerful prayers Jews say on the holiest day of the year is simply amazing! 

According to Jewish tradition the prayer Unetane Tokef was written by Rabbi Amnon. Rabbi Amnon was pressured to convert from Judaism and as a delaying tactic, he requested three days to consider the offer; immediately after, he regretted giving even the pretense that he could possibly leave Judaism.
After spending the three days in prayer, he refused to come to the bishop as promised, and, when he was brought to the bishop's palace, he begged that his tongue be cut out to atone for his sins. 

This event occurred shortly before "Rosh_Hashanah" and on that holiday, as he lay dying, Rabbi Amnon asked to be carried into the Synagogue where he recited the original composition of Unetanneh Tokef with his last breath. Three days later, he appeared in a dream to Rabbi Kalonymus_Ben-Meshullam one of the great scholars of "Mainz"and begged him to record the prayer and to see that it was included in the text of the High Holiday services.
There is nothing more appropriate than listening to IDF soldiers singing Unetane Tokef as if to say, "We are here to defend Israel but we know God is in charge." 
This chilling rendition of Unetane Tokef is sung by Shai Abramson, IDF's Chief cantor. I suggest you listen to it twice, the first time watch the video and the second time play it but close your eyes. This will touch your soul like never before!

Rosh Hashana IDF Support Campaign

The Jewish NewYear (Rosh Hashanah) will be celebrated this week. While most Jews will be home celebrating, men and women of the IDF will be on duty. To show appreciation to those soldiers I will be delivering Water Backpacks to at least 200 soldiers that will not be home for the holiday. We are still missing some sponsors so please help make this happen!
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When Jews Come Home! This Is What The Prophets Were Talking About!

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One of the signs of the Geula (Messiah) is the gathering of Jews from all four corners of the Earth. We have seen Jews from Yemen and from Morocco and some from Germany, America and England, but the coming home of Ethiopian Jewry sends shivers down my spine.

I had the wonderful privilege of living with and helping Ethiopian Jews who came to Israel in 1991. Although I was not familiar with their customs, they are one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. They put their own lives at risk to keep Jewish tradition while they were in Ethiopia and have certainly been part of fulfilling the biblical prophecy of the gathering of Jews from the four corners of the earth back to Israel!

Nefesh B'nefesh, an organization whose goal is bringing Jews home and making the transition as easy as possible has helped 40,000 Jews find their way home in just over 12 years!

Watch this unbelievably emotional video that depicts what our prophets were talking about! 

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Did Obama Steal Netanyahu's Speech When Threatening ISIS?

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There is a new Muslim enemy in town and they are called ISIS! While many Muslims are trying to blame everyone under the sun for this fanatic and barbaric terror organization that tortures, beheads and beats anyone who disagrees with their Islamic view, ISIS is a fanatic ISLAMIC based terror organization. 

Any Muslim who blames ISIS's behavior on America, Israel or anyone else when ISIS is force converting Christians to Islam and then beheading them is losing face with me as moderate Muslims.


READ ALSO: Why Obama Won't Call ISIS Islamic Terror

We in Israel faced the same fanatic Islamic ideology just over a month ago when we were forced to react to 15,000 missiles fired at Israel from Gaza. Hamas, who is currently governing Gaza, is another Islamic terror organization that does not take into account basic morality. They do not care who or how they murder and they put their own children in danger in order to gain PR points in the international community. 

READ ALSO: Why Children Die In Gaza 

I call what Hamas does to their children; PR porn and the UN is their best paying customer. You cannot look at the map below and honestly this is about a resistance to Jewish land grab!

Sorry about that, I got side tracked, back to ISIS. The only difference between ISIS and Hamas is, Hamas is in Israel's backyard while ISIS is of no immediate threat to the United States of America. Both target and murder innocent people, both are driven by Islamic fanaticism and neither of them take into account the consequence of their actions beyond the 72 virgins. Both understand human compassion and use their own children and women in order to win over public opinion. As Alan Desrshowitz so eloquently points out, "If you support he United States going after ISIS, Why don't you support Israel going after Hamas!" 

