Watch Rudy Giuliani Speaks Out And Destroys Barak Obama! This Man Should Run For President!

As a Jew who lived in the USA for the first years of my life, I used to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. Every morning in my Jewish day school the student body would meet in the auditorium where two flags flew side by side. The Israeli flag with two blue stripes and the star of David along side the American flag that was shining red white and blue. 

Never did we feel any conflict between these two flags. The values that the United States of America stood for are the same civil values that Israel stands for. We had the same enemies, the same passion to fight for freedom and our flags were being burned together by those who seek our destruction. 

Over the past couple of years something has happened to the unbreakable bond between the USA and Israel. The current president of the United States of America has been working over time trying to befriend those who were our common enemies while distancing himself from America's closest ally, Israel. This is not about money or funding of weapons, this is about morality and cultural freedom. 

When Barak Obama was first elected I feared for America but could not put my finger on why. With all the rumors of his birthplace along with the people he connected himself with while growing up, I was worried and even suspicious about his loyalty to the values that America stood for. 

There are so many things that bother me about Barak Obama but I have had a hard time expressing just how disgusted I have been by his lack of reaction to radical Islamic terror.
Rudy Giuliani has always been a man of his word and this raging response to Barak Obama's behavior was...perfect! 

If you are a supporter of Israel I am asking you to take a couple of seconds and take action.

We are planning on visiting several IDF bases to delivering over 500 water packs to IDF soldiers. Each water pack cost only $30 and I am asking your help to get to all 500. 

Click on the picture below and help us show the men and women your unwavering support.


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