This Saudi Preacher Just Exposed The Root Of Radical Islam

I am a religious Jew and I believe in God. I also believe God created nature and rules by which the world runs. Gravity, orbit and the Earth spinning and orbiting around the sun are part of those natural rules and I simply do not understand how this religious Islamic preacher can keep a straight face while explaining why nature actually doesn't exist.

The truth is, I DO understand how this religious man was able to keep a straight face and why he was not laughed out of his sermon - both he and his followers actually believe the ignorance he is preaching. They feel that if the Earth IS actually orbiting the sun, it would be a death sentence to their religious beliefs. Oh well!

Do I believe all Muslims buy into this stuff? Of course not! 
There are endless examples of educated and peaceful Muslims, but when it comes to numbers of educated Muslims in Islamic regimes, the results are simply embarrassing. This is not about an individual's potential as a Muslim; that would be racist. Muslims during their Golden Age used to be not only educated but they were even at the forefront of scientific discoveries.

The entire world should be up in arms over the lack of education or personal rights that are allowed to the BILLIONS of Muslims in Islamic regimes. 

So why does this Muslim preacher have an audience? 

It is the same ignorance with a side dish of hate that Muslims are brought up with when it comes to Israel. Whether it is vilifying the Jewish State with everything from pictures of the devil to cold-blooded murderers, the worst thing Islamic States could allow is freedom of travel to Israel. 
Can you imagine the shock of a Muslim raised on religious hate, coming to Israel and discovering he has more freedom and rights in the Jewish country than he receives in his own country? 

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