So far, Obama has done nothing. He has hesitated as ISIS beheaded american citizens and he is still hesitating as they charge through countries, murdering and growing by the day. Israel waited 9 years before reacting to Hamas missile fire and when we finally did go in, we found an underground tunnel system that was designed for a major infiltration into Israel. The longer one waits with these extreme Islamic terrorists, the worse the outcome will be. 

Every now and then comes someone who articulates clearly what is really happening. There has been so much propaganda going around that when the clear voice of reason speaks, it is like a breath of fresh air. Alan Dershowitz was recently interviewed on CNN and explains with perfect clarity why Obama should speak to Netanyahu before taking on ISIS


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A Chance To Wish IDF Soldiers A Sweet & WET New Year!

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Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is coming up and while most Jews will be praying in synagogues for a healthy and sweet year, the men and women in the IDF will be on duty protecting Israel from those who seek her destruction. 

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Why Obama Won't Call ISIS An Islamic Terror Organization

Barack Obama was elected based on air and a catchy slogan, "Yes We Can!" Barack Obama received the Nobel peace prize based on air and even when he accepted the award, he had a hard time explaining what he had accomplished to merit this prestigious prize. 

Then came the Iraq fiasco as Barack Obama bragged at every opportunity he had that he was the one to get every last US soldier out of Iraq. Of course when the Iraqi pullout backfired on him, he took a step back and attempted to make believe it wasn't his decision.

Obama threatened Israel very clearly when it came to Israel's war against Hamas, but when it came to Syria all we heard was "one more time and I might do something". 

Syrian children murdered by Assad in a chemical attack

Barack Obama gave a very clear red line when it came to Syria but Assad laughed that warning off and crossed the red line without thinking twice and Obama did nothing. 
A new Islamic monster has raised its head in the Middle East and it is called ISIS! Some are trying to convince the world that this terror organization is NOT Islamic. That's a little difficult considering they call themselves the ISLAMIC STATE! 

I still have not figured out what benefit it serves anyone not to face the truth that this terror organization is a radical Islamic one. Even if one claims that they are perverting the way of Islam, they still consider themselves an Islamic group. Saudi Arabia and Iraq both call ISIS a radical Islamic terror group, so why is it that Obama is refusing to admit the obvious truth? 

Is it because he is scared to offend the "moderate" Islamic regimes? 

Let's say that ISIS is an enemy to those so called moderate Islamic regimes, why then has there not been a single Islamic country that agreed to join Obama's coalition against ISIS? Turkey has joined the coalition but has now refused to allow the US to use military bases in Turkey. 

While the world is going crazy there are a select few whose voice is a beacon of light in the sea of darkness! Judge Jeanine Pirro delivered, in my opinion, her best speech yet! 

While Judge Jeanine makes her case clear, the end of the video will leave you asking some serious questions pertaining to the President of the United States of America!

Please SHARE with friends and family who are concerned with the way the United States of America is being run.  

Rosh Hashanah IDF Campaign!
Wish IDF Soldiers A Happy, Healthy & WET  New Year!
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Here Is Why Being Anti Israel IS Anti-Semitic

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How many times have you gotten in an argument with an anti Israel troll on the internet and heard them spew words like Israel are Nazis or what we are doing to the Arabs is worse that what the Nazis did to the Jews?!

Besides having a total gap in historical knowledge, these claims are purely anti-semitic. Blaming Jews or the Jewish State with Nazism is the same as telling us we bake children blood in our Matzah (The old blood libel that was used as an excuse to boycott and slaughter Jews) ) As soon as you call them anti semitic they pull out the "not everyone who is anti Israel is an anti-semite!"


Some anti Israel activists are ignorant, but those who know the facts and still blame Israel for genocides that never happened are purebred anti semites!

This is Fatah NOT Hamas!
Am I pulling out the anti semitic card to try to justify occupying the Arabs? Well, let's listen to what the Arabs themselves have to say and then you tell me if I am being paranoid!

I listened to this several times and I did not here the word ZIONISTS, only Jews! I also did not hear about the settlements and the call for Jihad did not end with Israel. I heard an old Islamic passage talking about committing genocide against the entire Jewish as well as the American people! If you have a problem with the Jewish State fighting these people then guess what? You are a full fledged anti-semite bastard. (excuse my French)

Just in case you thought this was a result of the settlement movement, here is video of the Muslim religious leader who teamed up with, yup, you guessed it, Hitler and way before a single settlement was on the ground!



 We Always Win Because We Can't Afford To Lose!

You Remember September 11th? Here's Why September 12th Was Worse!

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On Tuesday, September 11th 2001 America was forever changed. At 8:46 a.m, five fanatic Muslim hijackers crashed American Airlines Flight 11 into the northern facade of the World Trade Center's North Tower (1 WTC) and 17 minutes later at 9:03, another five fanatic Muslim hijackers crashed United Airlines Flight 175 into the southern facade of the South Tower (2 WTC). At 9:37 a third plane hijacked by another 5 fanatic Muslim terrorists flew into the Pentagon.

This was the most devastating attack to happen on American soil since the attack on Pearl Harbor. 2,977 innocent Americans lost their lives to the claws of fanatic Islam. 

American men, women, children, Christians, Jews and Muslims were all the same to the terrorists who carried out the hideous 9/11 attack, they were all AMERICAN! 

This was not about land or about foreign policy, this was about a grotesque and violent opposition to what America stands for; FREEDOM &amp; EQUALITY! 

The initial shock, pain and mourning was terrible and 13 years later many still cannot deal with the loss. 
As an Israeli, I have seen and experienced the result of terrorism and have faced terrorists while serving in the IDF. I have lost men in battle as well as friends in random terrorist attacks and am way too familiar with this kind of pain. What these fanatic Muslim terrorists do not understand is, we, the free people of the world, have compassion. We care for each other and when they attempt to murder, destroy and cripple us, we actually become stronger and heroes are born. 
The personal loss on 9/11 was something no human should ever experience but when it comes America's pride, Al Qaeda lost big time! Not only did the great USA pick itself up, it rose more united and stronger than ever. 

Then Came September 12th! 

There is only one thing more tragic than experiencing a terror attack and that is allowing those who attacked to do it again! 

The United States of America went on an all out offensive against those who were responsible for the 9/11 attack and took out the head of the snake; Bin Laden. 

The only problem is, what was actually cut off was the tail and it wasn't a snake, it was a lizard and a lizard's tail grow back!

Unlike Hitler whose entire ideology came from his own head and could not be replaced, Bin Laden is a result of shared religious belief that needs no justification since it came from Allah. 

Fanatic Islam has been the source for the majority of international terrorism over the past 50 years.
Islamic ( fanatic Islam) ideology does not believe in freedom or equality and believes in a social norm that would make most people reading this blog sick to their stomach. 
It doesn't matter how many bullets you killed Bin Laden with or where you dumped his body, when you bow or show respect to cultures or countries that do not believe women are allowed to drive, you are fueling the next 9/11
I'll admit it, I don't like Obama, but this is not a problem that is exclusive to his administration. The United States has made treaties over the years with Muslim countries that laugh at the idea of freedom and equality, even for their own citizens! The burning of American flags can be seen from the same Islamic regimes that America thinks they have a good relationship with! Have you EVER seen an Israeli demonstration with burning American flags?!

Qatar is an official ally of the United States of America. Qatar is also the largest funder of Islamic terror as they ally themselves and fund organizations that seek the destruction of all Western society and culture including that of the USA. 
The Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani with Hamas head in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh
during the emir's October 2012 visit to Gaza.
With that information known one, must ask why the Obama administration just signed an $11 BILLION weapons deal with Qatar! When @Blocknesmonster brought this Business Insider story to my attention, I could not believe my eyes!I understand Muslims have oil, but isn't American lives more important?

Is Racial Profiling Justified?

While I understand why Muslims would be offended when they walk through airport security and are targeted for security checks only because they are Muslim, if Jews were blowing things up and flying planes into sky scrapers, all my anger would be reserved ONLY for those using my religion to justify murder. 

Moderate Muslims should be the first to cooperate with security checks and encourage racial profiling as it eases the ability to catch those who are giving peaceful Muslims a bad name. 

It might very well be that these terrorists are perverting the way of Islam but that does not change the fact that they believe they are following and preserving Allah's way. 

This is the Islamic terrorist organization that Israel recently fought a war against. Why anyone would want anything else besides total destruction of Hamas is beyond me.

America thought that if they took down Saddam and gave the people of Iraq freedom, they would be doing the Iraqi people a favor. Obama was so sure the war in Iraq was over, he bragged about it time and time again until this happened! 
SIS, Hizbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, PLO and many other terrorist organizations have one thing in common, they all believe that Allah gave them the right to murder. 

There is not a single Islamic regime in the world that is peaceful and believes in giving equality even to their own citizens. I am not talking about what they do to homosexuals or other minority groups, I am talking to what they do to their own women! 
Whether it's the ban on women drivers or arresting women who do not cover themselves completely, fanatic Islam has absolutely nothing in common with anyone who believes in all men and women are created equally! 

Are We Willing To Die For Truth
As Much As They Are Willing To Kill For Lies?

Fanatic Muslims believe their lies more than we believe our truths and they are willing to die and kill you to protect their beliefs. While we are battling it out in the UN, trying to justify our actions and wars, organizations like ISIS are trying to figure out the cruelest way to murder innocent people and broadcast it all over the web. While we are making rules of engagement and war based on humanity, those who are being protected by these rules reject them based on their religion.

Many claim Al Qaeda and ISIS were created by the United State of America and the truth is, they are not totally wrong. It is not that the US intended in any way to create these hideous Islamic terror organizations, but when you train and arm one fanatic Islamic movement to fight another, the guns will eventually be pointed you! 

On September 11th, 2001, Islamic terrorists carried out a horrific attack killing innocent Americans. The Muslims terrorists that murdered almost 3,ooo Americans did not come from Saudi Arabia or Iran, these were American Muslims who were given the luxury of living freely in the land of opportunity! They were and are free to study, work, live and even become President, but they chose their barbaric ideology over freedom. 

Are All Muslims Terrorists? 

The answer is an absolute NO and anyone who would say yes is a racist. There are many peaceful Muslims who despise what the radical Muslims are doing.
According to all intelligence services around the world, radical Islam makes up between 15% - 25% of all Muslims. The problem is, 15% - 25% of 1.2 BILLION equals 180,000,000 - 300,000,000 MILLION people dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization! When the United States allies themselves with radical Islamic regimes that represent the 25% of Muslims, they are actually starting the timer for the next bomb.

If there is anything Hitler taught us, it is, there comes a time when we must stop talking and start dropping bombs. There is no treaty or amount of money that can convince extreme Islamic terrorists to betray Allah. There is only one way to make sure 9/11 doesn't happen again and that is to fight and destroy anyone and everyone who believes that such an attack is justified, moral or a ticket to virgin paradise. Any deals, treaties or partnerships with regimes that believe killing innocent people is the way to go is the fuel that will be used in the next flight to hit......

A message to moderate and peaceful Muslims.

There are some who say you do not exist, I know you do!
Whether it's my neighbor Ashraf from Bethlehem or Aalimah who is studying law at a prestigious American University, YOU are victims of Islamic terror. The 25% radical Muslims claim they represent you and if you do not shout from the rooftops and support America's offensive against these groups, you are actually supporting them. If you are not using your freedom of speech to vocally oppose and fight radical Islam, you will be considered part of the problem. Is that fair? NO! But neither was the death of 2,977 innocent Americans who died in what Muslim terrorists claimed was the way of Jihad . I cannot imagine the predicament you are in, but if you want people to see you as the peace loving people I know you are, you must be on all online platforms and universities campuses fighting those radicals who are giving you a bad name! 

Here is just one example of an Israeli Muslim who has decided he has had enough of radical Muslims giving him a bad name. Mohammad Zoabi is the key to peace in the Middle East and if anyone; Jew, Muslim or Christian, attack him, I will be the first to stand for his protection as a Muslim, an Israeli and a human being!


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 We Always Win Because We Can't Afford To Lose!


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